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The concrete was cold and sharp as Jupiter’s palms pressed onto the pavement, peeling the rest of her body off of it. There was nothing like the feeling of finding yourself in the middle of an unfamiliar area, lying on the uncomfortable ground as you try to take everything in. Turning away her attention from her thoughts, she flipped over her hands, furrowing her brows as she took in the impairment. Despite nothing being damaged too badly, the irritation of her grated palms were displeasing.

This was when the fantasies about healing would have been exceptional. But, when it narrowed down to the Rules, wishing to change anything about yourself was not permitted. And there was nothing she could really do about it at this moment. So, putting on a quick smile, she scanned over the area, turning slowly in a circle. It seemed to be a dimly lit alleyway, the narrow passageway darkening the farther it went on. Though, she seemed to be placed closer to the exit than anything, so she was guessing that this was an important location. Or, at least, for the time being.

When she stepped out, Jupiter realized the buildings were more towering and extensive than she recalled. On the other hand, she was fairly short. Miffed, she looked down at herself, but she was slightly surprised when she came to see the change in her attire. She had thought..

“Don’t get distracted!” The Astraea told herself in determination, slamming her fist onto her hand. “You have a job, and that job is important! Very important!” She would have to study her appearance when the time came to passing a mirror, she supposed.

The streets weren’t all too empty, but the fair amount of people passing by didn’t give her much acknowledgement, despite the fact she had evolved from in between the space of two buildings and was speaking to herself. In fact, most people rolled past her as if she wasn’t there to begin with. And, to them, she wasn’t. Jupiter had one target- well, Target- and, unless instructed to do so, she would only remain visible to said person. That was, if she knew who and where they were.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver walked along the pathway rubbing his newest scar. He chuckled grimly to himself, he was beginning yo wonder about his collection. They say that a man that has a scar or two has fought, and won. A man with several has fought and lost too many times to count. He twisted his arms to look at his collection of scars, each bringing a new memory to the forefront of his mind. Although several were not from fights, as the one that turned most of his palm into a scar, they were from accidents due to his unlucky nature.

Oliver shook his head, he had things to do. He had a murderer to catch and a person to enact revenge against. He had things to do besides remembering the past. He set his mouth into a thin determined line and set his jaw determined that he would not allow his mind to wander. He wouldn't think on other things besides his mission and he certainly wouldn't do things besides walk in the direction of his informant. He hoped this person really did have information that would help him. He hoped that for the informant, as his temper was all too ready to flare at lying informants.

As Oliver was walking along he noticed a girl. Strange, no one seemed to look at her. He shrugged perhaps they were like him, and had something they needed to do. He glared at the woman, she had caused him to think of something other than his mission. He huffed angrily and restarted walking in the direction he needed to go. He sighed and balled his fists, although the right on slightly more tenderly. He then walked over to the girl," And who might you be you..." He waved his hands angrily, gesturing at all of her," You... distraction!" He practically spat.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Her gaze wandered. Could that be them? No, no. They were too far from where she had been planted. It was most definitely her, then! The one with the auburn hair! Again, she disagreed with herself. The girl with auburn hair continued skipping, that and she seemed too young to understand the concept of morality and deception. She huffed. She knew she could handle a challenge, but goodness. She hadn’t expected it to be so difficult to just find the Target.

That’s when one male seemed to stand out in the crowd; an angered one, particularly. And he seemed to be making his way towards her rather swiftly. Jupiter couldn’t help but smile. Then, as if she hadn’t heard his queries and insults, she clapped her hands together in an excited manner. Her heart fluttered. This was the moment. She had to make a good, first impression. “Oh! So you must be them!” The female exclaimed before her expression dropped, and she looked him up and down. “I didn’t anticipate you coming to me, let alone did I expect you to be so..” She looked him up and down. Instead of finishing her sentence, she held out a hand. “Jupiter, your personal Astraea that will assist you until you’re walking on the path of good once more!”

