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Forums » Help » Deleting forum replies on mobile?

Hi there,

Perhaps my memory is serving me wrong, but I thought there was a way to delete posts on a forum thread. Say, I reply to an RP search thread but then decide against pursuing it and would like to delete my post. I couldn’t find a button to do that.
For reference, I am accessing the site on mobile so that may be a factor.
Is that option still there? Missing? Or am I just remembering wrong?
You can edit your posts, but only moderators can completely delete them. (I've wished for this ability a few times myself!)
What Juls said!

You could always flag down a mod and ask to have it removed. Or you can edit it and delete the information you put down.
Kim Site Admin

Right, click the "request mod" link on the post you want removed and type a quick explanation of why you want it deleted. :)

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