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Shay II (played by dantefrancis)

The year is 2147. Been centuries since the rivalries of Assassins and Templars came to be. But the templars drove the Assassins to near extinct. Assassin's lost hope, while the Templars flew to new heights. However, they're still here, working in the dark to serve the light.

"So, how long do I have to be near the Destroyer? It's getting a little dull."Shay said. He was floating, yes. He was behind an asteroid, looking at a planet called Santuary. The Assassin chose to fight with the Assassin once again, due to him being redeemed again. Why they redeemed him? The Galaxy will never know.But hey,he's near a destroyer. A Templar Spaceship.So part of his mission is complete.
Tyber Zann (played by Cactus_Jones)

Tyber was on the Destroyer inspecting the ship of imperfections and see who on the crew can be considered a spy and/or traitor to the Templar cause. Normally he wouldn't be here because official he was the head of a large crime syndicated known as the Zann Consortium but unknown to the public he was secretly a Templar. His story of how he joined the Templars long ago but he didn't have time explain nor did he care to. He was part of it now and he couldn't leave if he wanted too.

He on the ship unknown to Shay but at the same time didn't know Shay was close either. So now he was finishing his inspection on the Destroyer and was heading to his Crusader Gunship.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Alright Screw itShay was not the one for patience. Instead, he simply floated to asteroid to asteroid, avoiding the detection beam, and reaching near the exhaust, where he used an older model of the Hidden Blade, and went through the door leading to the engine room.

Once the gravity game back, he landed on his feet."Make your own the family motto went anyway."

Shay would then look around, seeing 4-no, 5 Templar guards.

"Now...what they seem to be guarding?"Shay questioned.
Tyber Zann (played by Cactus_Jones)

Tyber finished with engineering with his report fully and completely finished. He walked out of the vault and waiting outside were 5 guards. 2 of them were the guards that came aboard with him, "Tell your captain that all well, but the next time he tries a stunt like that again he will executed by my hands." He simply said to the guard, "I will relay this to him, Master Tyber." One of the Guards said with a bit of fear. As walked out the doorway he turned and thought he saw a man but it may his imagination playing tricks and continued forward down the hall.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay would see one of the main Members of the Templar. The attempt to assassinate him was tempting, but he decides to focus on the mission. Get the Piece of Eden out of the Destroyer and hide it from the rest of it days.

Shay would sneak around the Destroyer, but he accidentally set off a trigger, causing a loud blaring sound."God damn it..."Shay would run to the vault where the security guard was in front. Shay simply extended the hidden blade which causes the guard to open the Vault, where Shay grabbed the Apple of Eden.

"If you say a word about my involvement."The guard nodded his head,where Shay ran out the Vault."Please don't make me meet Tyber...He'll have my Skin."
Tyber Zann (played by Cactus_Jones)

As he walked down the corridor the alarm started blaring and Tyber instantly knew where. He and two of the Templar Guards ran towards the vault where the stolen Piece of Eden of placed. As Tyber came upon the Vault saw Shay run to the left and quickly chased after him. He used the skills that were trained to him and the experience he gained throughout his many missions to quickly get behind Shay through engineering. During the chase, he contacted the Crusader he came from and said, "Disembark and find any of any class nearby, I don't want this fool to get away so easily."
Fe'ra Jols (played by Quipy_Cat)

Fe'ra saw the alarm go off on his screen, he knew they were in trouble. The intercom is still not working, he has been trying to get it to work for the past 15 mins to contact Shay, but the Templars have a darn unique signal jammer. But it won't work today... He has a plan.

After some misleading coding, he finally got through to Shay.

"Hey! Finally, Shay wat's up I see the alarm went off. I'll try to trigger it in another spot, but you have to hurry. I can't stay here too long, otherwise, you'll be stranded in space."

Fe'ra does what he can, but he can only trigger random doors to open and close. He can't track Shay so he can't help him by closing the doors behind him and opening those on his way. But he can close those close to the alarm and armory... Will take time though.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"Roger that,"Shay said before cutting off the link.

Simply put, he has a fifteen-minute window before Fe'ra Jols. leaves.

What he didn't know however as he went through the doors that were opening was that the Piece of Eden was becoming unstable as he came closer to the engine room.

Shay continued to run and climb, as he attempted to reach the airlock before an idea popped into his head.He chose to shoot at the power core. The only thing that keeps it running, and shot at it.

Once unstable, he climbs out the lock, closing and locking the airlock.

"Alright Fera, where is your current location? The ship is going to blow."
Fe'ra Jols (played by Quipy_Cat)

"O, I um..." Fe'ra was so lost in his hacking thoughts, he smacked himself and came back to reality. Shay's tracker activated again so he could do a real catch and run.

"Right where you left me Shay. Get to that asteroid next to the airlock you just jumped out of. You have a 10-second window to make the jump, I'll be there in 20... "

Now this small piece of dedication and hard work was the best the Brotherhood could spare. The HB as Fe'ra likes to call, is tiny compared to the Destroyer but faster x10.5 folds.
. By the length of his beard hair did he make it in time. The asteroids are unforgiving forcing him to make quick maneuvers, plus the Templars searching the area he was 57% sure he could make it. That heaves he did, He hovered over Shay, bay doors open waiting for him to jump in.

