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Kim Site Admin

Make an RP Repository themed...something, using only common items you find around the house. (No 3D printed submissions, please!)

What did you find? Q-tips? Construction paper? Old broken crayons? Empty toilet-paper rolls? Great. Find some way to glue it all together and make something... if not presentable, then at least funny. ;) It could be a figurine, a piece of fashion, maybe even some kind of useful invention.

Post your photos in this thread to enter. :)

A winner will be picked in each of these categories:
  • Funniest creation
  • Most "fantastic" creation
  • Most fashionable creation
  • Most unusual creation

The more banal and every-day the items used in the creation of your item, the better.


Last Day to Enter
May 10th is the last day to post your entries!
First! A coin ring I forged from a quarter
Mecha Senku!!! He has a bluetooth speaker inside, so he works like a jukebox. He is made of old dryer duct, aluminum foil, a cardboard box, a paper printout, paper ribbon, normal tape, duct tape, glue, and a speaker (blackweb~$5)yGasjwU.jpg
Hmm, I might just try this...if I can find my glue!

Update: found my glue, 1/3rd of the way finished~‼️
I made a little cloaked doll from a lot of scraps around my house :)
I hope it qualifies :D

Here's the image :)

List of Materials :)

I used... a lot. I might have lost count XD
  • Pipe cleaner(body)
  • Scrap fabrics from apparel
  • Wire that is used for something... I think jewelry?
  • Pieces of jewelry
  • Ribbon(Used 'neath the cloak)
  • Rubber bands
  • Yarn
  • (Hot) Glue(of course UvU)
  • Paint
Kim Site Admin

Just a reminder, entries to this contest are supposed to be "RPR themed" in some way. Please include a note with your entry about what makes it RPR related, if it's not immediately obvious. :)
Doubutt is lost. Cornered by two beetles. Ceramic pieces shattered. No health anywhere to be seen. Two carrots. Can they make it to the carrots in time?

Well, at least they didn't drop the weapon down a hole.

Wait. Where's the weapon?!





A tissue box
Printer paper
A sharpie
Pencil+ Colored Pencils
A sea shell broken into piece
A staple
Craft Type: Figurine

Been working on this all morning. 😅
I wanted to make something similar to the many-headed-cyborg-dragon, but I only had red cloth and red paint available (if that's okay I painted it.) I really hope this is acceptable. Anyway, here is my submission! 😆

Meet the...Many-headed-(unicorn)-dragggoonnn!!! 'Cause you know, I gave it horns. Ha-Ha... Get it? No? Okay. Nevermind.
She is here to keep the many-headed-cyborg-dragon company and possibly become his friend. A many-headed-dragon needs another many-headed-dragon friend, riiiggghhhhhht? 😁

List of Materials Used
  1. Pencils (For the base)
  2. Toilet Paper Rolls (The tall big ones)
  3. Pistachio Peanut Shells (Have been keeping them since I might use them in an artwork someday. I guess this is the time.)
  4. Pen Covers
  5. Styrofoam (We have a lot at home, especially since dad always bought new equipment or appliances. I was lucky enough to find one that was perfect for the heads, so I didn't need to shape it. I just needed to cut it into 4 pieces.)
  6. Ribbons (I don't like wasting anything that can become a potential medium of creativity, so I have a whole box of ribbons and strings. I also had beads but it would be too over the top.)
  7. Cloth (Same with the ribbons, I like to keep extra cloth from old clothes or curtains and etc.)
  8. Broken Umbrella (Supposed to be wings)
  9. Glue gun and glue sticks (for gluing everything together of course!)
  10. Poster Paint

You know what, I'm beginning to ship my baby dwagon with the many-headed-cyborg dragon, 'cause why not? Yiiiieeeeeee!!! XD <3


More Images


Kim Site Admin

Doubutt and MHCD artworks! Amazing! :D :D
^^; gotta admit I’m super intimidated by all the previously posted submissions but I’m still very proud of my own!!

A single little fae made her rounds...visiting so many places she lost count, taking a single item from each place she visited to appease a dark and angry sickness that plagued her homeland. She came home exhausted but hopeful to cure her friends and family only...once she had returned EVERYBODY WAS FINE AND THE PLAGUE HAD PASSED?! oh my...whatEVER was she going to do with all this stuff?!

I made a dimension hopping fairie’s treasure trove/“official” rpr giftbox ...looks like she made a stop by the RPR and won an oil of epicness maybe?!


List of things used:
*1 Far Niente wine box (of unknown origin)

*TONS OF GLITTER and also glue (help me I’m still sparkly despite taking FOUR showers AND a bath!!)

*RPR laptop sticker

*1 fancy glass bottle

*a single blue crayola marker (which was completely destroyed in the process of making the fancified oil of epicness)

*ACTUAL LEAVES (from the tree outside my house because I ran out of interesting things to fill my box with and then I remembered the leaves that are sold here on the fall I think? I have one on my profile)

*1 glass fairie figurine on a wooden base

*1 piece of an abstract starry night sky painting a did in my 12th grade art class because I had a ton of free time (cut a piece off of the full painting and used that piece to make it look like magic when the box opened)

*several large crystals that I use to decorate my garden

*a few pieces of my jewelry and a load of stuff I collect (Like pretty rocks, shiny coins, and pressed pennies...RAWR I LOVE PRESSED PENNIES!!)

