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Hello, I'm having issues with emails. while push notifications are working on my pc ( not sure about my phone as I just learned that my browser was blocking notifications and so far I've only received one push notifications on my pc and nothing about the my rp ad ever got to me) I'm not getting any emails about messages or comments.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I just wanted to know if you anything that may be affecting this?

also, sorry for taking so long to get this too you, I don't get many messages so I had to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong before sending this lol
I can confirm that I am still receiving emails so it's not an issue affecting everybody. Perhaps you should check your settings to make sure you have them activated
Yea.. turns out it was my dumb spam filter. figured out where they went. sorry about that lol
Kim Site Admin

Latedozer wrote:
also, sorry for taking so long to get this too you

What's this part about? Get it to who?

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