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Luka sat at the table eating his breakfast in front of the seats opposite of him were a pictures of his dads. The tv was on just as his pops would always did; so they all could hear the news during breakfast. The report on the screen was talking about how police were finding people heavy injured or dead near and in the woods. This one was one of the few things that didn't make the young teen feel so alone. He got up from the chair and picking up his dishes to wash them. He could hear his fathers' voices laughing and joking in the dining area. He missed them more than anything. Walking past the dinner table and over to the door; he knelt by the front door looking through his bookbag.

Knife, a few dolls, a book about the supernatural, his lunch, snacks, a bottle of water, a few bucks and his beating stick (which was just his father's old axe handle and where the blade had broken off was wrapped in duck tape) all were checked off as being there. Picking up the bag and putting it on his back. He walks out of his house locking the door behind him; as he walks past his parents grave. "Bye pops, bye dad I'll see you guys when I come home. I won't be gone for too long I'm just going to head into town for some supplies and then the woods to find what's hurting people. I promise if things get too bad I'll immediately come home."

He continues on his journey into the town. Luka stops at a general store buying a box of chalk and a small bag of dried carolina reapers. He stopped at the nearest hospital to ask about the people who were still alive from the attacks. He asks around trying to find out as much information as he could find about the creature in the woods.
Morana (played anonymously)

All they said was that is must of been haunted and that they where warned not to go there by a very young girl. The young girl was of said to know everything about the woods. It was said she carried a book and that she claimed to live there. Yet only at night where they attacked by evil monster and each victim described the monster in different forms. There wounds varied from bite marks to slash marks. But it was clear that the girl was the key. But they all agreed that the girl had fair skin and in perfect health and had long brown hair and eyes. But other then those not very helpful facts. he had nothing useful.
Luka left the hospital with only one clue: a girl with fair skin who claims to live in the woods. It looks like his just going to have to go straight into the woods. As he started his journey to the woods; he thought about several ideas about the monster and the girl. 'Maybe she was summoning the creatures or maybe she was the monster, maybe she....' if hadn't snapped out of his little trance. Luka would've walked face first into a tree.

Pulling his beating stick from his bag; clutching it tightly in his hand. He was having second thoughts about going in. He shook off an self doubt and heads in. Leaves and sticks snapping and crunching under his feet. If his fathers were still alive they wouldn't have let him be doing this but he felt like he owed it to them to make sure no one lost their loved ones like he did. He felt something watching "Who's there? If you don't try to hurt me I won't hurt you" he waited for whatever it was to make its presence known.
Morana (played anonymously)

A young girl who looked exactly as they had described was poking her out from behind a tree. “ why are you here? I mean you no harm. I just heard somebody and came here. I live here and you should turn back much less it tries to kill you.” She then took in front of luka. She looked about his age. “ um does not seem you even know the truth. You should leave. Unless your looking for somebody?”
He slightly looses his grip on the axe handle. "I'm here looking for what's attacking the people in my town. So I can't turn back I have make sure no one gets hurt anymore." Cautiously he takes a step towards the girl. "The people in the town describe a young girl appearing right before the monster attacks. You must be her. Why is your appearance and the beast tied together?" Luka kept his guard up the entire time while speaking to her.
Morana (played anonymously)

“ it cause I try to keep the innocent safe. I can’t help that they won’t listen. I live her so naturally I’m not attacked by this so called beast. Plus what do you have that makes you different from all others who tried to kill the beast?” She had a point. “ your not equipped to do this. You do realize it not your everyday beast right?” She looked at him worried for luka safety. She sat down. “ I guess your just wanting to end up in a mess like the rest of them. You realize that many criminals died to the beast?”
"No I don't know how many criminals they killed but they're harming the innocent as well and that's all I care about." Luka reaches back into his bookbag pulling out a book about the supernatural. "I know I probably won't be able to get rid of them today. I just need to keep them at bay so I can what they are and look them up in my book." He holds up a book of a witch's bestiary. He figured she was just concerned about him being maim like the many others whose enter these woods.
Morana (played anonymously)

“ interesting. But how do you plan to survive long enough to find out? Beating it with a stick will not help. That make it even more mad.” She pointed out. She looked luka in the eyes. “ your the most decent person that has come here. “ she looked through his bag. “ your missing a lot of stuff. The vital stuff to survive.”
He slips the beating stick back into the side strap of his bag. She's right he hadn't grabbed his better bookbag. He really didn't think about if there was more than one monster or what kind of wounds it was giving people. His eyes glances down trying to avoid eye contact with her. "Thanks I guess. You're right I just grabbed my basic bag. But I at least have to try and see if I can figure out what the creature looks likes."
Morana (played anonymously)

“ you know you can’t just attack it. Now go get better stuff and then you can try. But I’m not allowing you any farther until you have the proper gear and that final.” She sighed and turned to leave. Something about these woods was off and something was strange about the girl. “ the name is rose by the way.” She waved him off. “ these woods are not haunted the just hold a dark secret.”
He watches her leave; he turns to leave as well. Luka continued to walk all the way home. He stops by his fathers' tombstones; sitting down sighing. "I have to get my better bag. There a girl in the woods with the monster the news was talking about this morning." His front door opened two large 20 inch dolls came out of the house with his heavy duty bookbag. "Thank you." He takes the bag looking through it; making sure everything he needed was in it.

