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Sanne Moderator

Hey guys. :)

Now that 2.0 is live, we have columns, and I've familiarized myself with the new code, I aim to create new templates through 2020 for Epic Users to choose from. I have some ideas about what to create, but I'd like to have your input on what you want!

The top two most voted for styles will be created in the coming months and made available to all Epic Users.

Please vote here:

I've also provided a textbox to submit more suggestions in case there's something you really really want to see made but isn't listed.

Thanks in advance to all who vote!

The poll will be closing on January 10th.
You're so great for making more templates for Epic Users, Sanne! And for allowing us to vote for styles. :D

Thanks for your time and generosity!!
Thank You! This is quite generous! I voted. :)
Sanne Moderator

Thanks for voting! And you're very welcome, I enjoy creating templates and this feedback is amazing.

I'm leaving this poll open for a while, it won't be closing soon. :)
I voted. Thanks for creative generousity and time.
Sanne Moderator

I'm really happy with the amount of votes this poll has gotten! Thanks so much guys!

Just letting you know the poll will be closing on January 10th, and I will announce the top two templates to be built here. :)
Sanne Moderator

The poll has closed, and with it we have two winners! It was quite exciting to see the numbers fluctuate, and I got a LOT of valuable feedback on what the community is missing out on. :D


The styles that I will be working on over the next couple of months will beeee....
Books & Medical/Hospital!

Don't worry, if your picks didn't make it, it doesn't mean I'll never make them. ;) I really want to provide high quality, mobile and native column friendly styles regularly, and having you guys vote just helps me get past my indecision and actually get off my butt to make them.

Some additional suggestions that were made that will be feasible to create:
  • Dragon/Mythical creatures
  • More minimalist styles
  • 1920's - 1950's mystery noir
  • Cooking/kitchen/restaurant
  • More fantasy (e.g. ruins)/LOTR inspired
  • Feminine dark/gritty business, mob/crime
  • Hombre colors
  • Updated elemental magic templates

I want to create all of these, but I will have to be selective due to limited time and energy constraints, so me not creating specific ones =/= me not wanting to make them or being biased against them! In the future I might run more polls like this.

If you want to stay update on what I do, feel free to send a friend request to my portfolio profile or send me a friend request and enable seeing character journals. Making the connection will put any updates and future polls straight into your notifications feed and I will always accept one-sided requests. :)
Awesome! Looking forward to what you come up with!

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