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Somewhere in the city of CreekWood...
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A young girl gets ready for a busy shop day. Since her master is away gathering herbs to sell, along with other magical things, she must tend the shop. Usually, she would get up and go shopping for the week, but she cannot leave the shop unattended until Lunch time. It would be bad for business if their store just kept randomly closing... even though their shop was not well known. The violet haired girl had finally arisen out of bed to get ready, she hated mornings, but thankfully it had an upside; morning tea.

The shop she manned was a Witches' Supply shop, though people from all different walks of life came in as well. You could hardly tell there was a Witches' Supply shop in the area, due to the fact the shop was tucked away in between two larger buildings. The shop was owned by her teacher, Alsa. Since she was usually away on business, house calls and various other adventures, the girl didn't really get to learn much unless it was self taught. The girl quickly climbed down the small staircase leading up to the bedrooms, and put a kettle on the stove to make some tea. She stretched and ran back upstairs to quickly get changed.

Throwing on her dark colored harem pants, sash, and brown bandana, she climbed back down the stairs and made herself a cup of tea. A refreshing sip, and a pleasant hum made the shop feel more alive to the girl. However, being more awake from her cup of tea, made her realize how dirty it was in there. A small grumble escaped her lips as she set down her tea cup, switched the sign to read 'Open' and began sweeping and dusting about the shop, awaiting for her first customer to arrive.

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Xochi (played anonymously)

Where did she get herself into this time?

Xochi had been wandering the streets looking for her favorite bench to sleep on. She must have taken a wrong turn at some point because this area looked far more busy than what she was used to. Incidentally, she had also burned a lot of time moving around in circles and now she was hungry- she didn't sleep very well when she was hungry.

The wild looking orange skinned woman moved about with an animal gait to her steps. Swaying from side to side, head slightly bent down, arms swaying about slightly- a little too relaxed to be walking upright it seemed. She looked more like some kind of bipedal animal than a humanoid creature, with her wild frizzy hair and very long nails that might as well be claws.

Still, she was definitely sentient, and she appeared to be lucid enough to be aware of her surroundings and distinguish what building was what. The judge was still out if she could read or not, but for whatever reason, she decided to enter this particular shop.

"Hmmrrgg..." Xochi's entrance was heralded by a rumbling growl that came from her throat, very similar to that of a lion. The tall savage, but strangely sleepy, woman swayed about and started looking at the items in display. At the very least, she was pretending that she knew what she was doing.
Ary has a hell of a time finding this strange store this morning. But finally after about 2 hours and 3 coffees she located it between the two larger buildings.

Ary let out a long sigh as she pushed open the door to the small store . Ary scanned the store her eyes lingered a bit on the odd wild women admiring things before finally landing on the purple haired girl.

Ary made her way to the counter “are you Alsa, my mother sent me to deliver these chaos charms” the young petite Ary set a bag on the counter with 5 amethyst charms “ they have been infused with Eris power of discord“ the girl smiled widely waiting for the purple hair girl to respond

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