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hello all to read this, I been wondering from scrolling through the internet. I have seen alot of characters but mainly the same style of species, cats, dogs, rabbits, wolves, horses and mice.

I am starting this topic to find the more unusual species and as such I have one in the works

What is everyone's thoughts on skunk fursonas
I like seeing unusual species, though I think any species with an appealing design is nice even if it's something extremely common. I have two fursonas (fursonae?); one is an elk. The other is also a deer-ish thing, but more ambiguous with a large fluffy tail and sharp teeth. I don't think deer are super unusual, but I don't see them as much as I see things like canines or cats. I would say overall that I like seeing unusual species because variety is nice, and because I think an unusual species says a lot about the creator.

A skunk fursona is cool! I've seen a couple skunk designs that I really like.
That sound really cool, and true although deer arent exotic, or rare to see, a deer fursona is quite rare, I qouls likw to talk more aboout this with you if you want you can dm me
Roxie Heart (played anonymously)

Roxie here is mostly a skunk, she is not my fursona technically speaking? I am a little confused on the usage here - she's just one of my characters. I love her so much, she's the cutest thing ever! It's interesting seeing all different types of anthro characters.
I know right

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