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I'm not sure if it has been mentioned previously, or if it's something that's possible, but it would be great to have additional options to edit user profiles. Why not predefined themes, or template options even?

If not, maybe an option to add widgets, like an always/never chart, or to insert different 'text' widgets for ease of editing different parts of the epic user profile. Even general users may find it easier to navigate with a similar set of options.

There are already a lot of options one can use to customize their user profile, but perhaps making it a bit easier to actually customize would be cool. :)

If not, thanks for reading!
I was thinking about suggesting something like this myself! I feel like something like smaller scale widgets could help with creating neater and nicer user profiles. Epic Users already kind of push against getting user profile themes, so that probably won't come to free users, but its a fun idea!
As an Epic Member, I'm not pushing against custom user profile themes. Where are we pushing against this? o.o (I don't peruse the forums a whole lot, so, I've not seen a push against this anywhere for that reason).

I feel a lot of Epic Users would love this, truthfully, I know I would. Epic member or not, I support this. Though, I'm sure it'd probably be an option only Epic Members could use, which..I can understand, but at the same time, I wish that non-epic members could have customization options as well.

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