Though, her offered hand moved up quickly, not exactly giving the male enough time to shake it. Neither did she give him enough time to speak before she began rambling again, “Don’t tell anyone,” She whispered, putting her hand on the opposing side of her mouth, “but I always thought that line was a little.. ticky-tacky, y’know? Anyways, I would suggest calming down, at the moment. To other people, you're having an animated conversation with yourself, and I’m sure you don’t need that on your reputation.” Jupiter grinned, placing her arms behind her back. The comment was sly, but it usually got her Targets to rethink speaking to her in a rude manner until they were somewhere not as many people seemed to be. Which also bought her the time to study them, taking in the things that might mess with them a little more than something else. Of course, it didn't exactly work on all of her clients, but most.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver raised an eyebrow at her clapping and excited manner. He looked her up and down, trying to decide if she was actually real. After all, no one else had noticed her,she said that it looked like he was having an animated conversation with himself, and she just called her self... something. He shook his head and jabbed his index finger at her with a heated anger," Oh, sure. And I'm just imagining you am I?"He asked, his voice dripping with hatred and sarcasm. He let his hand fall back to his side where it curled itself into a hard angry fist, already conjuring a shield should he need it.

He began to turn, ready to walk away, when he realized this might be giving her just exactly the opportunity she would need to stab him in the back. He turned back around and glared vehemently at her," And, why might I like to go back on the path of good or whatever. I rather like the hand i was dealt."He lied," And I am perfectly comfortable with my occupation and my life." He crossed his arms unhappily before realizing that this too would give her an opening, when he would have to untangle his arms from themselves before he could react. He dropped his hand to the sword at his waist and continued to glare, hoping she couldn't see through his deceit.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

She didn’t know why she was surprised when she heard his response. It was typical for someone to think they were visualizing someone. But, either way the table turned, Jupiter would have to come up with some way to prove she wasn’t just a figment of an imagination. “Listen, I know this is.. strange?” Her stare moved again. Analyze your Target. See if they have any threats on hand. The message repeated blankly, and she resisted the urge to shake her head, as if attempting to get rid of the rather demanding thoughts. Instead of a weapon of some sorts, she focused on his hand, raising an eyebrow questioningly. After standing still in confusion, Jupiter gasped. “Did you do that? That’s extraordinary!”

“Well, if you really wanted to know,” Jupiter blinked, rubbing the back of her neck, “you aren’t living your best life. Well, clearly. No offense, of course! It’s just.. Don’t you want to feel like you’re living on top of the world? Y’know, just wake up every morning and feel that rush of sensational ‘Wow, I’m amazing’-ness?” She then followed her statements with jazz hands, shrugging as she did so. “So, any questions? I feel like I went over that pretty well!” She giggled at herself, dusting off her hands before finally deciding to place them on her hips.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver snorted sassily,"Strange?" He asked as his sword hand strayed to his hip and he raised an eyebrow at her," I think this is more than strange. I walk up to someone, insult them, and they tell me that I'm an idiot... no... they tell me to bug off... no again... instead she says she can fix my life and help me walk the path of good or whatever. 'Cause that makes a whole lot of sense!" He shook his head, surveying her. He noticed how her eyes seemed to be analyzing him, just as he was her. He didn't like that, he was used to being the only professional and he liked it that way." Oh, no, I didn't make the shield. The imaginary..." He gestured at her with wide circles," person made it. I just... I don't know how that shield just showed up near my hand."

" I am living on top of the world. I live my own life, kill my own targets, earn my own money, and do my own things. Look! I don't have to explain myself to you, you're just a stranger that's bein' real nosy and trying to say she'll help me! And I don't have to listen to anyone, let alone you. Now, if you'll please excuse me I will be walking away now." And he did just that, turning on his heel and walking back into the flow of traffic, hoping to lose her in the crowd. He did however make sure to pay attention if footsteps began to follow him he would be ready.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

