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Garreth Daybreak (played anonymously)

Night falls as you enter "The Sleepy Weasel", an inn you were called to by a mysterious letter. The letter claimed that you and a select few people would one day save the world from ruin, and win fame and fortune from doing such. It also informed you that you would have to travel to this specific inn, which lies by a road between two large cities, Blight City, a city known for its focus on the magical arts, and Crowenne City, a city known for its military might. The Sleepy Weasel is well known for being the perfect stop between these two cities, as it's a day's travel from both of them, and thus is usually full of travelling merchants and such. Today was no exception. The inn's tavern is filled with happily drinking patrons, being served all manners of drinks and food. It looks as if booking a room would be next to impossible, until you ask, and a surprising response is given.

"Oh, no need to worry about booking a room." Spoke the innkeeper, a rather short lady with short, white hair "A kind individual came in earlier and booked our biggest room for yall."

Obviously the person whom sent you that letter has also booked you a room in the inn ahead of time.
can anyone join or just people that have dm'd you?

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