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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Y/c sees Louliria, after y/c has seen her he/she can't forget her anymore. Everywhere where y/c goes Louliria comes into their minds. Then y/c decides that they wanna know who this mysterious girl is.

This rp will be about my character and your character meeting and falling in love (or being friends). This roleplay would be a fantasy one and I would prefer it to be in something close to a medieval setting.

fxf is allowed and mxf as well
No oneliners
No metagaming, powerplaying or godmodding.
No sex, smut or erotica.

I would prefer my partner to write semi lit or in paragrahps or something in between.

Are you interest send me a pm or leave a message here.
Still open!
I’ll have a go
ragemachine wrote:
I’ll have a go

Send me a pm

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