*AND A BROWN SHARPIE (I totally forgot about the heckin sharpie at first!!)


My house has poor lighting so the pictures were taken out in my front yard...




After browsing kid's crafts for a while I found it. The perfect boy.


It's so janky lmao I was having a good laugh the whole time. Behold: RPR's very own cyborg dinosaur.


a face only a mother could love


To craft this beautiful beast, you'll need:

- a cardboard tube
- some paint
- whatever you want for embellishments
The RPR 1d6 dice

Open MS Word

Create the dice template


Replace the dots with RPR logo shield

For dark cardboards use the white shield


For light cardboards use the dark shield



Print out the dice template on a cardboard


Cut out the shape


Fold it and assemble the dice using glue and/or cellotape



Finished RPR dice

The RPR Catapult

Collect 11 wooden sticks from ice cream lollies

Clean and dry them well


Paint the wooden sticks with brown paint and let it dry (if using a paper make sure to move the painted sticks to a plastic or metal surface so the paper doesn't stick when drying out)


Once the sticks are dry, collect the materials you will need these materials...

1 Small RPR shield (I printed it on cardboard and cut it out using the dark shield image)

1 Large bottle cap (from a milk bottle or other drink)

11 painted wooden sticks

3 rubber bands

glue stick

super glue (or hot glue gun - preferred)


- cut out the RPR shield picture and carefully stick it inside the bottle cap using glue


- separate 2 sticks apart from the rest


- pile the leftover sticks into a tower

- slide 1 of those 2 sticks you separated between the last stick in the pile and the one before (as shown)


- slide the stick you inserted at the bottom towards the middle of the pile, to form the shape of a cross

- securely tighten both ends of the pile of sticks using 2 rubber bands, looping them tightly several times (4-5 times)


- place the remaining stick right on top of the pile (vertical position to the one you inserted earlier) and join the crossed sticks (top and bottom one using the 3rd remaining elastic band, looping it several times)


- stick the bottle cap with RPR shield at the end of the top stick

Your catapult is now ready to fire.


How to use it?

Hold the bottom stick firmly
Press the top stick (where the bottle cap is) hard, downwards to build pressure
Place the ball or item you want to fire inside the cap
Release the top stick


Tear paper (or newspaper) and foil into pieces


Crunch pieces of paper tightly into a ball and wrap it with foil tightly



Print out and cut out small dark RPR shields


Using sticky tape, stick the RPR shield onto the foil ball. Your ammunition is now ready to fire


You can also use other small items like paper clips, chickpeas, marbles (careful with those and any glass surface or vase nearby)

Ammunition storage:

Pick up an empty yoghurt pot (or rice pudding pot), clean it up and dry it

Print out the picture of Doubbutt and cut it out



Stick a picture of Doubbutt at the front of the rice pudding or yoghurt pot using sticky tape or self adhesive



Fill it with all the ammunition

The Epic Week Decorative RPR Tower

Collect 21 yoghurt pots (you can do it with as little as 3 or 6!)
Clean and dry them out

Carefully peel the first layer of the label off the yoghurt pot but without removing the entire paper
The pot must be left covered in a thin layer of paper
If you accidentally removed all of it... you can always stick kitchen paper using white glue



Using paint and a brush, paint each of the pots in different colours, following this yearly colour-coded chart


Leave the pots aside to dry on a plastic surface



Decorate! Make the pots glamorous and eye catching!

Cut pieces of self adhesive clear film also known as book covering sheet wide enough to cover the yoghurt label space (6 squares) and long enough to wrap the pot entirely.


Example of adhesive width


Peel the backing of a piece of adhesive and lay it flat on a table

Grab glitter and open the packet or pot carefully


Sprinkle a small amount (thin layer) of glitter onto the sticky part of the adhesive


Using a piece of sticky tape, hold the end of the adhesive against the joint of the yoghurt label
Wrap the glittered adhesive around the yoghurt pot tightly and secure it against itself and with additional sticky tape at the end


Your pots will now sparkle, without leaving a trail of messy glitter behind



Using a damp cloth, clean up the edges of the pots and pile them per RPR Yearly Adventure Code


Choose your game design

Print out the drawings page
Stick them to the pots per design chart included below each theme

Option 1 - Doubbutt Theme

Doubbutt drawings


Finished tower:

Option 2 - Epic Week Monsters Theme

Do NOT expand if you have arachnophobia

Monsters and Bosses

Epic Week Monsters


Finished tower:

You can also print out both themes and stick one theme on the front of the yoghurt port, and the other design at the back / opposite side. It will make the tower look and feel less repetitive
RPR Epic Week Fun Time Catapult-Throwing Games

Notice: where it says yoghurt pots it can be replaced with alternatives like...
- empty cans of soft drinks
- empty tins
- empty toilet rolls


1. Create an RPR dice
2. Create an RPR catapult, with RPR ammunition and RPR EW Doubbutt ammunition storage pot
3. Create an Epic Week Decorative Tower

4. Write different punctuation marks either inside the yoghurt pots with a marker pen
The punctuation of each pot is determined by rolling the RPR 1d6 dice for each of them. For boss pictures you can multiply x3 the value rolled (or x4 if it is the latest Xenobeast Imperial)

If using toilet rolls, write the number at the opposide side of the picture instead

Reusable set up:

You can choose to stick the numbers with sticky tape and paper instead of writing it on the pot
This way you can ensure different rounds have different valued pots or change the numbers after a while.


