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So I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I don't know if it's been addressed in the past or not but!

I love seeing my friend's and rp partner's characters pop up on my dash, especially when new art is added or they do those forum games. So fun! But I've been doing a lot of rping with anonymous characters recently and while I have no issues if people chose to remain anon, I still love these characters. If they edit their page or add a new gallery pic or post in a forum being cute or sassy or BA I don't know because I don't know of any way to follow them and keep up with what's going on without constantly checking back on their page.

So I just thought it would be nice to add a button that allows you to essentially 'friend' an anonymous character without actually needing to friend the person/profile playing them.
Could you make one of your characters a 'friend' or an 'acquaintance' of the anonymous character? I think that makes their activity show up in your activity feed.
What Juls said!

If you do a character connection with that anonymous char, it shows up on your dashboard feed when they add pictures, add journal entry, so on and so forth.

I can officially vouch for that! :)
Dndmama Topic Starter

I didn't know that. Probably because if I feel comfortable enough making a character connection with someone I usually have their writer friended already. I'll look into that. Thanks!

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