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Cosmo (played by Pen_Tsunami)

After the Great War, the once United Kingdom was split into 5 kingdoms. The cloud kingdom hosting any living being that can fly ( now including Pegasus’s ). The water kingdom hosting anything that can live on or in the ocean. The lava kingdom hosting most of the cynical people or adorable lava blobs. The technician kingdom with a nice steampunk flare and android like people along with moving puppets free’d from the evil witches curse and finally the plant kingdom. The one at the center of the split up islands and the one who shares its fruits and vegetables with everyone, also the main cause for filtering the air around the kingdoms.

The evil being who split up the kingdoms is now threatening to return back if the 5 orbs from each kingdom are together. Unfortunately, the evil mistress who plans on summoning nightmare knight to finish what he started and already gathered all but 1 of the orbs. Cosmo, a stranger from an unknown kingdom was summoned by the plant queen to retrieve the orb from one of the mistresses minions

He was on his way to the palace since it was made out of the biggest tree in the kingdom so far. But of course, he couldn’t help but get distracted by the large mushrooms and large flowers, and of course the large pond at the center of the kingdom that was a mixture of the sea and freshwater.

( Hello, if you’re wondering what creatures are allowed in this roleplay, everything is allowed! As long as it fits in the respective kingdom. You don’t need to ask to join also, you can hop in whenever you want as long as the timing fits and your paragraph fits with the timing to. )

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((Good day to you, I would like to join in on this.))
Chase Smith (played by Tugboattom)

(( just saying I could totally see someone calling him the Knightmare. hehe. ))

Chase rushed out of the store with the stolen tech in hand. He released his brown speckled wings and flew forward conjuring a second illusion of himself to distract any pursuers that might be crazy enough to follow a flying person. He flew up a little ways before turning around to glost. As soon as he turned he found a net in front of him. Hos eyes grew wide as it hit him and dropped him to the ground bodily. In his last moments of consciousness he saw people grabbing up the corners of the net and dragging him away. Then his vision went black and he lost all coherent thought.

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