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Fjord (played by dantefrancis)

2 years.

It has been two years since Fjord was trapped here, in the Prison of the Damned. He lost his honor, his clan, everything. All because he broke an Oath to the God Odin. Which is why he only makes promises he can keep.

Life here is awful. Constantly tortured and beaten, especially on the open wounds. He Fights for other entertainment. By the Gods, the Food is rotten and has grubs on it.

One day, he heard a voice. He didn't care, seeing that another voice leads to his downfall. He decided to ignore it and curled himself in a corner.

However, the voice persisted, telling him that if he wants to escape. To Leave. For course he wanted to leave.

And that went the gates open, which lead to Fjord Confusion. He got up and walked to the front where he saw two-guard lying on the floor.

"Guess the voice didn't lie.", Fjord said as he picked the up to two battle-axes.
A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

"Jamie, you came! Lucky me, well if you are alone, come right in." Darn this fool, he is finally alone. Days oof misleading is going to pay off, now I will get out of here, this Prison of the Damned.

As he walked in she acted all innocent, and just when he came in for a kiss she snapped his neck effortlessly. "Really that easy..." She takes the keys, axe and sword he had on him. She takes some of his armour as well, she has to blend in till she found her bow. Poor Jamie was now the dummy on the bed. He was her cover till they take the blanket off.

[ A'leara was brought here against her will, she was used as payment to get a bunch of bounty hunters some guard class gear.
Brought here about 7 months ago, she was meant to be a pleasure toy for the men.

That didn't even last a day, they threw her in a cell and made her their test dummy. All new torture ways were to be tested on her if it worked, satisfaction for their efforts. She was never held in the same area as other prisoners, never ate with them or even saw them. She only had guards as company. A foolish move since she was not a lady like any other... mischievous one would say. ]

She starts to walk the mazed hallways, confusing herself with every turn, every step, every voice... An echo played in her head over and over again. 'go back, back, back... left, left, left... turn... wait, wait, wait...' She holds a moment, resting her head on the wall " Þegiðu! This is not helping!"

Shifting her gaze to her left she found a door labelled 'Fangar gír', prisoners gear... really unique name she thinks sarcastically.
She hears a rumble down the hall coming her way, so she rushes in, closing it leaving it slightly open so she can see out. But her attention was drawn to the room To her luck, her bow and quiver were there, no arrows but still intact "Thank Odin." she whispers in the dark.
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Fjord was in trouble. This voice was driving him near rage, something that he doesn't need."Left, another Left, no- back-


"Alright, Alright....make a left, and run until you see two corridors, and take the right one. At the door, you will find your gear. Grab it and when you walk out and see a gate. With your Ax, it should be hard to break it."

Fjord growled but followed the voice directions and was surprised to see a door labeled,' Fangar gír'. He chuckled before opening the door and walking into the room, grabbing his gear, one of which was his 5 generations long battle-ax.

"Your rude, not going to say anything to the next person also trying to espace.Fjord looked in confusion, before looking around and seeing another person. He brought his right arm to his left side, and bowed before her, as a sign as respect.
A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

When the man walked in A'leara reached to her quiver to grab an arrow and end him. Lucky him there was none. Seeing his clothing she recognized some of it. He was a Viking, no idea which tribe but that didn't matter. Friend or foe they can work together and get out. As he gets busy with his gear she removes some of the highly uncomfortable armor and replaces it with that which she could find. Does he even know I am here?

When he does honor her by noticing she is there, he bowed. As forced by tradition she grips him on the right shoulder then does the same, right arm crossed over to her left. The long introductions will have to wait. He seems to be in a rush and she wants out as quickly as she can.

"Honored to meet yhee, now which way out?" She asked in a rushed yet hushed tone. She spots arrows and quickly fills her quiver as she waits for him to answer. Her fur cloak is still missing, one of the guards probably has it. She grabs 2 daggers and a handful of throwing knives before she stands before him ready to leave.
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"Have an Idea."Fjord said, as he walked out the door, and motioned his hand for her to come to follow. As he walked down the hall, he was again surprised that he saw a gate...though there was no lever inside, just a chain.

'By Helihiem...there is no way we're going to get out...Wait."

Fjord would walk over to the chains, grabbed them with his two hands, and pulled down slightly, which resulted in the gates lifting.He continued to pull down until the gate lifted half-way, as that was all his strength could do.

A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

A'leara didn't hesitate to follow. They both wanted out so why would they fight. She follows seeing him go to the gate with chains. She knew this design for her Uncle, the blacksmith, but the size of his door was a wee leaf compared to this one. When he calls for her to run through she does, sliding though with her bow in hand ready for if a soldier is waiting on the other side.

