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In an strange future with an unknown timeline. There now lies a new epoch, where the old nations of Earth no longer exist and their bygone cultures long forgotten. A secret organisation comprised of the richest and materialistic creatures within the known galaxy - driven by a quest for immortality have begun what they consider to be the first step upon not merely new worlds, but other dimensions. Project 'Heaven's Gate' is the poster child for an expedition to uncover the existence of a divine realm beyond our own -- To answer that ancient question: Is there truly life beyond death..?

The existence of the project is hidden to all but a circle of trusted scientists, themselves challenged by the opportunity to either uncover or finally debunk the myth of Heaven, and an underhanded contract of mercenaries, paid to make sure the knowledge of what happens here remains hidden.

"Intiating beacon control, opening of the 'Heaven's Gate' underway." The hanger radio echoed to a motley crew of diverse individuals observing two distant blips ignite among the stars. A collection of both observers and secretly armed personel that remained tucked away in the sidelines, watching as these engineers clapped and whistled within the hanger bay, jubililant as their labours had finally borne fruit. This was but one ship among the flotilla, observing the opposite beams join and coalesce into a visible rip of space and time. It hadn't dawned upon those present the magnitude of their efforts, nor the consequences. Those had to be put aside the moment they placed their signature to the fine ink, the old-fashioned way of keeping their consent locked in time.

Even as the hanger light suddenly faded seconds after the joining of the beams, none of the smiling faces seemed to hold any concern. The gate was stable, no change in gravitational pull. Oxygen levels balanced. Everything seemed to be going better than expected.

"Beacon test successful." The automated voice began amidst a resurgence of clapping and cheers. "Monitoring beacon stats, probe launch underway-"

A shockwave pounded the flotilla without warning, and the material rip into the unknown widened. Joy had become shock, and awe had crumbled into sudden panic.

Then a pulse...

Flashes of royal blue dominate the field of view, a black shade manifests into a spiral as the beacon emits it's glow...
...From then, there were hopeful onlookers. From now, nothing. Only truth.

Half an hour later...

One by one, the simulated senses that comprised the Living Machine initiated, his metal body tossed like a ragdoll under a cosmic wave of pressure. He was slammed into the hanger walls repeatedly by the ghostly force, deafblind to the chaos and paralysed to react while his body rebooted itself. The records of the past before now had been scrambled, Advunturion's situation was lost to him -- only a strange pulse that had put him into shutdown state. The passing of time was incomprehensible, how long he had been powered down was irrelevant. There was one thing that he could be sure of - distant and confused - that he was caught in intense danger. His audio receptors activated soonafter, silence replaced by the crackling of intense thunder, accompanied by a meandering howl - like the screech of a banshee - that threatened to send his receptors back into decommission, both of these came alongside the various clanks and thuds Advunturion endured, detecting the sound of a nearby electronic hum.

Advunturion's ovalular visor quickly embraced the presence of sight a moment after, floating against his will within a derelict hanger bay, saturated under a blinding haze of royal blue, it's origin came under the shape of a strange laceration, manifested by two opposite beacons held in stasis within the vacuum of space. The tear pulled everything within it's orbit. Parsecs ahead, flotillas of ships and metal debris were dragged toward, swallowed within by a twisting, ethereal maw that spiralled within the tear. Unmanned vessels within the hanger dragged themselves across the forcefield preventing them from being flung toward the mass, scratching upon the sparking, electric surface. Various sheets of metal and automated contraptions soon joined the vessels, sizzling as they smacked onto the forcefield. Advunturion was lucky, he'd only managed to crash into a firm pylon that prevented him from becoming tossed and burned alongside the growing hulk.

The hanger shook again whilst Advunturion's movement finally reactivated, digging his sharpened digits deep into the bulk as it seemed to slowly bend and give way. He quickly ambled his way down as a swirling vehicle smashed overhead the Automaton's figure and into the pylon, before once again becoming caught in the vortex. He crawled like a spider upon the ridged platform leading back into the ship's now lopsided hull, entering through the doorless frame to find the corridors deserted of life, save the pick-up of garbled, panicked radio chatter.

It's origin was uncertain, at least for now, each empty room Advunturion passed seemed to confirm that he was alone.
Janus Flint (played by Cactus_Jones)

Janus was enjoying himself aboard the vessel to heading in the "Heaven's Gate". At first, he was skeptical of why the makers of the gate and ship have started construction of the vessel and gate which garnered others' attention of esteemed individuals of society. He believed the dabbling in such interdimensional travel to be unsafe and believed the resources in other parts of society. "But each one to themselves" he would say to himself of any situation. So he joined because of not only his curiosity of the gate but for why the others had joined. He gave the people building it funding and some materials(Metal) to help in construction. So when he boarded the ship, he had smuggled a plasma pistol aboard and on his person later. As boarded the ship he walked to his room which was located in the port bow near the mess hall. So when he arrived in the room he found his stuff in a large suitcase.

In the suitcase was his Plasma pistol which was off, an old soviet-style greatcoat that was passed down through the many different generations and looked pristine, a tea set and many different clothes. After looking through and sorting his items for a long while, he placed them in his suitcase and laced under his bed. But as he finished... he was planning to leave his room but that was when the shockwave struck. His balance was off as he fell on the floor. He began to wonder what happened but his thoughts were interrupted as he began to float. His heart began to pound as why the artificial gravity was off before he was rag-dolled around his cabin and began to hit the walls and nearby furniture hard as bruises began to form on his body especially around his arms before he put his arms to block coming headfirst into a wall before being dragged to the side and hitting the back of his head and being knocked out completely.

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