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Two malicious suns boiled hot and heavy against a sea of red sand and cracked earth. Chimeras of shimmering heat danced across the horizon, playing off of the shaded flanks of steep dunes and casting watery shadows beneath them. A caravan of covered sleighs and brightly painted wagons wound through the desert like a great, groggy snake. It carried weapons, spices, skins, and slaves; the mounts ranged from horse-like creatures with six eyes and cloven hooves to massive feathered reptiles controlled only by thin, leather bridles and the odd assortment of peoples that drove them. They were smugglers, assassins, gypsies, singers, mercenaries, and merchants of every craft and trade. There were humans, upright creatures resembling birds and cats, satyrs and fauns, elves with skins as dark as night. At their head rode a figure with two horns curling from his temples. His eyes blazed amber, his black hair snaked to his hips in a tight braid. Two blades of deadly meteorite were strapped across his back. His dark skin was bare beneath the blistering sun, painted with symbols of war. The scars of old battles whispered beneath them. He was Amon Bastaas Ra-Alhazred.

Whispered words around campfires said he was an exile from the great kingdom in the north; that he was a thief, an assassin, a criminal running from royal law. Tales told by cruel maids and mothers spun him into a demon, with eyes that devoured the souls of all they met. Although the stories warped and weaved from every tongue they left, it was known by all that he was malicious and cruel, and that he had bought his title of warlord with the price of iron and blood.


Reply however you would like. I left it pretty much open. You can be someone in the caravan or someone in the desert. Slave, peasant, merchant, noble, commander, maiden, prince, princess, whatever. It's up to you!


* While I don't have a preference for how long your replies are, try to keep the pace and give me something that I can go off of. Great grammar and punctuation are a must. I'm a stickler about it.

* I roleplay in the third person. You should too.

* 18+. This roleplay will get violent and use strong language. Romantic relations could develop but most likely will not. That being said, heavier sexual themes may occur but again, most likely will not.
YE LIANGE SHEE (played anonymously)

Quain Xing was tagging along.
A roughly averaged height man with a grey decorated mask with bull horns and three large bells on each horn.
Black loose clothing with rather decorative gold patterns and draped clothes that meet at his waist with a red waist Band much like the Red Tassels that hand from each Gold bell.

Xing managed to weasel his way into this little parade to escape home, or more so his own people from damning him so to say.
He loved his home, the people, but never grew to find comfort in their judge.
Instead he used his charisma to win his way into working with one of the other merchants along this party.
Quian Xing didn't have the luxury yet of meeting the head of the pack, but, Xing was okay with that honestly....
A man of his abilities was use to being looked down on and easily tossed aside by most, so right now, avoiding attention was his plan, at least until he knew more about this pack and it's so called cruel alpha, besides the mans name being a mouthful.

Granted having sat at a few of these, camp fire tales didn't help Xing even want to meet the leader any further.
Not that Xing had anything against cruel leaders, but ... again he was just trying to get on by.
So Quian Xing listened like a good bull, and would stay in the shadows, always fiddling with his wears and items that he held inside his large multi wrapped pack.
Xing being a merchant allowed him to hold quite allot for the group, usually more on the usual side, since he came from Ye Liange Shee where it was rich with elements and poisons along with the groups favorite, alcohol.
And, that's what Xing became better known for slowly, his ability to brew fine drinks for the lads.
Now Xing himself preferred a special type of Sake, but he only made that for himself and when he could relax alone.

That is why, on this particular day in the hot desert, Xing laid on top his horse like a the animal was a Sun Lounger.
The masked Xing with his bull horns and bells slightly chiming with every slight jerk of his horse as it walked behind the group.
Xings arm rested behind his head and in his hand rested his favorite Sake, but only a small amount, just enough to relax him up a bit.

Unfortunately the calmness didn't last long, since Xing didn't exactly have all friend in the group.
2 men have been giving Xing trouble ever since they learned he kept the good brew to himself.
So when the same 2 trouble makers started making their way back towards the relaxed Xing on his horse, and he did notice it pretty quickly, there broke out a commotion of fighting.
It started as whispers, which turned into insults, and then threats, but finally came to a full out fight.
Which drew attention from half the back of the group.

