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I feel like every time I see anybody talking most of what they talk about is how they arent on much anymore. Is there anybody actually like. Still being here- I mean, it seems like most every conversation gets canceled because the person isnt getting on as much.

I havent talked much here but I have gotten on recurringly to see if there were any responses to my various dead threads- there were one or two eventually, but at that rate its kind of hard to remain engaged to any extent. So given the circumstance I'm unsure if I should pick them up again.
It feels a little quiet or slow-going at the moment but that's maybe just seasonal impact -- people get pulled into studies, shifts pick up because of seasonal demand. I wouldn't sweat it, just keep doing you.
I agree with Fiebs. As a student (again) I can assure you that people are recovering from midterms and that final projects are quickly approaching for the academically inclined. I have observed during my short time on this website that many RPers are still young, late teens or early 20's, and are likely in school.

I have trouble responding consistently, but I try to several times a day. Honestly, it depends on each person and their workloads, but I would not take it to heart. And sometimes people come and go, which is natural when in a community that is centered around a specific hobby.
Copper_Dragon Moderator

After nearly a decade of being on site, I can also confirm seasonal deadness is a thing, coupled with folks moving on—it happens!

Not to say your ponderin’ isn’t valid, Spiritualeclipse! It’s a perfectly normal thing to notice about any online community.
It's just that time of the year, when things start to slow down for various reasons.

I myself am here, I've just been on a hiatus from rp lately due to my rl. My rl has been hectic a lot, to say the least, and just earlier this week I started to settle into my new living place. Due to the fact I moved, and have people around me again who do things, I'm not always able to sit at my laptop.

My grandparents live outside of town so to speak. Basically there's a lot of wooded area around the place, so traveling into town takes a bit. But it's still fun to go places with my grandfather. I've never ridden in a truck, a simple truck like a Ford or Ram type, before until my grandfather took me places in them. So I'm trying to learn the area and such.

I know it's easier said than done, and I am one to talk, but keep your chin up and don't give up.
I'm still pretty much incopacitated rp-wise, but I still try to participate in the community.
To add to what Copper Dragon says, the ebb and flow of activity through a year is somewhat like tides. It’s been my experiences over the last twenty years of participation in web communities. School cycles seem to affect heavily on participation levels in general, kind of line how the moon affects ocean tides.

For my part, I tend to go through phases with my available time where I participate more on the forums and less on my RPs, or more on my RPs and less on the forums. Always in search of that balance...
It's nanowrimo, so that's got me busy busy busy, and plus I work stupid hours during the week. I'm usually 'around' but not too active on the forums and stuff.

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