“Pfft!” Jupiter snorted, fluttering a hand at him. “Don’t be silly! I can’t conjure things! Oh.. wait a minute. Were you being sarcastic? Good one!” She hit his arm jokingly, immediately taking a step backwards just in case. Then, she put on a smile. “And what was I supposed to do when you approached me? Ignore my job and be rude? You really are funny.. Mister.. Uhm..” Her eyes narrowed. “I.. don’t think I got your name, exactly?” Squinting, she tapped her chin. “Or did I..? Anyways, I’m not imaginary, for the second time. As I said before, I’m Jupiter, your personal Astraea that will assist you until you’re walking on the path of good once more! Though ‘personal’ as in ‘I-won’t-share-any-private-or-vulnerable-information-with-anyone-outside-of-us-two’ personal. Like- Like those people! Ah, I forget what they’re called…”

“You kill people?” She gasped, her hand fleeing to cover her mouth. “Oh, boy. This is going to be tougher than it looks, isn’t it..? Well, good thing this isn’t my first.. rodeo..?” Jupiter looked up once again, confused when he began walking away. She would admit that some of her clients had been stubborn, but call her Polaris! Perhaps it would be a little more difficult than she would like to believe. But, then again, the start was always the roughest part of the journey, right?

Well, maybe that wasn’t true for all situations, but it seemed to fit this one. Almost.

“Agh! Distracted!” Jupiter shook her head, looking around the crowd. She had already managed to lose him. Frowning, she had two decisions; she could either use her Golden Sight, along with her energy, or push her way through the crowd and hope not to cause an invisible disturbance. Though, the Target had seemed tense when he left.. “Why do people have to make it so difficult?” Shutting her eyes for no more than a moment, the Astraea, slowly, managed to lift herself off of the ground, pushing herself forward in the air to the point where she would practically be gliding through it as if floating were an everyday task. As soon as she found her Target, she flipped onto her back, examining her nails as she sent a glance over to him.

“So, here’s the thing, ace,” Jupiter yawned, grinning to herself. “The quicker you make your life better, the quicker I’m out of here. It’s as easy as that.” She blinked. “Well, maybe it sounds a lot easier when I put it in simple terms, but you get the point.”
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver hadn't heard her questions, as he had been walking away and could care less about a random person he had found on the street. The fact that she happened to be invisible to everyone else did little to convince him that he really did need her. Oliver was self dependent, and therefore didn't need anyone else. He was just fine being on his own and hunting down the person that killed his parents. He did have to admit to himself that it wasn't exactly the most wholesome activity one could indulge himself in but what could he do?

Oliver turned to look behind himself , making sure the woman wasn't following him. His eyes widened as he saw the... was it even a woman? He did remember that it had said it's name. It had been something like the roman' s gods. Pluto maybe? No... Jupiter, yes that was it. Who would name their child Jupiter? he asked himself before returning his attention to the flying creature. He simply glared at her," Oh, well I suppose you'll be staying here for a while now won't ye? ' Cause there are two things I want in this world: money, and revenge. And " walking the path of good." sounds to me like it's gonna be gettin' in the way of one, or both, of those. So, no. I will not be doing what you want." Oliver seethed as he crossed his arms.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

“Money and revenge.. Alright, so I see we’ll be starting a bit slower than what I had planned, but that’s alright!” Jupiter ducked her head into a quick nod, though the loss of focus caused her to wobble, teetering to each side as she flailed her arms in a circular motion. Honestly, how difficult is it to just glide? She exhaled. No negative thoughts. Negative thoughts were what would drag her down. Metaphorically speaking, of course. “So, Mister, what makes your morality tilt? Why would you, of all people, be considered a bad person, compared to others?”

