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Hey all! I have a burning question that I need feedback for. If you could give me your yays and nays, and why you feel that way, it would really help me settle my internal debate. This is just a curiosity question for now but it'll help me decide if I want to go through with something or not ^^;

What are your opinions in playing in a curated world that's an entirely original creation?

Think something like a DMed game (like d&d) with a set list of races, cities, events, cultures, etc. but with less (no) dice and less reliance on the DM to create plot points. The DM would just run a support role playing minor characters, inserting interesting interruptions into public rp, setting up plot hold for people to start with, and keeping things generally organized. And being a nice compendium of knowledge when players need to know if something is or isn't okay.
Absolutely fine and fun! That really just sounds like your basic roleplay in someone else’s personal universe w/ a little more control. Roleplay, both forum and TTRPG, is about creativity, and TTRPGS like D&D and monster of the week didn’t just sprout out of nowhere!!
I know I myself prefer originality as opposed to having to waste time and energy learning whole role systems and guidelines of most tabletop rpg based games.

I feel they are too dictated by numbers as opposed to freeform and are far too governed. Granted there are problems with freeform where people may not understand the basis of balance, causality. It really depends of course on the situation and the person/people you are writing with. Some rules are immensely helpful, but should not dictate everything I feel.

However, I know for me I enjoy seeing the original works more than anything.
To come back to this, the only problem I can imagine in a setting where only one person had control of what is and isn't is basically just... You need to be an easily accessible resource, or have one handy for when you're busy. Other than a lot of constant questions, this really isn't at all different from the majority of forum/chat roleplays I've been in, particularly the one's I've set up myself. A lot of the roleplays around here already don't use dice or rely on specific people to create overarching plots vs the whole group.

I do this all the time, though some of it is adapted lore, I occasionally make a setting entirely from a roleplay. It's generally more fun to do, as it allows for more flexibility than an established setting. I seem to be very apt at doing this, I can take a tiny bit of inspiration and cook up some lore pretty fast. Depending on what you're going for, you may want a lot of pre-established things, or merely add the framework and continue on from there.
Worldbuilding is something I enjoy a lot, and I love to introduce it when I am roleplaying in a fantasy setting.
There is something so interesting and fun about being able to create internal rules, whole different cultures, lore, arcane secrets, different species, fauna, flora, geography, political relationships and so on. I find it extremely fulfilling, and whenever I have the opportunity to do so, it makes me so happy.
I have roleplayed in already existing worlds, but, personally, I find it funnier and more engaging when my roleplay partner(s) and I can create our own world together.
However, this depends a lot on the type of roleplay I am thinking about. Some of my favourite roleplays are historical fiction ones, and in such case, worldbuilding isn't as extensive as it would be if we were creating a fantasy world from scratch. I really have no preference between one and another.

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