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a world filled with with beast men and mythical creatures, separated buy human wars and rage. the distant regions all different in there own ways, taken from the peaceful villages of tua'lao home of many beast men species. humans harbored deep hate and fear of all magic bearing creatures, although most species live far away, beast men live only a ocean away from there region. taken into the magic slave trade of rau'shai. most beast men loose hope and submit to human control. one unfortunate night while out mending some wounded animals, many women were taken from there village, one in particular being hunted because of a strange prophecy she has been held to. taken deep into a dark ship yard and tied to shackles, and lead up onto a stage where bidding's were being yelled out by numerous tall men and fancy women. she was bought by a man dressed in a black cloaks holding onto chained up children and women. hours later they finally step onto soft grass and stare up at a large mansion.

~day 1~

the man screams, bringing the whip down on to my body. i bite my lip to stop the screams and only mutter a wince from the pain. why did this happen? HOW did this happen... i keep thinking over and over again in my head. it was only a 2 years ago i awoke from nowhere and started helping the village people with my mysterious powers, ive seen battles between packs and tribes many times before. but never did i think that i'd be treated so poorly because of my abilities. i stand up and look around at all the other beast men, i can tell they are looking at my intricate markings and wondering why i'm hear. before i know it a blonde lady dressed in velvet red clutches my hand to drag me away. i look back at the crowd as they get paired up into groups with whip cracks just barely missing them. the white rags i wore got ripped off my skin and i was pushed into a tub of cold bubbly water. the scent was somewhat comforting all up until the women vigorously scrubbed my skin with a frown. "these damn things wont come off!" she said with frustration and dumped a bucket over my head rinsing me clean. i was dressed in a magenta gown, it barely grasped my figure and sagged down my shoulders. then i got placed into a blue room with barred windows, a few others were sitting down tiredly.

i would prefer this to be on discord as that way i get notifications, my family has been going through a lot so delayed responses might happen if on here. i want this to be with a group of people, no 1 v 1 rps for this story, your oc can be a enslaved beastmen of any age or a human/creature of high rank who owns slaves. i will aprrove your oc before you join, don't worry im not picky lol. humans don't approve of beast men in this world there are very few who will be kind to them. the plot will fallow a story of escaping and coping with life as a slave, the rest of the world does not have slavery and is filled with many secrets and lore.

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