That’s when she recalled something; a mere memory from what felt like ages ago. “Oh! So that’s what I forgot!” She held up her index finger, her mouth curving into an ‘O’ shape. “Well, screw that plan, I suppose. Tch- I’ll get in trouble for saying that.” She added the last statement under her breath, huffing at the thought. “But we’re all good now, right, ace? I mean, the original plan is always for the Astraea to befriend the Tar-” She bit her tongue. The word ‘target’ meant different things for different people. What if he lost trust in her just for calling him the Target? “-person..! The person, I meant. Besides, we haven’t exactly taken a liking to one another. Well, you haven’t taken a liking to me, per se. You seem friendly!”
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver turned away from her and continued walking with his arms crossed in front of him. Had he had any drink. His eyes rolled up to the look at the sky as he tried to remember. No, he hasn't had anything to drink in the pub, he had been on business and couldn't afford to be drunk. He shook his head, must've been something in his meal. He had thought the ham had tasted off somehow. He had originally assumed that it had been the strange spices, but now that new information had entered his mind he wasn't quite as sure about that. He shook his head, he couldn't afford to be seeing floating woman when he was on business.

Oliver continued ignoring her as he turned into a rather dark alleyway. His chin set in determination, and open defiance, hoping that this would keep any would-be attackers from picking a fight with him. His sword hand strayed to the placed it felt most comfortable, at the pummel of his obsidian sword while his less dominant hand began the summoning for a shield
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Jupiter felt a sigh escape her lips. Difficult wasn’t the word to describe this. It was unfathomable. “Not a talker, huh?” She forced herself to put on a wider smile. Perhaps if she continued to be convivial, something would just click. Somewhat tired, she lowered herself to the ground when the crowd seemed less tight, following the male with her hands behind her back. She opened her mouth to speak. No. Don’t do that. Observe. The constantly nagging voice irritated her, even if it happened to be her own. She wanted to break away from the command, but, since it was the more logical thing to do, she obeyed.

For a moment, she furrowed her brows, watching the way the male walked. She couldn’t tell if he was just frustrated at her presence, or just everything in general. Her best guess was her second thought. But, then again, what did she know? Jupiter squinted. There was a different aspect that she didn’t understand. Had he been using sarcasm when speaking about his shield earlier? Because she, definitely, knew she couldn’t do something like that. “So,” Throwing logic out the window, Jupiter looked up and grinned as she awkwardly followed the male through the alleyway. “What are you off to do at the moment? Help the needy? Go pick up pollution around the water bends? Oh! I know! You could help the herders move their cattle! That sounds fun, right?”
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver rolled his eyes before turning to look at her with his arms out and away from him an an exasperated gesture," Look! I'm here to find some information on the person, or people, that killed my parents so that I can return the favor. Now if you don't like that answer then you can just go... go..." Oliver growled lowly as he realized that he didn't really know where an invisible lady that could fly might go." Just go!" He flapped his hand away in the direction of the main street. He had had nearly enough of this woman questioning his morals, as if he needed someone else to do it for him. He had enough on his plate without having to deal with a second conscience, nevermind one that floated and looked like a woman and did... things.

Ugh Oliver didn't even know what to do anymore. He certainly couldn't go in there and continue having to argue with this irritating person. And he couldn't just ignore her, everytime she spoke he would end up looking at her which would make the informant feel as if he didn't care, and Oliver did care, a lot. He couldn't just walk off and talk to this lady either because then the informant would leave, and he might never find him again. He couldn't risk that either.His hands balled into fists as he vented his anger out on them.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

What the.. Jupiter recoiled, somewhat frightened by the sudden outburst.“Where am I supposed to..” She shook her head, sighed frustratedly, and held up her hands in surrender. “If that is what you wish, I shall leave.” She slowly took a step backwards. Lowering her gaze to the earth beneath her, she held her palms face down and by her waist, slowly but surely raising herself from the ground. It wasn’t that she disliked his answer, but she was actually pleased to hear something like that. But, unfortunately, smiling would get her nowhere. “Good luck with your expedition, I suppose.”

And, with that, Jupiter hastily traveled upwards, her mind running a mile a minute. This clearly wasn’t going as she expected. “Alright,” She whispered to herself, “calm down, JV. I’m sure there’s another way to befriend him. Or at least not look like a pest. What have you tried? The excited approach. Intimidation, despite the fact you wouldn’t hurt a fly. Remaining quiet. Guilt-tripping.. Agh! What the heck!” Suddenly, she looked towards the sky in slight fear. “I didn’t mean that! I meant to say.. What the fiddlesticks!” She exhaled in relief, but she was sure she wouldn’t hear the end of her mistake. Distracted! “Oh! I guess I haven’t tried the helpless approach, but, then again, it makes me feel terrible.. If only he would just listen! Jeez!”