He hopped Shay would be quick for he knows with bay doors open he can't activate the shield. And the Destroyer was a ticking time bomb.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay groaned as he ran across the destroyer, running, trying to get to the asteroid

Until a muffled boom was heard in the ship, which was followed by a bigger boom, which sadly didn't destroy all of it, but most likely render it immobile.

However, the plasma continued to infer with the Piece of Eden, leading it to have a greyish aura, similar to smoke.

Once he reached the engines, he would turn the anti-gravity off and jump ahead to the HB Door. Once in,he would close it and remove his helmet, and took a breather."Alright, Jols...Take us Home.

Shay went and sits in the co-pilot seat and take out the Piece Of Eden, realizing it was damaged during the Espace."The Council isn't going to like this..."
Fe'ra Jols (played by Quipy_Cat)

Fe'ra gets them going as quickly as he can. He glanced at the piece of Eden. "Oof, no they... are... not..." After activating the autopilot he gets up, takes the piece of Eden and puts it in a containment box, then places it on a shelf behind Shay's seat.

"There, now it can't get much worse. Good job, brother, but what happened?" He asks with a mix of joy and concern. He retakes his seat waiting for an answer.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay sighed and said,"Got impatient. Went to grab the Piece of Eden. Set off a sensor. Then blew up the engine then met with you."Shay said as he look out the cockpit.

"I didn't realize that the Piece of Eden was fragile, so maybe that's why it's in it's current state. How are we going to explain to the Council about this...that's if the Piece of Eden still functioning by the time we get back."
Tyber Zann (played by Cactus_Jones)

Tyber was currently in an escape pod watching as the Destroyer blew up, he had chased Shay but once he saw the power core was going to meltdown he and his guards left for the nearest pod. He was raging and ranting on Shay but his guards stood as if he had done this sort of stuff before. But once he was done, he instantly made a plan, "Guard... Contact the Grandmaster of the Stellis Sector and have our Eden Trackers spread to all star systems in a 50 light-year radius." He said with venom in each word he spoke. Then the Crusader had found and used its tractor beam to bring them to the hangar bay.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay would get up and look at the Piece of Eden in the Containment Box.

This is a bad idea...

Shay, with all of his knowledge of the Pieces of Edens, takes it out and examines it.Doen't look to bad...despite the giant crack in the middle...Shay would walk back to his seat and examine it, until the crack widen, now exposing the core."Jesus...You think we should go directly to the Council? Thing is unstable."
Fe'ra Jols (played by Quipy_Cat)

Fe’ra walked in with a cup of coffee just when he saw the crack widen.... nearly chocking on his cup coffee he rushes to his seat. Placing his coffee down and a gravity mat he starts messing with the controls, turning off the autopilot.

“Shay I have a plan, we can get there in 30 mins, but... this would be the first test of it so...”

Fe’ra looked on edge, he wasn’t sure it was going to work, 68% of working.

He looked at Shay with all the seriousness he could muster “We can get there quick or fly another 4 hours hopping we make it before it cracks, your choice.”

Well, not that he gave him much of a choice if Shay says yes or no he is going to activate it either way.
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay nodded and gulped, as he slowly grabbed the top part of the Piece of Eden and slowly twisted it open.

However, that was a mistake in its self as the whole Piece of Eden shattered, releasing a powerful surge of energy and nearly knock out both Shay and Fe'ra.

However unknown to them, There were nine Assassins in the ship, all visibly confused and wondering where are they.
Shay II slowly got up from his seat, only to the piece-no Pieces of Eden. He slammed his fist down on the console in rage,but it was done.

The Piece of Eden was destroyed. Gone. Away from the use of the Templars. Now he needs a good explanation to explain why the Piece of Eden is destroyed.

He turned his seat, only to find the nine Assassin's in the Cockpit."Fe'ra, might want to take a look."
Fe'ra Jols (played by Quipy_Cat)

“Why... why should I...” he turns, glad he was sitting, he checked his cup making sure there was no reminisce of any unwanted substances.

“Did we die, Shay, are we in Assassin’s heaven or something?...”
Before Fe’ra could say anything else he was cut short by another Assassin a very confused and agitated one.
Ratonhnhaké ton ''Connor (played anonymously)

“Where is Shay? He does not have the right to be amongst the Assassin’s” He walks to Shay grabbing him by the coat and hold a tomahawk at the ready to cut his throat.

“I should have killed you when I met you...”he says with hatred radiating off each word.
“Wow, easy brother, we don’t know what is going on. Release him.” Connor does so against his will. Ezio looks at the two, confused but not really scared, this situation calls for trust in the brotherhood. He looks at everyone.

“Please, compagni fratelli, the brotherhood defines our actions now...”He brings his attention back to two men who were here in this metal thing,”please explain why we are here?”
Shay II (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Shay, who was still recovering from the death threat of one Assassin, realizing that he heard a bit of Italien."Ezio Auditore da Firze. Edward Kenway."


"Arno Dorian?"


He didn't ask who was Connor, due to the tomahawk.

"Jacob and Evie Fyre?"

"Yup.", Jacob Replied.

"Altair, Kassandra, and Bayek.", who just nods

That would leave the doppelganger, which might as well be his Grandpa."Shay Patrick Cormac....well, not to be confused, just call me Shay II", which lead to the surprise of the Older Templar.

"Ezio, to answer your question...I have no idea... I guess that when the Piece of Eden broke, it broke the laws of fabric and brought you here....which I'm still trying to figure out how that works..."

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