Knives, bottles of water, in all purpose first aid kit, matches, paint pens, flashlight, batteries, emergency flare, snacks, a compass, pepper spray, and a few books about the supernatural and fairytales. This should do it; another doll bring him an extra lunchbox full of food to take with him. Standing up and dusting off his pants. "Bye pops dad, like I said before I'll be home later tonight." As head back off towards the woods he nearly trips over one of his pop's handguns. Picking it up he looked back towards the house; he shrugs before putting the weapon into the bag hoping that he wouldn't have to use it.

Luka takes out a paint pen as he goes back into the woods. Marking the trees as he walks past them so he could make sure he wasn't going to end up walking in circles. He decided to call out to Rose hope she could give him a little help to pin point where the creature could be. "Rose! It's me the boy you met earlier. I have my better bookbag!"
Morana (played anonymously)

She was in a tree nearby. “ hello again. Would you please tell me your name?” She jumped from the tree. She checked his supplies. “ much better. Follow me. What do you know of the beast? “ she asked in a matter of a fact tone. She motioned him to follow her. She started going deeper into the woods. There where strange sounds and this place was gloomy and dark. It almost seemed unnatural. Yet the rose did not seem to care at all. She acted like this was normal.
"Luka, my name is Luka Drake. From what I collected it never looks the same and each person who lived through the attacks all have different sorts of wounds." He follows her deeper into the woods. He notices the how quickly their surroundings around them. He reaches back into his bookbag pulling out his flashlight. Luka tightly held on to the long handle keeping his guard up and continuing marking the trees they pass by. "Is there anything you can tell me about the creature?"
Morana (played anonymously)

“ it sad really the beast was not always this way, it use to help your people until they abused it caused harm and tryed to take it away from it home. It started to go insane to deal with the pain. So really it acting out cause of you humans. It won’t hurt me cause I helped heal and nurse it. As if it was my own.” She sighed kinda sad at the whole thing. But soon they came to a nice cabin. “ this is my home luka!”
He looks the cabin over, it looked the kind his pops always wanted to build. "Its a nice place." He takes off his bookbag sitting down next to him. "So it's out for revenge. I can't really like down on it for that. Sometimes you have to say when enough is enough, but I can't have it hurting people." He knelt down putting away the marker and he was now searching for the extra lunchbox. "Are you hungry, I already had my lun...." Luka stopped midsentence looks at Rose "you're not a human like me are you." He stood up.
Morana (played anonymously)

“ smart boy. I’m good I’m not that hungry. By the way those who are alive have me to thank for that. Yes I’m a supernatural. Your one of the few smart humans left. Now tell me have you ever meet a supernatural? Likely not.” She sat down not scared of luka. “ I’m not going to harm you. If I had wanted to you be hurt I would of already done it. Now tell me luka why come to face a beast no human has ever been able to beat?”
He leans over to put away the lunchbox; straighten up himself. "I've ran to into the supernatural but that's an extremely rare event." He took a seat next to her pulling his bag close to him. "My fathers were killed for supernatural reasons. After that I decided I wouldn't let that happen to anyone else. When I ever see or hear anything about the paranormal. I feel obligated to go hunt it down and figure how to help people."
Morana (played anonymously)

“ oh? Really? That interesting and not all supernatural are evil. Most of the time the humans are who start it. I’m not fond of your people. I have saved many. I’m sorry about your father. But this is not your battle. While your goal is noble you have yet to learn our ways and fail to understand us. You humans refused to learn and so in your stories we are written as the bad guys. I wanted to live in peace with humans. But I was treated horriable by humans. So sorry if I don’t trust you.”
"I don't blame you for not trusting me. I don't really trust your people either. And just like you said not supernatural is evil the same can be said for humans. My dad loved to learn about what he doesn't know. If he had that there was a creature in these woods; he most likely would have searched for it to study it." He stands looking towards Rose. "So which way should I go from here." He puts his bag back on his back.
Morana (played anonymously)

“ I would not go past here today. You can leave in the morning as that the time the forest sleeps. Let’s make something clear. It not your fate to kill the beast this week. Sadly as much as I hate humans I have to protect those who time has not yet come. I doubt you will believe me when I say I knew your father. He did like supernatural. but did not know when to stop. I tried to warn him. I was fond of your father really. It was sad I could not save him.” She layed on the grass and watched the clouds.

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