Jupiter groaned. Though she despised this certain method, it would aid her in learning a thing or two, not to mention the fact she might be able to get away with keeping an eye on the male without actually getting caught. On the other hand, he seemed too focused on whatever it was to do anything but said thing. She hated decisions, but it was either one or the other. Besides, no one but him could judge, and she couldn’t return without achieving something. So, with a sharp breath, Jupiter looked down. She wasn’t too far from the ground, but it would definitely cause her harm, dare she fall. What other choice did she have, though? Actually leave?

She snorted at the thought.

So, with a small roll of her eyes, she pictured herself falling, and she disliked the sudden rush of air when she was. In an attempt to keep up her act of losing control, she flailed her hands, unclenching and clenching her hands, as if trying to spark something. Fear spread over her expression. Though, in the back of her mind, Jupiter found it exciting. If she played her cards right, she wouldn’t be hurt. Not too badly, anyways. But, of course, she would simply say something along the lines of, ‘No.. No! This can’t be happening!’, peak the Target’s interest, and make up a lousy excuse somewhere between her magic had flaked or she couldn’t feel the usual fuzziness of the magic. Either way, both evolved landing first. Landing. Jupiter resisted the urge to smack her own wrist. How could she forget to literally save herself from harm? As the gravity drew her closer to the ground, she began to actually thrash her hands back and forth, allowing herself to be shot backwards only to skid across the ground. Her arms were raised over her face, and, there she laid, breathing heavily and trying not to laugh.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

" Thank you." Oliver whispered softly. He knew that she wouldn't hear him, but he needed to say those words to her. He never had good luck, so perhaps a flying woman wishing him luck would help him. Jupiter... Not just a flying woman, Jupiter. Yes, she had tried being kind to him, so he could atleast think of her by her correct name, rather than her gender and ability.

Oliver was just turning the handle of the door when he heard a percussive sound of a body hitting the cold hard ground. His head whipped around and his eyes widened as he saw her on the ground. He winced with a sharp intake of breath." Are you... Are you alright... Jupiter?" He asked nervously.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

Well, this test of hers had been a fail, on her part. How did she think falling a possible hundred feet from the air would prove something? If she were to see something shoot down from the sky, she would be concerned, too. So, overall, she doubted this plan of hers had even worked, let alone validate someone’s mindset. Though she was rather pleased to see some sort of a good reaction, and the fact he had used her name. One being that he could, in truth, have weaknesses, and two being that he had been paying attention to what she had been saying earlier. Pushing herself upwards, Jupiter slowly nodded and practically exhaled the only five words she could think of at the moment, “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.”

But she had to say something more than that. “I.. I’m not sure what happened, exactly..” The Astraea forced herself to look upwards, first at the male and then to the sky. What she had said was a lie. That made her a liar. She could feel the guilt swelling inside of her chest. In order to play off the sudden pause between her sentences, she lifted a hand to her forehead. “Agh.. My apologies, Mister. I didn’t think everything would just.. end like it did. I don’t usually.. That’s never happened before..” Another lie. “But I’ll be on my way..! I know you have important business to attend to, so I’ll leave. Again.”

Jupiter nodded firmly, and, after forcing herself to her feet and a small stumble, she waved. “Well, I wish you good luck for the second time, I guess!” She added a weak snicker. Don’t act too surprised or it’s obvious it was a fake incident, but don’t act too joyful, either. The woman stopped from scowling. Oh, she strongly disliked the way she was taught things, especially when it came to the missions and this constant chivvying voice of hers, in all honesty. It was as if she couldn’t last but a couple moments without it.

