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Kuro (played by dantefrancis)

"It's been 2 years since the Traveler was captured. Guardians were powerless. So they travel to the farther reaches of the galaxy, helping the people get back on their feet. However, there is a rumor that is connected to a legend that a piece of the traveler fell down, and gave Guardians back their powers. But also gave them two classes abilities."


"Yes Guardian?"

"You know, it's just a legend. It ain't going to come true."

You don't know that

"Sure I don't, but is that why we're out here? Broadcasting a signal to whoever going to trust us?"


((Before you join, please put down the mix of sub'classes you want to be.And there could only be two))
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

((Pyre-5, Stormcaller Warlock, and his Ghost Sirius. I’ll make my first post in a bit.))
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

((You know, you can choose 2 subclasses if you want..."))
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

Kuro wrote:
((You know, you can choose 2 subclasses if you want..."))

I know; I only use the Stormcaller subclass for him though.))

He awoke again in the house, a small collapsed structure he’d found a ways from the City; he could feel the Radiolaria slowly taking him, but so long as he stayed alive until he reached the Shard, he felt he could manage through the pain.

“Pyre,” Sirius spoke from beside his Guardian, “we’re nearly there; we need to move before another Legion patrol shows up.”

“Right,” the Exo-Phage muttered in response, “just give me a minute to gather my strength. I can hear them more clearly now, you know; their beautiful lulls drawing me to...Nessus? Why do they lead me to a barren centaur?”

“Now’s not the time,” Sirius warned, “I’m picking up Cabal transmissions nearby, and they don’t sound happy.”
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

((By the way, is this an alternate version of what happened? The Red War only lasted a few weeks, a month at most, before Ghaul’s defeat.))
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter


Kuro played with his Hand Cannon, pretending to reload the gun over and over like a broken record.



I'm picking up another Guardian signature. But it's faint...real faint...

"Track it."Kuro would get off the cliff where he was and run to said location. However, he hid when he saw the Cabal ."Ghost, see if you can get him to the piece."

What are you doing?!

"Causing a Distraction. Now go."Kuro would walk sideways for a while, before firing a round for his Handcannon, alerting the Cabal.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“Picking up a nearby signal,” Sirius alerted the Warlock, “its faint, but I can make out the Guardian signature; seems to be distracting the Cabal...but why?”

“Doesn’t matter,” the Exo-Phage replied, readying his weapon, “it’s something to keep them away from us. We should...” he groaned as he tried to stand, falling back to the ground with a thud; the Radiolaria was taking him again. He’d have to revert what Arc energy he still had to fend it off a bit longer. Along with a small bit of Sirius’ remaining Light, the infection was quelled again for the time being.

“You’re not well,” Sirius reminded him, “we should call in the others; we need to get you somewhere safe.” He Warlock sat up, taking a position near the window. “What use would it be,” he countered, “I’d be dead before they got here. Let the nearer Guardian find me; maybe they’ll have a solution to our...lack of power.”
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Kuro was continuing firing rounds, further distracting the Cabal as he Backed away.

Kuro?I found him, but he really doesn't look like he's doing well. Almost as he's fighting something...

Kuro sighed as he hid behind a boulder. Sure it was small, but it was enough for him to hide behind."Come on, get off my back already." However, that wasn't the case as they continued to look for him."Alright then." Kuro would then use the terrain to sneak off. He can't beat them,and he doesn't want to join them. So he made a third option: Sneak past.

Once Kuro got near the house, he would slowly open the door and saw the Guardian near the window."Wow, you were not kidding when you said that he looked like he was fighting something."

We need to get to that piece.

"I know.It ain't that far off from here"Kuro would then look at the Guardian."Are you good? No injuries?"
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“Not physical injuries,” he muttered in response, “more like infectious; I’ll be ok, least until I run out of whatever spare Light I still have.”

“We were both subjected to Vex experimentations,” Sirius explained, “he’s been part Vex ever since, and so have I. I’m Sirius, by the way, and this is my Guardian, Pyre-5.”

The Exo has clearly been influenced by the Vex; most of his body was transformed to their design, right down to the Radiolarian center and the red eyes (he still had two), and even Sirius had been shaped like a Harpy.
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Kuro stayed silent as he listen to part of Pyre-5 story."Sound like it a everending curse.Look, theres a shard of the Traveler a few clicks from here.That might help you with the infection.

I'm Phantom and this is Kuro

"Yeah, but in all honesty, we need to get here as soon as possible.The Cabal might not be fooled for long."
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“We detected it too,” Sirius admitted, “truth be told, it only holds the infection at bay in a constant state of conflict with the Arc. Without it, he’s losing.”

“If you can help us get there, I can regain my strength,” the Warlock informed, “it won’t expel the Radiolaria, but it’ll allow me to return to the Guardian functions...”
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"Let get a move on."Kuro said as he walked out the door, looking out for the Cabal."If you need to, you can take whatever remaining solar light from me and Phantom."

Why you ask?Well, you better of Alive then deal.Also, there might be a way for you to control the Vex from within.

"Yeah, but the Shard isn't going to be easy.It's in a cave. Deep underground.Surronded by Vex.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“Sure,” he muttered, getting to his feet, “me, control the Vex; more like they control me. I’m an experiment of theirs...well, one mind’s in particular, but that’s beside the point. Please, let’s just...get to the shard before...they gain control over my body...”

He followed the other Guardian close behind, though he occasionally had to stop to regain his bearings before continuing.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

After a while, they would reach the cavern."Are you sure this is it?"


"You ready Pyre?I mean I could clear it out for you if you need to take a rest."


"So it could be better for you. since the virus might spread quicker then usual."
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“As ready as I can be,” he struggled, setting himself down on a rock, “go ahead of me; I need to rest for a bit.”

“He’s using what little Light remains to fight the infection,” Sirius explained, “we need to get him to the shard without either of us dying. Can you help us do that?”
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"On it"Kuro said as he walked in the cavern. After two minutes of walking, Pyre would hear Hand Cannon shots and the Vex screaming and shouting orders.

I'm sorry, but Kuro can be a bit...reckless.Phatome said when she appearing right in front of him.kuro said it's fine to come down...for now.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“Understood,” he repeated, walking slowly behind the Ghost. He could still hear Vex communications in the nearby area, but something...someone...was holding them back. Why, he wondered? Another experiment to torment him?

“You ok,” Sirius asked, concerned for his Guardian, “I hear them too, but we need to keep moving regardless if this is a trap or not.” In response, the Exo-Phage simply nodded, continuing towards the shard.
Kuro (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Kuro would lead the way, with his trigger finger on the Hand Cannon.

There's no Vex....

"I know...weird, "Kuro said as he looked around.

After about 20 minutes of walking, they would see the Piece of the Traveler."Pyre you go first.You looking worse at the minute."
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

“Right,” he mumbled, staggering towards the shard and touching it with his hand. He felt the surge of the Arc return to him, beating back the worst of the infection: he was back!

“Eyes up, Guardian,” Sirius cheered, having had his light restored as well. With his power back in control, he would be much more useful in the coming battles. “Now you, Kuro,” he waved the other Guardian over.

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