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Forums » Smalltalk » What kind of power would you like to have?

Hey guys! I was a bit curious about what kind of powers you'd like to have if you could.

If I could, I'd love to have the ability to turn into creatures such as pegasus, dragon, griffon or hippogriff. Or maybe the ability to talk to animals.
There are so many things I would love to be able to do that are outside the limitations of our bodies.

For one, I would love to never require sleep, sustenance, and to never grow cold or overheated. I would be a productive machine, churning out projects like no other.

Another power that would be useful would be biological regeneration. If my organic tissues could self-repair in an instant, I wouldn't have many of the problems that I do now.

if i could have any power possible i would like to be a shapeshifter that can turn into a wolf who will never age > im obsess with shapeshifters XD
Teleportation or summoning whatever I want. I know, I'm boring. XD
I'd want the power to become a mermaid. :D

For me it would either be be able to talk to different creatures or invisibility
Shapeshifting. It's always been shapeshifting for me.

Wanna fly? Be a bird.

Wanna swim really fast/deep? Be a fish or other neat sea creature.

Wanna be generally awesome? Be a dragon or something.

Be taller or shorter, thinner or squishier, darker or lighter, have any kind of hair for any kind of style. Be an eerie ethereal wisp queen. Be a suave, mysterious gentleman. Be a furry goblin. Be anything.
Shapeshifer I always wanted to be a wolf
I WouldILike The Power To Cure.
Invisibility. That could accomplish a lot. I would be hanging out at the White House, seeing what's reeeally going on, and then writing books about it. Then I'd be rich, and also a know-it-all. I'd also probably go around mysteriously doing good deeds and pranks, and whenever I don't feel like making small talk with strangers in line at the movies or something -- bam, invisibility.

Flight, yep. That too.

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