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Welp, I'm back again- Heya, I'm len/spiritualeclipse, and I. Am. A big fan of cute things. And, imo, the cutest thing of all, is very cute cuddly siblings. So the main kind of rp I look for like, 90% of the time, is cute sibling cuddle RP's. And as you probably figured out based on the title, thats what I'm doing today!

So, these RPs are generally focused on cuddles at least at first, but can branch out into adventure and stuff later on (as it can ultimately get a bit difficult to sustain cuddles alone indefinitely). Because of this I generally do the RP in either a fantasy or sci-fi setting (I'm really bad at modern!)

In sci-fi I'll usually RP either a genetically enhanced androgynous subspecies of human, or kemonomimi. In fantasy, either kemonomimi or one of a couple of 'fae' races I have. Failing either of those options, humans are acceptable too, and other human like races are on the table too.

Finally... these rp's dont have very long posts generally, but they do need to be detailed. Like half the rp is just the focus on detailing the specifics of cuddles and other cute stuff, so its kinda a necessity. I'd go more in depth regarding my rp preferences and stuff but rn I'm kinda sleepy and dont want this to drag on, so just hmu and I'll tell you allllll about it.

Hope to hear from you all!

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I would like a bit of a cute sibling RP

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