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hello! I am scarlet and I've never done sci fi rps so I need a little help trying to create a character for it
pls Pm if you have ideas!

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I know this says "please PM if you have any ideas" but honestly, I feel like this is a topic more than one person could have a question about and it's a very case-by-case sort of thing because kind of like with fantasy, not every character fits a given setting.

For example, your cyberpunk hacker with an A.I. best friend who manifests as an overpowered subservient in-game NPC for your VRMMO Sci-Fi RP might not be a good fit for... say, Star Wars.

My personal approach to this depends on the scenario so I'll split this into three options;

1. This is for a specific RP; Look at the RP setting, see the other characters in it, then think; "What's some cool stuff I'd like to do in this RP?" build your character based on the type of person that'd believably be able to pull off those things.

2. This is to RP with someone else's character; Check out their character, see if their history establishes any lore, go off that to make your character. I find the best way to make a character specifically to play off another is to find three things you want them to have in common and three things in which they heavily contrast. From there, the blanks kind of fill themselves in my experience.

3. I just want a sci-fi character in my portfolio; What kind of sci-fi? Look at characters in books, movies, shows, games and other RPs in a similar setting. I'd say take 3, and pick out of their traits, mixing in a bit of your personal flavor all the while. The character will pretty much write itelf.

Hope that helps someone! :D

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