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So I wanted to ask what is epic week and what happens during it? Everyone seems hyped and excited so it must be really fun. I heard it’s different each year too? I’d love to l hear about everyone’s experiences and details about it cuz I’m stumped.
It's the site's birthday celebration. RPR is turning 10! :)

I've only participated in the one last year, so might have a limited view, but there were various ways to get involved.

There were riddles and puzzles to figure out. (As a team. There was a forum thread dedicated just to trying to solve these in order to progress the story forward.)

There were monsters to fight. Every hour a new wave would arrive. Unless they were cleared out, no one could attempt to answer the puzzles. (There was another forum thread dedicated to fighting these and sharing details about which weapons seemed most effective against the types of monsters. At the beginning of the week, they were pretty easy to defeat and got progressively more difficult. Strategy and teamwork became more important.)

There were items 'found' throughout the forums that were useful in either solving the puzzles (messages in bottles) or in fighting monsters (weapons mostly!).

There was the doubutt game that could be played to try to acquire more potent weapons.

There were some contests and giveaways hosted by various members of the community.

I'm probably forgetting something, but you could focus on one thing, or kinda bounce around to the various things as desired.
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Juls hit the nail on the head! You can also check out this help article all about Epic Week for more information. Hopefully it'll help you get a good idea of what to expect! :D
Thank you for the heads-up and links! I'm stoked to see how this plays out. :D
You're also welcome to poke around the mess of past event stuff stashed in The Epic Armory, though be warned that a number of links are not presently working. You're also welcome to join the group at any time.

It's mentioned in that help article, but the URL has been updated since that was made, so the link in the article apparently broke. ^^;

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