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You may not know, because there hasn't been a lot of media coverage on the issue, but there are massive bushfires all over Australia. So far over 2,500,000 acres have burned which is more than the recent Amazon and Californian forest fires combined. Many of the bushfires are happening in highly populated areas and over 9 million people (more than a third of Australia's entire population) are on high alert.

The government has recently made budget cuts to the fire brigade.

Our Prime Minister has literally offered his thoughts and prayers.

So for a short time I'll be offering donation commissions. Donate $15 to the Rural NSW Fire Brigade and PM me the receipt for a fullbody flats like below. (Of course you can blank out your personal details)



I usually sell these for $35 so not only are you helping out our country, you are getting an extremely good discount. I'm happy to draw most humanoids, but if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to send me a PM or shoot me a message on Discord

PS it's $15 AUD so it's really more like $10USD


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Thanks for donating your amazing art and time, Claine.

And thank you for providing the link to donate. <3
Oh wow, this is absolutely crazy! Thank you for supporting protecting the environment, infrastructure and people with your donations! This is a very admirable thing to do and will help a lot of people <3
This is such a nice thing to do! Unfortunately I tried to donate and it declined my payment both times even though I have the money on my card :( Hopefully it works for other people. (If there's some other way I can like send the money and it be donated, let me know.)
Oh is that so? I hope it's not because you're out of the country. Let me find an alternative charity.

Edit: Or you can paypal me the money and I can provide you with the receipt.
This is pretty awesome Claine! It is quite catastrophic and it hits close to home with my father-in-law up near Grafton New South Wales. There was one fire that topped the ridge nearby but so far their place is out of danger.

Meanwhile here down south we get a good rain just about every other day. Despite it being about a month to the solstice, it still feels wintery. Wound love to divert these Antarctic fronts up north of hope some tropical pissdown comes along up there.

I’ll donate later tonight when I’m on a computer. Thank you everyone!
Completed artwork for Mercyinreach and Somnom

I highly recommend doing this! Claine is such an amazing artist and the money is going towards a something that will help a lot of people.
The fires continue to burn.
Air quality plunges as NSW chokes on smoke

Scott Morrison rejects calls for more bushfire help, saying volunteer firefighters 'want to be there'

Donations are still open, but please go easy on me when it comes to time frame. I'm going to be pretty busy in the build-up to Christmas.
This is still such a wonderful thing to do! Thank you for it Claine!
Almost another month has passed and the fires are still getting worse. The 31st was by far the worst day of fires so far with massive destruction of towns, several deaths, and chilling footage of people being evacuated to beaches as fires surround them.

I don't even live that close to them, but the air quality in my city is extremely bad. Optimal is as close to 0 as possible. "Hazardous" is 200. Today all throughout my city has been registering over 3000 with over 5000 in the south.
1 cigarette is equivalent to an air pollution of 22 μg per m3 for one day. So everybody in my city is smoking approximately 220 cigarettes today.

This is what my local paper looked like just a little after 12:00am this morning
Every bit helps! It all is appreciated!

These are abnormal times. Victoria has proclaimed a state of disaster and 27 people are missing with the weather conditions getting worse tomorrow.

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