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Happy quarantine everyone. I've still been working because my boss is worried about losing customers so I volunteered to come in since I'm the only employee not living with older/compromised folks. I work for a sign shop and it's literally just me and my boss working at the moment with a designer coming in for an hour or two once a week so exposure is limited.

What was the point of this..?

Oh yes. I have the next two days off since were running low on work so I was gonna try and get into sketching digitally on my iPad idk how good they're gonna be probably not colored we'll see.

First come first serve make sure you post sample references and stuff

Willing to draw humans, anthro and feral stuffs.

Not sure how many I'll do we'll see how it goesssss.
Ahn'naexi (played by BreezyDawn)

I'd love to see what you come up with for Ahn'naexi here <3 reference photos on her profile.

Thanks for the fun!
Nicole Burkhart (played anonymously)

I'd love if you gave Nicky here a go. 💕
Alastor (played by JetStorm)

Could you sketch Alastor?

you can find reference pictures on his profile.
Could You do Anne?

Ref 1

Ref 2

Any other imformation is on her profile
Could you do Elias? References would be in his profile.
Fynn Oricaryn (played by riaanly)

how about Fynn over here? i have a few photo references of him right here :>
if it's not too much to ask, i would also love. to see your take on this explosive boy. please. please. please.

a katsuki bakugou in his natural habitat

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