Getting back on track, Jupiter stood there awkwardly for a minute, blinking as if she hadn’t expected not to move. After an instant passed of her stillness, she made the effort to hop once before lowering her hands to an eye-level. She shook her head in disbelief. And, there it was; her famous line that she murmured to a point that it was almost a difficulty to hear her. “This.. can’t be happening..”
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver nodded, she was okay. That was good. Maybe, maybe it was good. Maybe that meant she would continue pestering him. But still, he had been the one that told her to leave, which caused her to fly, which caused her to fall. So, in short, if she had died it would be his fault. And he didn't want the fact that an innocent bystander had been murdered by him. Murdering liars and thieves and hunting people who kill others was okay. It cleaned up the streets, and the world. But killing a kind lady that was only trying to help, that was not okay. Not at all.

Oliver wasn't entirely certain how to respond to her. After falling from the sky, and hitting the ground rather hard she still said sorry to him? Somehow, if they were in eachother's places, he was fairly positive that the one that told him to bug off would most likely end up dead. Or at very least bruised and battered. He would not be apologizing to them under no circumstances, but seeing as she had, it was only right to respond in kind. Oliver bowed his head," Yes... No.... Yes. no." He stated, rather confusedly. He wasn't quite at home in conversations, especially ones where he wasn't sure the other person was real." No." He finally decided." No... need to apologize." He continued, trying to cover up for his awkwardness." I understand magic going hag wire." He chuckled darkly to himself as he rubbed his forearm, where a long thin red burn mark ran. He remembered when he got that burn mark, it had been for those exact reasons." Yes, I do have important business. And it would be nice if you left, just please walk. Don't fly." He told her.

" Oh... um... yes. Thank you!" Oliver told the woman before turning around and frowning. There was something off about all of this, but the luckling wasn't certain what. He guessed it didnt matter all that much, a deal was a deal. He just hoped that two wishes of good luck would be enough to counter his own natural bad luck.

Oliver turned around lazily when he heard her speak," What exactly can't be happening? Don't tell me your magic still isn't working, 'cause there ain't much I can do about all that." He shrugged," I'm a mercenary, not a physician or a scholar." He explained to her.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

“Alright..” Jupiter looked up, slowly lowering her hands by her waist. “I won’t tell you that my magic fuzzed out, you’re the only one who can see and hear me, and I can’t go ‘home’ until I complete what I was sent here to do.” She shrugged as if she hadn’t just dropped a quickly somewhat imaginary problem onto the male. She honestly couldn’t leave, though. And he was the only one who could make any form of contact with her. “But I will tell you that you don’t have to stay here, acknowledging my existence.” Jupiter sent a glance to the door. It was rather unusual that he had to travel through an alleyway to find it, but who was she to judge?

Then, she gasped. It was a bad habit, really, and she didn’t quite mean to do it as if something had startled her. Was this why she had been placed in an alleyway, when she first arrived? As a warning? A sign? Symbolism of some sorts? Jupiter shook her head. She shouldn’t get too wrapped up in her thoughts, but it was strange. If she was recalling information correctly, alleyways symbolized being approached for one's input into something that may conflict with their integrity. It was definitely strange. Or maybe this was an accident. Perhaps she wasn't looking at the correct Target. But to use magic now to check would be ridiculous and it would waste her efforts. So, Jupiter just furrowed her brows in thought and huffed, confusing herself the more she thought.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver sighed heavily ,"Fine. You can just... wait out here. When I'm done talking to this person I'll come back out and we can talk, okay?" He asked her, rather unsure of himself. He disliked the idea of letting Jupiter wander on her own in this part of town, but he also didn't want her distracting him during the meeting." And I won't acknowledge your existence." He said with a curt bow of his head," So thank you for the option. Atleast, not until I get back out." He told her as he breathed in nervously and turned the handle.

Oliver walked into the dimly lit room( not hearing a sudden gasp behind him. Or not caring, one cannot know), rather afraid of who might be in there. True, he used to be a gladiator, but he had been set against opponents of the same age range. He wasn't entirely certain he would be able to beat a fully grown adult in a fight, and would rather not chance it. He crept forward before calling out timidly," Hello? I was told to come here for some information." His voice came out slightly higher than he would've liked. Oliver mentally cursed his nerves and straightened his posture.