5. At one end of the dinning table, build The Epic Week Decorative RPR Tower

-Throw the balls of ammunition at the tower for a set period of time (1-6 minutes).
-The time is determined by rolling a 1d6 dice
-Throw the balls using the RPR catapult
-Once the time is up, collect all the knocked out yoghurt and count the points.

If you knocked them all out and your time is not yet up, you can quickly rebuild the tower randomly replacing the pots and continue throwing (making sure to count the points before you rebuild!)


Multiplayer mode:

To make it a multi-player competitive game:

- roll the RPR 1d6 dice to determine who goes first, highest to lowest roll order applies
- rebuild the tower for each person's turn
- if a player knocked all the pots out, and their time is not yet up, they can quickly rebuild the tower to continue throwing (making sure to count the points before they rebuild!)
- once a player's turn is up, count points and write them down before you rebuild the tower for the next player

To make it family friendly:

- roll a 1d6 dice to determine who goes first, highest to lowest roll
- all players get an opportunity to knock some down during their turn
- do not rebuild the tower between throws or turns
- game ends when everyone has had their 1 turn or the tower is knocked down

To make it fair for all:
Roll the dice once at the beginning of the game and give the same time to all players' turns

To make it lucky and random: [/b]
Roll the dice for each player to find out how much time they have to throw the ball during their turn

Single player mode:

To encourage social distancing, or for those who are alone, this can also be played by a single player timing the duration of each round according to the 1d6 dice roll. The tower can be rebuilt if the time is not yet up, but they must count the points before rebuilding

Dual challenging set up:

Build the tower using both themes (Doubbutt design and Monsters design)
When you knock a pot, if it lands on a doubbutt design you add the points but if it falls with the monster facing up, you substract the points instead.

Fill the pots (not a tower game!)

-Turn all the pots upwards
-Line all the pots at one end of the table in rows, forming a triangle shape


-For a timed session, throw the RPR 1d6 dice and see how many minutes will your round go on for
-Using the RPR catapult, throw the RPR ammo and see which pots it lands inside.
-You win those points!

Did you run out of ammo? Collect it and throw it again, until your time is up

Can you think of other ways to spice up this game? Why not reply and share your proposal/idea?

Above all... have fun!
Shoutout to myself for being off the RPR for most of Epic Week... Would making a piece of doll clothing be an acceptable entry??

EDIT: I feel the need to clarify that I don't have yards and yards of the same fabric, but instead have a lot of scraps, and would be using those! So I guess it could count as being stuff found around the house?

FINAL EDIT: Alright, who am I kidding? I just don't think I have the energy to get this done in one night. We'll see.
Kim Site Admin

Epic Week RPR Doubbutt Figurine

For the body:

1. Use a plastic kinder egg container
2. Make a hole at both ends (for the tails)
4. Make 4 slits at the bottom for the legs using sharp scissors
5. Cover a half of the container with glue
6. Stick pieces of tissue paper (toilet paper or kitchen paper)
7. Once dried, paint green
8. Cover the other half of the container with glue
9. Stick pieces of tissue paper (toilet paper or kitchen paper)
10. Once dried, paint green

For the legs:

Grab a wooden lolly ice cream stick
Cut by the half
Split by the middle
Paint 2 sticks brown
Paint 2 sticks green
Insert into the 4 slits of the kinder egg shell

For 1 tail:

Grab lengths of green thread
Hold it tightly at one end with a piece of sticky tape
Twist tighty at the end (twisting the sticky tape to make it pointy)
Insert inside the kinder egg plastic container through the hole made earlier
Trim the loose end to the right measure

For the other tail:

Grab lengths of yellow or brown present wrapping string
Hold it tightly at one end with a piece of sticky tape
Twist tighty at the end (twisting the sticky tape to make it pointy)
Insert inside the kinder egg plastic container through the hole made earlier
Trim the loose end to the right measure
Split by half to thin it out
Scrape each thread tightly using the sharp end of the scissors to curl it


Kim Site Admin

HEY ALL -- After some requests, I'm going to extend the deadline for a week on this one! :)
Kim Site Admin

DaBoisBackHome wrote:
Shoutout to myself for being off the RPR for most of Epic Week... Would making a piece of doll clothing be an acceptable entry??

EDIT: I feel the need to clarify that I don't have yards and yards of the same fabric, but instead have a lot of scraps, and would be using those! So I guess it could count as being stuff found around the house?

Yes, this could count, so long as you managed to make it RPR-themed in some way ;)

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