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In light of RPR's Halloween event, I thought this might be a good time to gather 'round the campfire and freak each other out.

Seen something you're not sure was real? Had an unsettling encounter with a stranger? Wondered about urban legends and folk tales? Let the world know!

(For instance: when I was a kid I used to see a black cat all over the house, sometimes in various stages of decay. Turns out I was just unhinged but those were a stressful few years ngl.)

Last year me and my high school friend (well, she was more like a colleague /acquaintance, but yeah) went to a candy shop so we can celebrate our friend's birthday, everything was good there. However, we left the candy shop at nighttime and as we reached the other side of the road, some guy with a russian cap approached us, asking us out of the blue if we would like to play a game called "Game of laughs". The friend who celebrated her birthday with us simply answered "No" as we walked away.

I was really spooked cause I had no idea what was that game about (until I looked up online, it seemed harmless by the description, but who knows what were the guy's true intentions?) and by the fact that a random guy approached us at night. Luckily we never saw him again...
A few months ago I needed to get thr sugar out of the cabinet but decided to get the butter out of the fridge first and when I turned around the cabinet was open and the sugar was on the counter.

I deadass was like 'okay thanks buy don't scare me like that' 😂😂

Ghost... Just trying to be helpful.
We lived in a house across from the mortuary that also had a plane crash in the back yard. Needless to say it had it's visitors.
When I was still with my Ex we lived in this really OLD semi decrepit rent house. It was pretty damn big, 3 bedrooms with two dif living areas and a huge kitchen. This house in it's prime would have been STUNNING. But, it had a lot of wear and issues and the neighborhood around it had gone downhill so we got it for about what we would have paid for an average 1 bedroom apartment.

I am a huge skeptic in the paranormal. I do not completely disbelieve, but I tend to look for rational explanations first. The house was just always 'weird' Odd smells that couldn't be explained. (Sometimes bad, sometimes stuff like, cookies or like, a strange perfume.) Cabinets would be left open at random when no one was there. The tv would just turn itself on at around 1-2 pm every day. We finally got the impression there was more than one presence in the house. The first one, that we really liked we dubbed 'Cora' just because it seemed like a nice name. Cora seemed to be this tiny really old African American woman who would putter around in the kitchen mostly. She was harmless, and a bit 'grandmotherly' in feel. Both myself and my ex on separate occasions heard for a few seconds this faint sound of someone humming/singing something that sounded like a church hymn in the kitchen.

What sealed it for us that we weren't just having some sort of delusion was when we had a friend over who we had NOT told about the ghost, who was not a believer. He was sitting in the living room and asked if my grandmother was over or something. I was like no...? Why? He said he heard an old lady's voice in the kitchen, singing a church hymn.

We never once felt threatened by her, or felt she was upset by us, despite her being clearly Christian-type-religious and the two of us being Pagan. Once my son was in his playpen and started crying, and I actually saw a vague shape move from the direction of the kitchen over to the playpen and kinda.. hover there. Like Cora was fretting over the baby crying and she couldn't do anything to help.

We got in the habit of saying "Goodnight, Cora" before we went to bed.

There was another presence that often lurked in the den and hall area that we were NOT fond of. It was a really tall man in a dark suit.. I think he had a top-hat style hat on? Anyways he always felt angry/sinister and unhappy. I eventually drove him out with a frick-ton of rage-induced banishing magic and half-an-occult-shop worth of sage when I saw his shadow hovering around my kid's bedroom door. I'd had enough.
Oh boy oh boy. Do I have stories.

I am a huge believer of ghosts (I call them demons). And have always believed they take various shapes and forms but always underneath have sinister motives.

I don't know how in depth I can get but I'll be glad to tell you my worst three. To explain, I had lived in this house with no occurrence for six months before this activity began.

The first occurrence in the order of sequence was...well. middle of night. Sleeping. And then suddenly a loud bang on the wall above my head. I jerk awake, obviously, trying to figure out what had done it. And notice that my boogy board I had pinned to the wall was no longer there, but on the floor.

The second one started with a nightmare. There were dark figures slowly closing in on me in all directions. Their eyes were bright glowing red. And they stretched out in numerous numbers beyond the horizon line. I was screaming in my dream and awoke with a jerk.

As I woke. I felt a hot breath on my face. It moved my hair. Pretty sure I didn't imagine that. When it did this, it also growled. Ever seen the Annabelle creation? Yeah. Similar growl. Then fled out the room, slammed my front door.

The third instance was MONTHS later. I was in the shower and felt like someone was standing right in front of me watching me shower. When I started to go faster due to this, the bathroom started to reek of rotten flesh. And whispers and giggles of children were sounding too. The creepiest thing about the bathroom was it had a hidden room...with one rocking chair.

Ok so some thing sometimes visits me at the dead of the night and I can't move
Fell-san wrote:
Ok so some thing sometimes visits me at the dead of the night and I can't move

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