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Okay, it has been a... Long time since I last posted looking for an RP. But I have been far too busy to post for a long time now. Anyway, my RPs have pretty much all dried up again and I've had no luck anywhere else either. This might end up being a long post because I really want to have an idea for each of my characters. So I'm probably gonna be sitting for hours typing this out... Oof ouch.

I've not had a good RP for ages now, a lot of, if not all my RP partners have lost interest or are busy. So I'm just sitting here bored every night and going to bed frustrated over the fact I've done nothing all day.

Okay I'll get into characters and ideas for them, if I can think of any... Oh and by the way; MF = medieval fantasy.

Aeces Sylvaris:

There's two versions of this character, medieval fantasy and sci fi. For MF, he lives in the waters around my custom MF country of Eclasia, so RPs will likely take place inland, maybe in and around the rivers of the Elven homeland. Or maybe at sea, in the waters surrounding it, opening up shipwreck saviour stories or similar things. Unless you have your own country that he could come across by swimming across the globe. I've not created the whole world of which contains Eclasia (and likely won't) so Aeces RPs in MF are always open in that way.

In Sci fi, Aeces lives on a planet of his own with his species. (I'd like for you to have discord if you'd like to do a sci fi Aeces RP, it makes it easier for me to let you in on where we are, what's around and all of that kind of stuff.) Uncontacted by people so far he and his kind live in peace, most of the time. Crash-landing on the planet, research expeditions and all of those kinds of stories are the best plots for Sci Fi Aeces.

Kallo Xylocopa and Gulo Zann Wildlough:

I'll make an 18+ post that includes these two characters. (Likely won't be immediately, lmao)

Sawney Erminion Furo:

I just had a pretty fun sounding idea for Saw actually. I thought something along the lines of a determined young guardsman/woman could be informed that they are to catch a petty thief that has eluded everyone investigating him. He's so hard to catch, that the higher ups have given up, and give the case to the fresher recruits, to see how good they are by how far their progress gets on catching the thief. Perhaps your character is this young recruit, and somehow he/she manages to get lucky and catch Sawney in the act? But just as they're about to haul him away to be punished, they notice that not only is he of a race that no one has seen or most likely even heard of, he's just a sweet young man trying to provide for his mother and siblings, unable to work a job to do so, and being raised to steal. Will you have mercy?

Or another idea I had a while back, was to have Sawney break into a wealthy family's home to see if he can steal, and sell some goods so he can buy food instead of stealing it. Perhaps he goes through the wrong window, and comes into an occupied bedroom or into a room where the family are gathered? We can see what happens next.

Vayne rose:

Probably easier to go to this post if you want to RP with Vayne. Link.

Yuvithnah Anoa'i:

No ideas for him at the moment, not too interested in RPing with him currently. But if you like him and want to do something with the Dragon-Elf, then sure, we can see.

The Blood Axes:

Same goes with these two, though I'm more just unable to come up with ideas for them. Again, if you like them, I can RP with them.

The Bassiss family:

Save the best 'til last I suppose.

I prefer to just discuss potential plots for these lads, honestly. It's a lot easier than thinking of something on the spot, which I'm already bad at...

Thank you for reading if you managed to get this far! Appreciate you wasting your time.

Required info

I RP in first person, this is non-negotiable. I will happily RP with you no matter what person you write in.

It's likely in any MF RPs, multiple characters will appear, for example, Yuvithnah often appears in Sarobando's RPs, or Gulo appearing in Sawney's RPs.

Other than that, if you have any questions, ideas or you're interested, please shoot me a PM! Thank you!

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