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Hi, I'm incredibly new to this site. So far I am love with it! But I'm very confused on groups. How do you know when you've been accepted? Will it show up? Also, what are forums and can you roleplay on forums in a group?

I am so sorry if I am bothering anyone, I'm just a little lost. Thank you in advance!


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Sanne Moderator

Hi and welcome!!

If a group lets you join without an application, you'll also see it in the groups you are part of under "Your Stuff" > "Groups" at the top of the page.

If you submitted an application, you'll get a PM notifying you of when your application has been approved or rejected.

What forum you can RP in is determined by the group founder. :) Usually there is something indicating where you can RP, but when in doubt please ask the group's mods!
Kim Site Admin

Hi Rogue_Shy,

If you had to submit an application, you'll receive a message letting you know whether your application was accepted or rejected when the people in charge of reviewing applications for that group get to yours and take their final vote. :) It can be very fast or slow, depending on the group. Other groups that don't require an application, you will join instantly and be able to see yourself in their "Members" page right away :)

Forums are a place where topics can be posted, and each topic can be replied to. For example, this thing you asked this question on was a Forum (in this case, the help forum.) You started a topic titled "Groups?" and now this is my reply to that topic. :)

Forums can be either IC or OOC. You can RP on a forum in a group that is marked as IC. :)

Hope that helps!

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