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Hey guys!

What web comics do people like to read? I've recently got into them.

Currently I'm reading through 'true beauty' , a Korean webcomic about, well, makeup and frustrating teenage love. It's pretty addicting.
I've been loving Lore Olympus since I found it a few months ago.

Zen Pencils is always good for inspirational comics.

Awkward Zombie is good for nerdy humor.

And The Little Trashmaid is cute to read, (if a little sad).
I absolutely Love
-Lore Olympus
-Scorched Romance
-Room of Swords
-Brimstone and Roses
-Third Shift society
Seriously one of my favorite webcomics of all time is.....

Manly Men doing Manly Things

Seriously the amount of fan service in this comic is amazing.

The pokemon storyline is hilarious.

It gets better every episode and you'll never know what 'badass' character will be made fun of next.
Also, if you're on Webtoons, checkout Lookism. Lookism and True Beauty are my two favorite comics off of Webtoons
I've been reading Twokinds for a loong while now
Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
Penny Arcade - Gaming and culture
Tweep - Slice of life (I think?)
Wilde Life - Paranormal small town mystery-adventure
Orc & Gnome's Mild Adventures - Comedy fantasy (linked because this one's actually SFW)

Updates Monday through Friday:
Questionable Content - Absurd slice of life.
Something*Positive - Also absurd slice of life, with lots of dark humor

Miscellaneous updates:
Sidekick Girl - Superhero sidekick life
A Tale of Two Rulers - Legend of Zelda comic about Zelda and Ganondorf marrying in order to bring a lasting peace to their kingdoms
Thanks all! Some really interesting comics out there...

I have gotten into the 'webtoon' site, I found it when someone on a nother site recommended the Steam Dragon Express

Now reading True Beauty and Lookism there too (thanks!)
I literally have almost 30 webcomics bookmarked, so I'm just gonna cherry pick a few of my favorites.

I just spent like half the day rereading Paranatural, one of my favorite webcomics, so of course I have to recommend it. It's got loads of great characters, loads of juicy plot threads, hilarious jokes and facial expressions, and complex interpersonal drama, all tied up in a story about a kid who moves to a new town only to find out ghosts and spirits are very much real. I cannot recommend it enough. As far as content rating goes, I'd rate this one somewhere between PG and PG-13. The main cast are in middle school, so nothing too bad happens, but there is cartoon violence and a small amount of blood.

Blonde Sunrise is a comic about monster hunters and werewolves (and a monster hunter who gets turned into a werewolf), and it's another one with lots of plot threads that are starting to tie together in really exciting ways! The art has evolved a lot since the comic started, but the writing is top-notch throughout. Plus, the person who makes it is super cool. Fair warning though, this comic does have some graphic depictions of violence in it, so it's solidly PG-13.

This is more like a recommendation for three webcomics set in the same universe, but Evan Dahm's comics Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu are all amazing. Rice Boy is a surreal fantasy about an unlikely hero who goes on a journey, and words can't adequately describe the plot in a spoiler-free way so I'm just gonna have to recommend that you read it. It's long, but it's very good. Order of Tales is shorter than the other two, and follows the last in a line of storytellers as he gets tangled up in a sinister plot. Vattu is the longest by far and still ongoing, and has multiple point of view characters, but it's an epic story about imperialism and culture clashes and one young girl who gets caught up in the middle of a conflict that might topple an empire. All three of these, along with the other short snippets on that site, clock in at PG-13 for violence, some drug use, and a small amount of sexual content (no nudity or anything though).
I read True Beauty too! Another favorite would have to be Lore Olympus.

One that I've been following since the beginning is the comic No End. If you're interested in post-apocalyptic genre, I suggest checking it out. It also has queer romance and I'm a sucker for representation anywhere I can find it, lol.
I only read a couple these days, but like most people here; LORE OLYMPUS. I love it so much. It's wonderful.

Another I read on Webtoon is The Devil Is A Handsome Man.

Some old loves are Starfighter, Sunstone & Teahouse (which is sadly finished as the two ladies that were making it had to call it quits due to real life getting too busy). I won't link them though as those are very 18+.

P.ost S.cript: Thanks so much Yimby for making this topic. This is a treasure trove of awesomeness. <3

Heres two complete comics you can binge, I copy-pasted the synopsis of them both. Awkward translations lol

Magical twelfth graders

"One day, Gyeowul Han, Yeorum Han’s older sister, found out that she jumped out from the roof at the high school. However, after Gyeowul’s funeral, Yeorum found out that her biology teacher and her older sister were wizards!!!"

Nano List

"A deadly android was delivered to me on my birthday!"

Both are so good and well worth a read.

I also like....

odd girl out

Cursed princess club

Nightmare Factory

Freaking Romance

Let's Play

The Gamer

Highly recommend em~!
Woo boy, I read a bunch. But I think these ones are really good! Not completed, and there are a few different genres.

Let's Play is a bit of a slice of life geeky rom-com-y style comic.
Shiloh is more serious distopia/horror/action webcomic (super creative and I really love the art style).
I like Lore Olympus too, haha. Very clean art and engaging (and mildly infuriating) characters
Crankrats! I actually started following this one on dA, but it's joined Webtoon as well. Probably my favorite webcomic ever. Steampunk dystopia!
Heir's Game is very unafraid in its violent injuries, but it's a cute romance with a lot of mystery and tension.
Facing the Sun is a futuristic comic about a robot gaining sentience and the woman she takes care of.
If you like Greek Mythology, I also read Punderworld! It's a rom-com, but it's also really good with beautiful designs for the gods and attention to detail.

There are more that I read, but this is long enough, haha.
This one called Under the Aegis is so good, and finished. It's fantasy/romance. And this one Blood Stain is slice of life, not finished yet, but so good. Also Helios:Femina, it's finished but ended with a bit of twist so maybe there will be more? Idk, but the art is amazing, there is even music with it, so cool. It's sci-fi/fantasy/romance stuff. Another modern fantasy that was pretty good Faust. That one is completed too. All of these are on webtoon.

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