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ok so for a good month now I've been working on a movie script but I've only got about 3 scenes done :( I don't know if it would fit on here or if this topic is allowed on this forum... I just wanted some creative minds to give me their opinions ands suggestions.. PM me if your interested thanks in advance!
Well... what is it about?
Major_payne25 Topic Starter

It’s an action movie called “resist and bite”. It’s about a syndicalist-communist terror group that forms and begins to coordinate a takeover of the world... so a task force of 4 men to help take them down... one russian one American one german and one British soldier...
Oooooh, sounds awesome!
Major_payne25 Topic Starter

Yeah idk if I can but I can try and post the script so far?
How is your movie script coming along Major Payne?

You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » need opinions on a project

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