" Why hello there child." Came the dark hiss of a voice that shouldn't have existed. A strange man walked into the room, with a tap of his skull tipped cane. Oliver's eyes widened at the sight of the cane, and the man's top hat, before he convinced himself to stay calm. " And what kind of information might you be seeking?" The man asked.

" Um..." Oliver hesitated, unsure if he could trust this man. He knew the type, they would wander into a dark room to creep you out. Then you would ask their name or something similiar, and because it was a question you had to pay for it, whether or not you liked it. Oliver nodded to himself, yes, he knew how to take care of this." Who, and where are the people responsible for my parent's deaths?" He asked, rather boldly.

" Ah, straight to the point!" The creep called at his answer before responding," I do not know! No one knows! If they did, then you wouldn't be here now would you.?" The old man asked. Oliver wasn't sure if the man was crazy, or playing him. Either way a stern glare should set him straight, so he glared at the man with the intention of intimidating him. The plot failed and the man simply called once more and waved a hand lazily at Oliver," Oh now, don't be such a downer." He laughed," The people responsible, aren't people. They're person. One person, singularly. You!" The man cackled, obviously insane. Oliver sighed and held his head in his hand before drawing his sword and slitting the man's throat with a single swipe. He had gotten that answer too many times, and killed too many people for it.
Jupiter Vega (played by KingOfDorks) Topic Starter

She smiled and nodded. “Understood!” Jupiter exclaimed. As the male walked inside the peculiar location, she balled her fist, bringing it downwards from eye-level to mid-chest in achievement. Once they had a chance to talk, she could begin to explain everything without him downright ignoring it. Maybe that would even get her a step farther than she needed to be! If Jupiter could get him to understand that whatever was wrong was- well- wrong, then they could start working on fixing those mistakes, and bam! She would be back in no time!

Though, she did like it on Erth. Earth, she mentally corrected herself. The people were rather different, and not only from one another. They weren’t the type of individuals she was surrounded with on the daily, if any at all, so the change of scene was exhilarating ( Well, almost anything would make Jupiter feel like this. It was as if the word ‘sad’ never existed, in her case. ). Some didn’t care about the rules while others were practically consumed by them. Some were never anxious while others were tripping over their own fears. Some people didn’t mind doing the wrong thing while others couldn’t even live with a single lie.

If she listened closely, Jupiter could hear the muffled voices going on and off, but she couldn’t tell which was which or who was who. She would admit that she had a bad feeling, though. There was a warning going off in her mind, but she couldn’t pinpoint what was causing it. The temptation to enter was thriving. She just wanted to make sure everything was alright, and then she would leave. Well, ‘leave’ as in step outside once again. But she ignored the urge and paced backwards instead.

“He.. looked like he could handle himself,” The Astraea reassured herself, finding some comfort in her own words. “Besides, what’s the best you could do, if something were to happen? Politely ask them to stop and reconsider their actions?” Her eyes narrowed. “That sounded strangely sarcastic. Isn’t that the whole point of my job? To get them to right their wrongs? Oh my Celestia, I just—” Running her fingers through her hair, she exhaled, as if breathing out the negativity. Though, she was sure it wasn’t that simple. What ever was?
Gwen foster (played anonymously)

Gwen was sitting in her space ship she grabbed her weapons and headed out to the town to a bar to grab something to drink she saw something looking at her or following her she grabbed her gun and looked around she just saw a alley kitten coming towards her which was very adorable she saw no tag on her she took the kitten to the vet to get her looked at when she walked in she saw a cute boy sitting there (Andrew) aww what a cute kitten can I touch her, Gwen sure you can touch her, Gwen can I touch your French bulldog puppy, (Andrew) sure you can touch him, Gwen touched the puppy, Gwen notice the boy was green he was the son of gamora

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