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The time has come... The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse have come to Britianna to bring about the Apocalypse to this place and end it for a new civilization to be born anew from its Ashes. To make matter worse the Demons have returned to the world to bring the world to keel under them. What the future has in store, no one knows, Wither it be the Sins and the Holy Knights who will stop the tides of these new enemies and old foes and bring peace back to the lands, The Demons and Commandments to conquer Britianna and enslave the known races of the Known World, or will be the Horsemen and their armies to bring about The End Times to the island and destroy all opposing sides. Nobody could say but whoever wins, the cost for victory will be high.
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

Strife was on his horse,Rebellion.He couldn't believe that he has to find find one of the Sins.At least one, to get them to fest up on the cause of the Apocalypse.

He hated/loved this. He loved the chase and the fight. But he hated that he has to be called up first. And of all the Horsemen.But it was a job, and he couldn't complain about it.
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

Hull arrived around 2 weeks since Strife landed on Britannia and within the eastern part of the island. He came here looking and preparing for something huge. He felt nothing as of yet as all he saw since his landing for open grasslands, mountains, and hills. Not even a sign of any sort of civilization. He felt frustrated as the lack of any Intelligent life in any direction his vision. His horse Be'lakor, a light red horse was busy taking its orders from Lawrence of going in a straight line and mapping out the routes he would create to help his fellow Horsemen. He then began to monologue to himself about the lack of any life forms to be seen and continued to carry.

But unknown to him, if he continued the same way he went then he will be 3-day journey to the Kingdom of Camelot.
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

Strife would stop at a village after a bit of travel. Though he planned to get to travel around Britannia. He could sleep on the outskirts of town, a bed sounded better.

After finding the main cottage and renting a room for the night, he would take a seat on one of the chairs and put his feet on the table. This was the rendezvous point before they e
get near Camelot.
((Can I hop in? This looks really amazing and I know that my Elemental Prophets would love to fight around here.))
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

((, Sure but are you a Sin, Commandment, or Horsemen))
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

Hull after a day worth of traveling later would eventually arrive at a moderately sized-village during the day. At first, people were somewhat intimidated by his uniform and mask which was extremely strange from most Holy Knights in the lands. However, their suspension died down after a while when he was in the tavern and rented a large room for around a couple of months so the just assumed he was a knight staying down here for a while.

With them believing he was a Holy Knight he began to plan as he put down maps of the different Kingdoms he procured and measurement tools on a fairly large table. His Gas mask hid his emotions but he was smiling giddily as his plans are being set in place and stone.
((I can probably pull out some of my own characters to be the sins if they are OCs. I can also play the canon sins as well.))
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

((Which do you prefer?))
((I can play the originals))
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

((Doesn't matter if it's OCs or Canon characters. Pick the one's that are more comfortable for you to use :) ))
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

Throughout the day, Strife figured that he could help the town, when he needs to.

He would hunt monsters, as he finds no fun in just going for lost people, unless they were captured by monsters. Out of all the horsemen, Strife was always about himself, but could risk his life. But he was more about the Gold more than anything.
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

In his room large room in the town, he came recently to he had everything set up for a temporary base of operations until all Horsemen had arrived and their armies were signaled to cross the Great Pond. There Lawernce had multiple swords mounted up and maps both old and new littered the wall with multiple different routes and villages near there.

Currently, Hull was on a chair that was looking out a window. He was reading a book that contained information on the multiple races of Britannia. What intrigued him the most was the Giants. It read that the Giants were a savage and warlike race that has a connection to the earth but they still can listen to reason and if he defeats a leader of a tribe 1v1 combat maybe they will serve. Hull thought to himself if he is going to head up to the North of the Britannia, he may as well recruit a couple of tribes to further his plans.
Alongside Northern Brittania, the Seven Deadly Sins were walking about, trying to fix the damage caused by the Ten Commandments. After a long day of rebuilding towns and wiping out demons, the Sins decided that it was time to relax outside of the previous town. Meliodas and Ban sparred with each other, while Gowther watched. King and Diane were busy trying not to let the other know of their love, and Escanor kept himself awake by helping Merlin with her own studies.
((Do you mind if I join? I feel my character Grant may be a good ad on.))
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

You can join)
Strife (played by dantefrancis)

Strife now going to Northern Brittania, as he now caught word that the Sins last known location. How he got that info was his knowledge and his knowledge only.

However, once he caught word of what his brother was doing, and he could do roll his eyes.Always planning and thinking. One of these days, he's going to have a thinking stroke.

Although it would be easier to blow their brains was a good idea for reinforcements.
Just one question, who is the horseman of what? Just so I know.))
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

(( I am The Horsemen of War. Strife is the Horsemen of Conquest. So Death and Famine is left.))
Lawrence Serguntem Hull (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

Lawrence remained in Southern Britannia as he planned to things with the local populace of the villages. In the current village, he had been in for the last few days he came to the center of the village with a proportion for the townfolks. He had told them he is recruiting men for a mission of great importance and needed some quality men for his group and said he is willing to pay a large sum for their services. But the reason he has done this was that he was recruiting townsfolk and would be training them to act as a mercenary force that will spread his will and join up with his mercs until the REAL army of War's would arrive.

Some of the younger townsfolk (17-25) were excited about this news and took this as an adventure and to do battle while some of the older folks that needed money would join him to have money to send back to their families. In total, around 150 people in this town of 30,000 had joined up with War. Satisfied with this, Hull had told them to go home, rest, and pack up because they are leaving in 8 days.

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