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Today in musical history the biggest breakup/divorce of all time. The beatles broke up. The liverpool lads who changed musical history and the world. Thank you for all your music. John lennon,Paul McCartney,George Harrison,Ringo Starr.
The best blues band in england the yardbirds with 3 talented young guitarists. Jeff beck guitaist genius. Eric clapton legend beyond legend. Jimmy page the guitarist of led zepplein.
The first Rock supergroup. Dirty Mac. John lennon,keith Richards,Eric Clapton and mitch mitchell drummer from the Jimi hendrix grupo. Its on the rolling Stones "rock and roll circus"dvd. They did "yer blues" from the beatles white √°lbum.
The artists who came up with the Idea of home recording. Bob dylan and the rolling Stones. Bob dylan and the band recorded "the basement tapes" in a house in woodstock in 1967.The rolling stones recorded "exile on main street" in the south of france in a mainsion rented by keith richards.
The greatest blues artist of all time. Robert johnson who has his songs covered by bob dylan,eric clapton and the rolling stones. Give him a listen. This is the real blues.
One of rock's greatest freindships. George harrison and bob dylan. Bob dylan played at concert for Bangladesh. George harrison played at bobfest in 1992. They were in the traveling wilburys together. Never a bad Word spoken between Them. George harrison passed on in november 2001.
Tom petty one lucky heartbreaker. This musician had freinds. Besides his own band. He was freinds with and recorded with george harrison,ringo starr,bob dylan. Tom and his band recorded with johnny cash "unchained".
Greatest supergroup of all time the traveling wilburys. Thanks to George harrison/jeff lynn for starting the band. Only bob dylan and jeff lynn are still alive. Thank you for your music.
The second most influential band after the beatles. The ramones. They started the punk wave of the 70s. The names of the bands they inspired. Sex pistols,the clash and a band from ireland called U2. Sadly they never became superstars and the original members are in punk rock and roll heaven.
The best breakup album of all time. Fleetwood mac "rumors". You can see the video of "go your own way"from 1977. Stevie nicks so emontial on her vocals looking like shes ready to cry. The band does a stellar performance of the song.
The best album to listen to after a divorce. Bob Dylan's blood on the tracks.
The greatest Grand Slam in rock and roll history. Beggars banquet,let it bleed,sticky fingers,exile on main Street. Essential listening to be a musician or songwriter or vocalist the rolling stones a creative peak in their never ending career.
Charlie watts along with his incredible drumming has the longest marriage in rock and roll. 50 plus years. Way to go Charlie.
Name changes for band's help a lot. A young guitarist had a band called "the new yardbirds". He had a little help from members of the who changing the name. He changed the name to led zepplien.
One of rock and rolls greatest friendship and partnership. Mick jagger and Keith Richards. Even with their breakup in the mid 80s they came roaring back. With the steel wheels CD and tour they are still making it work.
The saddest breakup in rock and roll was the beatles. It was such a determined devastating split there was never a chance for a reconciliation reunion for the Fab four. Privately they all regretted it and they all went on with their solo careers. Something to think about with the freinds and loved ones in your life.
The first punk rock group. The who. Pete townshend,Rodger daltrey,Keith moon,John entwhistle. They destroyed their equipment after every show. The who's "Tommy" record saved them from bankruptcy. They played Woodstock 1969. In closing "LONG LIVE ROCK".
The best rock trio. A tie. Cream from england. Jimi hendrix experience.
Eric Clapton along with his illustradous career was asked to join The Beatles after george harrison quit. But turned it Down. He Has guested with The rolling stones on their 1989 pay per view.
The amazing bob dylan is releasing his 39th album. His career and milestones are endless. Nobel prize winner, award winning whiskey endless awards. I toast a shot of whiskey to you. My character "Scarlett Sara Dylan" is a tribute to you. For your inspiration to me for your musicianship and legendary songwriting.

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