Only a sentry on the walls can be seen but his attention was elsewhere. She can take the shot but that will alert the others, and one problem is enough for now. She knows she can't hold the door open or do anything, there is no lever or switch only an empty barrel... She grabs it and places it under the open door... If he were to come through, he will have a second extra. She stands ready to pull him through.
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Fjord would let go of the chain, letting the gate fall down on the crate. However, there were small cracks heard, meaning that he didn't have much time. He would crawl through the little space, and the gate broke the box, creating a sound that alerts the Guards, where multiple horns were blown afterward.

"There goes our route...", Fjord said as he prepares for battle, his mood slightly changing.

If there is one thing he likes,it's a fight. Even if the odds out weight his, he will continue to fight. He tightens his grip on his axes, knowing that the Great-ax would do better in a one on one situation. What came to them were multiple Draugr with multiple weapons, like swords,shields, spears, etc, along with hellhounds that breathed smoke and flame.
A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

A’leara heard the horns, this could only mean a battle. She sees a few coming, some hounds as well.

She takes 3 arrows checking the tips, satisfied in a sense she held 2 while she had one ready to be drawn.

“Do they have guts for this?” She looks at their approach, trying to find their strategy, then she spots that one guy “For Odin’s sake... þessi ab er með frakkann minn, better not have torn it or it’s going to be his head on his spear.” Anger defines her words. Her grip tightens, she is ready to let off some steam.
The Trio. (played by Tugboattom)

Miyo balled his fists as he paced the confines of his cell. Loki had done this to him. He was fifteen, he wasn't suppose to be an Oath-breaker.He shook his head and smacked his ear, had he heard something? The boy wasn't sure, perhaps he had. He frowned as the lock clicked put of place and the door opened," Come" And so he did.

Miyo blinked when he exited, wondering if he had done the right thing. He shrugged, right or wrong, he had done it. He wandered through the halls, lost until he found a closet he recognized. He opened it and grinned as he grabbed up his flute and dagger. The dagger wasn't much, but it was more than he needed. His brows furrowed, someone had... been here, before him. He shrugged, the more the merrier, he thought as he closed the door and looked abput, unsure as to where he should go next.
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Fjord stayed silent,as he gripped the great-ax tighter than he should, as he charge forward to the group of enemies.

If there is anything Fjord is, it's his instincts.No matter where he fights,he uses his instincts, which may or may not help him in the tide of battle, and was knows for getting him into brawls with bigger enemies, especially those with chain mail.

Without a second thought, he drove the great in the undead Dragur skull,before getting bit in the leg by a hellhound.He quickly grabbed the fallen enemies sword,before driving it deep into it's jaws, the blade coming out from the other side.

After this, the three of you need to get to another armory.The gods are goingto be after you,so you need a weapon, not to fight them,but to defend yourselves from the the creatures they'll send.
A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

Once Fjord rushes in she takes her aim, targeting enemies that are going to attack Fjord. She sheathes her bow and takes out her [1]short [2]swords, dual-wielding is not her preferred choice of fighting in this scenario, but with no real choice, she goes in.

Being unfortunate not having Fjords strength, but she does have her witts and agility on her side. She dodges and strikes, letting them use their own strength against one another. She does smirk at the sight of a Draugr smashing his fellow brother in arms skull with his blade. Yet the Hellhounds are another problem, one did just miss her, but it lefts its mark on her arms. It paid dearly, the headless hellhound laid only regretting his choice. Making her way to Fjord, she tries to fend those off trying to take advantage of him.

TO her luck a Draugr got hold of her when a hellhound came charging. Some fancy footwork and experience, thanks to her brothers, she got the Draugr off slamming it into the Hellhound, offering her the chance to run her blade along the side of the hound, prepping it for disembowelment. Yet never finishing the task, of course, others needed her attention more
The Trio. (played by Tugboattom)

Miyo shrugged, walking down the hallway only to find the gate closed. He sighed, placing the flute to his lips he let out a single shrill note, hopefully someone would hear it and come run ing, at which point he would convince them that he was supposed to be on the other side of the gate, and if that didn't work hopefully he could fit in whoever came running' s clothing. The bard decided that perhaps a tune would catch someone's attention just as well, and so he began to play a soft, lilting tune. He didn't remember the words, but he knew they had to do with a misled guard who ended up spending all his coin on a woman, who then left him.
Akai sat there in his cell, arm resting on his knee, and his head resting on his arm. He didn't want to be here, he was bought here by some ronins, the ronins were talking about selling him to this place, but the ship they were on crash into some rocks, Akai is sure that he was the only one who 'lived' after that, He laugh sofly to himself, funny how in the end, he would have been stuck here.

