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Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine curled in a ball under a few bits of debris. Tears streaming down her face. After a few more minutes Vemine crawled out and walked around, not a single person had been around. No one came to help a 6 yr old girl in the middle of a war, all alone with not a spec of other life, Vemine sat, and cried, until she eventually went to a destroyed building and slept. For that was all she could do.

( @MangoNekros )

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She could eventually hear the sound of footsteps approaching her, as the young soldier looked around for someone he could rescue, as he yelled. "US Air Force! Show yourself!" he said, aiming around the building
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine Coward behind a wall, she was scared of the man that had come, she slowly peeked her head out and looked at him, her eyes puffy and her blonde hair covering most of her face.
He looked at her, slowly approaching her. "Hey, little lady..." he said softly and calming. "I'm a good guy don't be afraid" he said as he gave her a warm smile
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine stood up and looked at the man "Good?" she asked in a small voice.
He nodded, pointing at his patch of the US Flag. "Yes, good" he said, looking at her
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine Walked over, she limped a bit but ignored it, she walked u the the man and smiled
He saw her limp. "What's wrong, little one" he asked, looking at her as he got on a knee
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

she looked down and replied "I . . I don't know" There was a big briuse on her leg and a few cuts, "I'm sorry" she didn't know why she apologised.
He set her down. "Here, i'll make it feel better" he said as he pulled out some rubbing alcohol and a roll of gauze
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine didn't move and smiled. "thank you"
He nodded, pouring a little bit of alcohol on the cuts, before covering it gauze. "Their, all better" he said, smiling
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

She Tip-Toed and hugged the man nuzzleing him, she made small child like noises
He smiled, brushing her hair as she did
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

Vemine let go, and started to walk out side of the building
He followed behind her. "Are you hungry?"
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

she nodded a bit and stared out at what looked like a waste land.
He pulled out an MRE. labeled 'Beef ravioli', and opened it for her, handing it to her, as well as a spork
Vemine (played by KitanaMavile)

within mere minutes the food was gone and Vemine thank him. "i don't like it here" she said
He nodded. "Let's go" he said, holding out his hand

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