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What's the policy on seeking a new partner to replace a lost one and carry on the same story?

I have a story where my former partner played a famous fandom character before terminating not only the RP but our friendship too.
I think if it's your original story someone just collapsed on then it's fine to simply try again with someone else.

I have a story and dedicated character for that story I can think of off the top of my head that sank twice and might have lost traction a third time now. If I feel like trying again sometime you can fully expect me to repost the ad and find a fourth person :)
I can't see anything wrong with it as long as you don't take any of the other's original, personal content (characters, universe, etc.). If their character was a muse for, like, Goku, then that's not exactly their content tho unless they've developed some sort of special background.
Kim Site Admin

The site doesn't have a blanket policy for this. This is generally something you should establish with partners when creating a plot.

Having someone else play another person's original creation is bad form and could result in mod attention; various people playing fandom characters is probably fine.

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