Xing was sadly taken by surprise by the first initial shove that threw him off his horse and into the sand.
But after that, Quian Xing was making a fool out of the 2 men by throwing them for a loop with his tactics of swift acrobatic dodges,
that would ultimately leave the 2 men accidentally punching each other instead of Xing who was playing evasive, having not yet even laid a hand on the two aggressors.
And, even when the men did manage to get close to Xing to attempt to either grab him or strike him, Xing would throw out a volley of Wild Fire Crackers that would crackle loudly and stun the men bluntly.
Allowing Xing use those few moments of stun to create distance, even though distance wasn't his strength primarily.

Xing began to wonder how much trouble this was going to cause now that the half the group was watching, and he was feeling the heat....
Commotion rippled through the caravan like a great shuddering snake. Fights were occasional and often resolved without any need for intervention, for the desert was hot and the risk of being left behind was great. Amon rode with his gaze ever forward, his mouth set in a grim line and his shoulders straight and stoic. He quickly became aware of the cease in pounding hooves, shifting sand, and creaking wagon wheels. When at last he turned, he was twenty paces ahead of the halted group. A thousand heads were craned to see what was going on near the back of the caravan. Children giggled and darted in between the legs of massive creatures and stood on the tops of their wagons for a better view of the fight.

A shaggy-haired elf broke free of the group and trotted toward Amon on the back of his lizard-like steed. "There is a fight that does not appear to be resolving."

Amon pushed the breath from his lungs and jerked the reins of his mount in a wide loop. When the crowd saw him coming, they parted with their heads bowed. He took care not to let them see his disappointment. He did not like that they feared him. He wondered if, given the chance, they would turn on him, even if he had offered his protection to bring them across such a horrible and inhabitable place.

It took him minutes to sort through all of the peoples and their own trains of belongings. The heat off of the sand churned up and lashed at his skin from under his mount's heavy, webbed feet. He kept his grip tight on the reins and let one hand drift to the knife strapped to his thigh. He could see the plume of red dust rising from the fight, and hear the angry voices pushing against the whipping winds. He swung his leg over his mount's back and dropped to his feet at the edge of the ring formed by nervous onlookers. With a gentle push, he parted them and stepped into the fight.

"Do we have a problem here?" he called out, in a rumbling voice that cut through the wind like a heavy, iron knife. He crossed his arms over his dark, broad chest and stood with his feet splayed, watching the three wrestle and jump about like apes. His amber eyes settled upon Xing and narrowed. And then he smiled. A more primal part of him wanted to watch the fight, to absorb this creature's tactic in such a silly little brawl. But time was not something to waste in the red desert, especially with dusk fast approaching.
YE LIANGE SHEE (played anonymously)

"Why you, runt, get back here!"
"****ing monkey."


Xing remaining silent as he avoided them, even going as far as to step on the mans foot to keep them on their toes.
Dodging a punch, only to kick the brute in the chest and knock the man back into his friend.
Who would push his friend forward towards Xing.
And, well Xing dropped down.
Having the man trip over his body and crash into the sand bellow.
Xing could only glance a moment at the fallen fool, before being grabbed and dragged away.
Out of Wild Fire Crackers, Xing grabbed his beloved Sake Jug and took a swig before hurling it at the mans head.

Xing just watched the man grab his head while he got to his feet.
But luckily for him, the cutting voice of the leader shook both his attackers into freezing up.
Xing froze of course too.
All was still, the sound of the desert really sinking in and probably their consequences.
The three of them finally noticing the leader, with Xing seeing the Merchant who took him in as well.
And Xing lowered his head when he saw his masters expression of concern.
To make things even more troubling, Xing was shocked when the 2 men got up.
Wrapping their arms around Xing in a playful manner.

