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What was the most memorable thing that happened to you in RPR? Did you gain more friends? Develop skills? Discover hidden talents? Found love? It could be in a roleplay, in OOC, in an event, a group, a game, or vice versa.

For me, the most memorable moments were:
  • Winning in the Genre Mascot Contest during my first year in RPR plus winning a Tote Bag
  • Being a part of a super friendly group called The Neighbor's Club (it's inactive now though)
  • Improving myself with the help of Kim, the mods, a few RPR friends, and the group "Here for You". I thought I was gonna be banned during that time, but thanks for helping me and giving me a chance to change.
  • Epic Week (A "default", same with every RPR event) 😁
    -Getting better at roleplaying
    -Making friends
    -Learning better English
Epic week,forming my first group,having my own musical corner. Plus my vocalubury and writing has improved immensely. All my freinds on here who have been there for me through my sad times and helped me celebrate my happy times.
  • Seeing the Before and After of Operation Audacious Phoenix was probably the most memorable thing, and it'll continue to be at the top of my list. RPR changed so much, its amazing.
  • Meeting the guy who currently has a conversation with me that is 11,000+ messages.
  • Meeting the small group of friends on SmallTalk. <3

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