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I don't know if this has happened to anyone, but was starting a roleplay with a member and then they up deleted there account.
I've seen a lot of people say they've had that happen to them. I'm lucky where it hasn't happened to me yet! I'd be so disappointed.
I was about to post my third post as well.
I had that happen but after six months and a few RPs. It sucks when you’re into story building and suddenly your writing partner is lined out.
So very true
The best thing to do in those situations is remind yourself that 99 times out of 100, it doesn't have anything to do with you. Losing an rp partner like that very very rarely, if ever, reflects poorly on you as a writer or a person. Life happens to us all, for better or worse. Some people choose to deal with it by silently jumping ship. All we can do is mourn the story that might have been and move optimistically on to the next.
Thank you for your kind words. I know that it was nothing that I did. Just frustrating when you have written the third post and then can't post because they ghosted.
Happened to me more times than I could count so I feel inclined to reply and give you a bit of advice. You're free to take it or not. Whether you think it is because of you or because of your partner, I try to stay as minimally attached to the role play as possible so when they do ghost, I wouldn't even be surprised. It's honestly a harsh world out there, and you'd be lucky to have a select few who stayed up until now.

I'm still here because I do have writing partners, and some come and go. Even I drop RPs but I try to give them a reason before doing so. It gives them a bit of closure, but it's also better than saying nothing.
So very true, I rather let them know, then stop altogether.
it has happened to me that i’ve either been in the middle of a roleplay or just discussing the possibility of one with another player, where they’ve deleted their account. i remember that i some of the times was told they weren’t interested in our roleplay anymore and then they just vanished from the website
i think, most of the time, it happen because they might have too much on their plate at the time being or something alike that, so it could have felt easier for them to delete the account so they wouldn’t receive any reminders of it
Thank you, sometimes it is about different perspectives. I appreciate your input.
At the end of the day, it happens.

While it might've been nice to have been sent a message before hand, you just gotta remember that people have their own lives with their own problems, y'know? There are a multitude of different reasons that someone may have done so, and it's pretty likely that 99% of those reasons aren't your fault at all.

They may have been under a lot of stress and did it within the heat of the moment. Perhaps they just simply lost their muse for roleplay. Maybe even RPR just wasn't the site for them and they didn't settle in well, and just decided it was easier to leave. Or perhaps they had some more serious life stuff that was going on, so they didn't wan't/couldn't be here anymore.

What happens, happens, and when it does it's best just to move on and accept that something happened, even if we don't know what did. c: It's frustrating, but all we can do is learn and move forward.

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