"We were just playing with our new friend here, so sorry, it won't happen again Amon Sir".
Assured one of the bigger men that had patted Xing on the back.
Which Xing made no efforts to stop, but his face was cringing.
"Yeah! Yeah!"
Said the smaller, thin male with the shiny gold tooth.

An elderly man in dark blue robes rushed up.
"Quian Xing, here NOW!"
Hollered the elderly bird man.
His white frazzled hair and beard making it clear of his age.

Xing wiggled his way out from the arms of the 2 men and course swiped his Jug from the sand, running to the side of the elder, his head still hung.
The elder bowed to Amon.
"Please, forgive him Amon for his foolishness he is new and has still much to learn".
Hissed the elder as he shoots a disappointing glare at Xing.

Xing looking from the elder to the leader, he doesn't say anything.
But, he does bow.
Hoping to keep his head.
YE LIANGE SHEE (played anonymously)

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Amon's eyebrows knit in confusion. His gaze moved between the perpetrators and Xing, and then to Xing's master. He bowed his head to return their respect and beckoned for them to straighten. "There is no need to bow to me. If there is any problem here, I would like to know of it so there can be a solution without any need for bloodshed." His gaze settled on Xing and his master. "If you seek peace, you may move to the front of the caravan with me. But do not make me stop again."

The sun was hot on his back. The sand that pelted his skin felt like needles in the wind, that had increased significantly since that morning. Amon feared a possible storm. The dunes upon the horizon at their backs were dark crimson in color, and the clouds that boiled above them were strikingly black against the cloudless blue over their heads.

"The nearest settlement is still a day away.," continued Amon. "We do not have time to lose." He pointed to Xing. "What caused this fight?"

The surrounding people all murmured and broke away to resume their journey, leaving Amon and the four of them to catch up when they were through.
YE LIANGE SHEE (played anonymously)

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YE LIANGE SHEE (played anonymously)

Xing looked from the elder up to Amon with a startle when asked the question.
He was again silent, but as much as he loved keeping his tongue locked, he gave.
"... My peoples Sake, Amon Sir."
Xing said.
He looked down at the jug in his hands.
It's pale aged color shining through the decorative wrapping and animal chimes that hung around the bottles neck.
Xing knew there was only a drop left inside the jug.
Which made him all the more convinced that this wouldn't happen again.
Considering that's what the fools wanted, and Xing had used the last of it.
All but a drop.
"It is special to the Shee".
Xing says, looking at the 2 men.

"It's just a drink, you treat it like it's alive".

Xing snapped.
The elder bird grabbed Xings arm, as it seemed that he'd almost lost a bit of himself.
"Xing ....", said the elder.
But, he jerked his arm free.
Turning and facing the 2 men.
"When you've watched your father's honor be slandered, watch him sit on his throne waiting, for his own people to burst in.
Drag him out and cut his throat in sacrifice to your enemy. Then, you can tell me it's just a drink".
Qian Xing was heated.
He knew the two men knew.
Knew about the war Shee people had with Pale Bloods.
And, their complete failure to defend their home people.

The two men looked at each other with a moment of silence, uncomfortable grimaces.

Xing on the other hand, shook his head, seeing how the tales have truly died about the war.
Not a single soul truly remembers the deaths of the Shee people.
He lets out a heavy breath, and wraps the colorful ribbons of the Sake jug to his hip.
The jug resting with various pouches along his belt.

The elder looked up at the sky, he would look back at Xing.
Xing noticed it too, and he looked up at Amon.
"We would be grateful of such peace".
Said the elder.
"Xing, your horse".
Which, Quain Xing nodded, looking around but no sign of the animal.
The elder merchant waved for the two men to help Xing find his horse.
Which the two nodded and began looking, their faces still pained with thoughts.
When the three were away, the elder looked to Amon Bastaas.
"I know it is much to ask of you Great Amon.
But, if there is anything this old man can ask of you, show Xing what it means to be a leader.
I know this trouble isn't exactly a good start for the young man.
But, it pains me as humble man of trade to see a the Heir struggling to find his strength to return to his people".

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