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Taluna (played anonymously)

Here's a fun little exercise to keep everyone entertained.

What three characters are the sources of inspiration for yours?

Could be either fictional or non-fictional.

Feel free to put an explanation along as to why or just leave it at that, be as creative as you'd like to be! Don't feel like you need to put pictures too, jotting in the names should be sufficient.

I'll get us started!

Taluna is made from...

Flandre Scarlet - Touhou tumblr_mqlpyr5ZJP1rs4uv7o4_500.gif

Twilight Sparkle - MLP tenor.gif

Red Sonja RedSonja_Dynamite_Header.jpg

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Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Ohhhh my gaaawwwd! I never though twilight sparkle was a part of Taluna! XD

Well For Elaine

Astolfo! (Really...Im just as surprised as you XD) Fate


Lina Inverse- Slayers

And Darkness- Konosuba


I would also like to mention both Saber and Yuno from Mirak Nikki


Taluna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((Well, she is obsessed with magic. Also Elaine going above and beyond as usual I see...))
Oh fun! Well, here's Cadence. She's...

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter


And Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!

Selim (played by 0089)

Wow! Cadence must really be mature and far too smart. OwO

Well for Selim...




In reality I got Selim from another err 'place' Still... I think these two are good examples >_<
The Werelion (played anonymously)

Hah! Selim is a FC! Not that.. I would know about his source material... >.>


Xochi is...

Aisha Clan-Clan- Outlaw Star aisha-clan-clan-gif-11.gif

Shinobu Jacobs- No More Heroes tumblr_nx9kkuqTl41r0frfio1_500.gif

The Beast - Beauty and The Beast giphy.gif
Zizka (played by j_a7980)

This is an interesting idea. I think I like it.

Zizka's major influences are:


Jan Zizka, his namesake, was a Czech military commander


Goblin Slayer, at least so far as his no nonsense approach to combat and do what it takes attitude


And Big Boss for his dream of letting soldiers fight for not gods or kinds, but for their own glory and ends.
Pint (played anonymously)

Pint is..

D'artagnan- D'artagnan and the Three Musketeers 120144-1.jpg

Baki- Baki the Grappler tumblr_mp6km2GQKS1r61a7no2_250.gif

and of course..

Gimli - Lord of the Rings giphy.gif
Andaran Firetree (played anonymously)

Now for an Elf!

King Varian Wryn- Warcraft tumblr_inline_oyvc41lTXR1rc3oyu_540.gif

Haohmaru - Samurai Showdown 03561fd43c7b0a2180f04bec9b814a39.gif

Swordmaster of Hoeth- Warhammer 09dc88a1668a90aba54a7d4f5dc73fa22119eb8a_large.jpg
Pepper (played anonymously)

Hmmm. Puss in boots, Sherlock Holmes, and my pet cat Pumpkin!
Raizo from Ninja Assassin

Yang from Warrior's Way

Zoro from One Piece (I hate one piece too 😂)

Anyway, she has the potential to be a fierce warrior. Which she is when she's following commands.
I took a bunch of different inspirations for Neriah, but I'd say the major ones are:

Rei/Sailor Mars




Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You

Amethyst Azureshield (played anonymously)

I just can't resist adding more Sailor Moon into the mix!

Amethyst is..

Chibiusa - Sailor Moon tumblr_nlxyzmxfGM1tggy4no1_500.gif

Lady Brienne Tarth - Game of Thrones tumblr_mkk1wmmrzg1qlxbtso1_500.gif

Varric Tethras - Dragon Age giphy.gif
Sarissa Bluefeather (played anonymously)

David - David and Goliath. 84db4ff007ffee27d9bde59bd805c57c.jpg

Aveline de Grandpre - Assassin's Creed Liberation tumblr_inline_orv78h59W01r1nhg3_540.gif

Diana the Acrobat- Dungeons and Dragons Animated Series Diana.jpg
Deville (played by Dndmama)

Shall we keep this party train a rolling? I think we will!

With Deville it's more I see her in other characters than I was inspired by other characters to make her, but suffice to say she's very...

Malificent (animated, not live action)


Cruella DeVille


Mor'du (from Brave)


Yes, it's a lot of Disney villains, but let's be honest, for pure, fun, unapologetic evil, are there any better?
Tan'Nun'Nyo (played anonymously)

I agree with Disney villains being pure evil. Here's Nyoner's inspiration.

The Joker- Batman Q6tf36D7gwtx.gif

Scar - The Lion King tenor.gif

Sif- Dark Souls tumblr_n2a8qqQn7z1sjn51ko1_500.gif

Hey, 1 out of 3, that's not too bad! 8E
Zipactli (played anonymously)

Here's another, 'cause why not???

El Fuerte - Street Fighter IV f79f1302957123d08129c8119888102d.jpg

Desmond Miles - Assassin's Creed tumblr_mttkub5CDa1s9a1zuo3_500.gif

Genji Shimada- Overwatch WhiteEnlightenedGelding-size_restricted.gif
Efficacious (played by Dndmama)

I dunno why this thread resonates with me so much but here we go!

Effy is...

Pinky Pie!


Luna Lovegood


Giselle (Enchanted)

Shamshir (played anonymously)


Here's another halfling for ya!

Shamshir is..

Frodo Baggins- Lord of the Rings giphy.gif

The Lone Ranger- source.gif

Saladin- hqdefault.jpg
Gunnan - The Metal Goliath (played by 2pointO)

Kinda an obvious mix here, but here ya go.

Alphonse Elric - FMA

My son Vivi Orienter - Final Fantasy 9

And finally....

My boyo Wall-E

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