Akai pulled himself up and look outside of his cell door, the people have only throw him in here and forget about him, while he was looking past the door, he see the rust on his cell door, Akai pull away from the door and look at the hinges, rust cover the both of them. Akai simile to himself, then kick the door down, the door let out a unholy sherik as it fall, then a long clang, anyone would have hread that, but Akai doubt that, he then does what he do best, walk around till he find something.

Akai has found a open door leading into a room full of wepons, he look around for a rusty blade, after a while he has found his rusy katana laying with many other rusty wepons, while looking around around he saw signs of people being here, he will have to be on the look-out while walking around.

He hear a stange song playing while walking around, he took a while to find the source, said source was a mere boy playing a flute, the boy was no stranger to flute too by the song he was playing. Since Akai have already turned the into the hallway, he thought the boy have seen him, so he walk foward with his hand rised as a greeting, while saying loudly and with joy,"Hello there, little one!"
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Fjord continued to swing his ax, ashe Dragur came closer. He would make sure that the creatures would feel the cold steel before they fell.

When the attack was over,Fjord laughed in triumph. Never this glad or battle hungry for the two years he's been here. He would grab on the bows and a few arrows, just in case he needs a little range.

Then he heard a tune. It was soft to one's hears and calming to one's mind. He would follow the tune only to see a boy and a...skeleton on the other side of the gate. Deciding not to waste time for introductions,he would grab the gate and lift it slightly, enough for them to crawl through.
The Trio. (played by Tugboattom)

Miyo's eyes widened at the sight of a skeleton." H-h-hello." He said to the skeleton, only trying to be kind. He placed the flute in the hold on his hip so that it wouldn't fall to the ground while he did something. He also wasn't certain if he could trust this creature, but it meant that someone had heard him. That must be good.

Miyo saw the gate open, and he ran, sliding under, his pointed ear tapping the top of the hole."Thanks!" He gasped out quickly.
The samurai look after the boy with confusion, then remember about the fact that he was a walking corpse, not being around people have made him forget about his...condition.

Akai walk over to the gate the man was holding up,”Ah, thank you for your help.” The samurai said in a jolly tone,”I will make sure to get you a drink later.” He said as he crawl under the gate.

He stare at corpse of others undead, then turned to the man who have help them, he saw the woman standing next to him,”Ah, you two must be good at fighting,” Akai said as he look at the corpses of the undead,”My name is Akai Terukage, a samurai from a far away land, at your service,” Akai said as he put his arms to his side and bow deeply.
Fjord (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Fjord nodded his head after the skeleton announced himself."Fjord."

Great,now that you all are should get a move on.More Dragur are on the way...with a Juggernaut on the way.

Juggernauts.Human like elephants with a strength greater than any viking has come across and a hide so thick not even a serrated blade could cut through.

"Where is this...armoury?"

Go south from where you are. There's a tunnel that lead right ot them...don't worry, they're your allies in this situation.
A'leara (played by Quipy_Cat)

During the whole fight scene, A'leara kept to the side of Fjord, having his back. She did hear the tune but after her experiences with bards, she best ignore it. When Fjord went to the gate she followed only to strike down a few more stragglers on her way. Approaching the gate Fjord held up and...

Seeing the boy her heart sank, he reminded her of her brothers but it quickly picked up the missed beat when she saw the skeleton. He seems like a more cheerful one than those she just dismembered. A quick study of the two, then she cleans the tips of her blades. "Greetings, I'm A'leara."
With Fjords question she frowns, they were in.. well the prisoner's armory a few moments ago... maybe he seeks another?

A voice faint but serious echoes again in her mind, she is starting to think it is her nephew nagging her to give him pie... But it is not, luckily.
' They come, follow him, but swift quick and precise is needed...' She scratches the back of her head trying to make sense of it, however...
at the side of her vision, she sees movement worry now coated her face, she turns her attention to Fjord and asks plainly "Where to, Fjord?"
The Trio. (played by Tugboattom)

Miyo bowed his head politely," Miyo. Thanks for helpin' me there. Don't know how I would o' gotten out without ya." He thanked Fjord before he began to whistle, wondering at where they were going to next. "An armoury?" He asked himself as his eyes lit up. He jabbed a finger backwards," There was an armoury back 'ere, but I'm not sure if you want to go back 'ere." He suggested, completely unknowing that Fjord and A'leara had already been there.
“Miyo, I was in the armory myself, it show signs of people being there, I think it was their people here,” The samurai explains to the boy,”Anyway, where is this second armory?” The samurai ask,”Hopefully this armory have weapons I’m use to.” Akai said while bending down to check out the undead corpse, also to make sure they dead.

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