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ok so I made this thread so anyone could ask a random question and have it answered. Well, by random I mean one that doesn't need it's own topic on this forum, and one that belongs here. So here's mine:

how do i add to the gallery of my characters?
Do you mean to ask how to add an image to a gallery you have on an individual character, or how to add a new character?

(Also, this sort of thing is exactly what the entire Help forum is for, if you don't find adequate results in the Help documentation. :) )
add an image to an already existing character, I'm so sorry, forgot there was a help forum!
They’re wonderfully done help articles! To answer your particular question, start here. The Icon & Gallery is covered there.
um, shadow ranger, sorry to ask but under what heading is gallery under? Maybe I'm just not seeing it, not saying it isn't there just that I ain't seeing it.
Oh... I thought it was there.... have a look at this page and this page.

You go to the 'edit character' and either add a page or use a current page, go down and click 'Widget' and select the Gallery widget. Save, then go in to the edit function for the Galelry widget and the attach and upload features will be there.
oh. ok thank you! That's way simpler than what i was thinking I had to do! thank you!
You're welcome. And you look much better with an icon!
Thanks! never was quite sure what icon to grab, until I saw this guy.

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