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hello all to read this, I been wondering from scrolling through the internet. I have seen alot of characters but mainly the same style of species, cats, dogs, rabbits, wolves, horses and mice.

I am starting this topic to find the more unusual species and as such I have one in the works

What is everyone's thoughts on skunk fursonas

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I like seeing unusual species, though I think any species with an appealing design is nice even if it's something extremely common. I have two fursonas (fursonae?); one is an elk. The other is also a deer-ish thing, but more ambiguous with a large fluffy tail and sharp teeth. I don't think deer are super unusual, but I don't see them as much as I see things like canines or cats. I would say overall that I like seeing unusual species because variety is nice, and because I think an unusual species says a lot about the creator.

A skunk fursona is cool! I've seen a couple skunk designs that I really like.
That sound really cool, and true although deer arent exotic, or rare to see, a deer fursona is quite rare, I qouls likw to talk more aboout this with you if you want you can dm me
Roxie Heart (played anonymously)

Roxie here is mostly a skunk, she is not my fursona technically speaking? I am a little confused on the usage here - she's just one of my characters. I love her so much, she's the cutest thing ever! It's interesting seeing all different types of anthro characters.
I know right
Mokk Grun (played by Pantrane)

A skunk would be fun. I can see lots of room for character development, especially if some of the others feared the scent potential.

I like using less known creatures that also tie into obscure DnD, MTG or fantasy genre races. They're less anime and more easily tied to elves and therefore human kingdoms as well. Check through my character list. I have a pigman, the Rhinoman might be my favorite. I've also done a few reptiles and amphibians. It's a blast and feels less tied to the furry culture and more just general RP.

For a quick look;
Lawk is the pigman
Mokk is the rhino
Oszasz and Kalo are lizardfolk
K'stan'ta is the grung frogman
Believe it or not, I actually am familiar with a few people who have skunks on FA, and I myself posess a Skolf (Wolfskunk) called Vincent, whom is actually a character here.

I actually do like the idea however, it could be nice to have a unique character flare such as an uncommon species. I'd love to see your work on them!
Yeah it is quite nice and if anyone want to rp you can message me.

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