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Welcome to my roleplay-check! Have a seat, will you? Joking!


Hey there! My name is Nesy! I'm pleased to meet you! Let's get into the roleplay section, shall we? So I've been roleplaying for roughly 1-2 years and I've learned quite a bit. So, I roleplay with anybody actually! Despite your age, gender or whatever. Compared to other people, I'm a very accepting dude when it comes to actually look for roleplayers. I've actually seen a couple of checks and age barriers and I decided to do the opposite! Everyone is welcome otherwise! There is never "too old" or "Too young" in my age requirements because there are simply none. My roleplaying can be a battle-oriented but of course, I'm a huge sucker for battle! But that doesn't matter because I am adoring to hear new ideas anyway. I love being friends and communicating with people as well!

What are you capable of in roleplay?

An excellent question! My capabilities are that I am adaptive to your length of roleplaying and I usually do: Third person roleplay. But I do not mind if you play 1ST person while I play differently. As long as it is narrative then it'll work just fine! I actually tend to balance quality and length depending on your preference. I could type up to 10 paragraphs in total or more if I wanted to. Character creation is quite decent actually when it comes to backstory and personality. I'm very flexible with my plots and can always bend them or twist them while in roleplay or outside of roleplay! I also love worldbuilding, nation-building or even universe building. My characters can be balanced but can be extremely overpowered if you want to for the fun of the roleplay.

I'm an MXM/MXF player basically, I usually play male characters. However, I would like to share roles when it comes to NCPING and such. My grammar and spelling are decent but grammar is a little troublesome since I'm Swedish and uh it ain't my native language.
I don't do self-insert characters and I do not play myself as that's just odd, the reason they have the same name is that there are different versions of my characters with the same name but their personality and backstory are entirely different.

Roleplay requirements

-- One paragraph minimum. Unless if you're an oneliner who has decent quality then I suppose!
-- Grammar and punctuation mistakes are fine! I do them too, just have a basic grammar as a minimum requirement.


-- Magic
-- Science-fiction
-- Science fantasy
-- High-fantasy / Low-Fantasy
-- Dark-theme/Light-Theme fantasy (By those dark lines would be: Blood or vampirism/demonism or something that's more violent.)
-- Horror
-- Action
-- Adventure
-- Slice of life
-- Isekai
-- Campaigns
-- Deities/Witchcraft
-- Romance (Doesn't have to be a romance if you don't want to)
-- Mythology
-- Politics
-- Overpowered abilities/Characters
-- DnD



Unnecessary gore. (Real-life gore)
Unnecessary violence. (Real-life violence that involves serious shit.)

I have plots and cool ideas in my PM but I could show you some.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

this seems cool
I might be interested!
Ember_Wolf wrote:
I might be interested!

Ya'll can DM me if you want.
I’d love to do this if you would do this with me
i am really inrested
um, is anyone there?

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