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It's like are would you rather game, you ask a would you rather question, and you answer which one you would rather do/eat/ect. Then ask another would you rather question. First would you rather question is...

Would you rather have the Coronavirus or the flu?

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Neither really, but if I had to pick one, it would be the flu.

Would you rather eat cake or pie?
Cake would you rather be on the beach or by the pool?

Would you rather run or walk?
Run barbecue or eat at restaurant
LakotaSiouxWarrior wrote:
Run barbecue or eat at restaurant

Never had a barbecue before. I mean, I've eaten barbecue but have never experienced a barbecue. (I hope you know what I mean)... So, I think I'll pick Barbecue...

Would you rather... turn into the opposite sex every night or day?
Night methinks
Would You Rather Lose A Foot Or A Hand?
My hand(preferably my left.)

Would you rather have a long neck,or long fingernails.?
Long fingernails would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Would you rather be a mermaid/man or a faerie?
Mermaid would you rather be a pirate or a rock star?

Would you rather live on Mars or live on Cybertron
Mars would you rather be badass rapper or a princess?
((Oppps double post))
I wanna be a badass princess! XD

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Deaf would you rather be awake 24 hours or sleep 24 hours?
Stay awake for 24 hours 'cause I do that already. Sleeping for a long time gives me a headache.

Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet griffin? They both have the same size.
Dragon, I love reptiles.

Would you rather be a Chameleon, or a Bearded Dragon for the rest of your life?
Chameleon! I'd like to see in two different directions at once!

Would you rather fear everything or fear nothing (each have equal ups and downs)
Fear nothing. Would you rather walk the plank,be hung by the yardarm or be keelhauled?

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