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Zarry (played by zarry)

Hello - I'd like to leave a group. I found another help topic from several years ago with instructions on how to leave, but the solution seems to refer to a link I cannot find in the more modern page layout.

How do I leave a group?
Hey Zarry....

First go to the group. Then look in the upper right hand corner. If you're on a larger screen, you're looking for a gear icon. If you're on a smaller screen, it'll be the 'Hamburger' style icon. Click on that. The last option in the list is 'Leave Group'.

That'll take you to another page to choose which character to remove from the group. Click 'Remove from Group' next to the appropriate characters. Then one more click to confirm.
Zarry (played by zarry)

Oh, thank you! It seems I had my browser window somewhere perfectly between gear-size and hamburger size and saw neither.

Thank you so much.

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