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heyo guys! recently got back into drawing some non-humanoids( grandma's birthday.) and I'd like to share them here! I also wanted your opinion on whether or not I should've colored the hummingbird, so that would be greatly appreciated too!

before and. after

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Here is a start to my newest line of creations, all plant based people!
and my sad cacti.

Dude, SUPER COOL that you're getting back into art! Definitely keep it up! Remember, have fun :D That is the important part. XD super cool!
@ Flareanthia, yo, thanks! I am having fun, especially when I get to look at random plants and be like," Yo, how can I make that a people?". Anyway,here's my newest addition. She was supposed to look like a leaf, with her arms being two leaf segments and her head the third while her legs made a stem. Instead she's a winged ballerina.
cool :D

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