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Drinks, food and money were the focus of the night. The tavern was alive with laughter and song, and a bandit clad in blue and furs was the center of it all.

Iskra sat, legs kicked up on a crate nearby, a tankard in one hand and the other wrapped around a dainty little barmaid. A quick glance over the bandit would leave one assuming she was a man, but then, intense scrutiny and the feminine edge of her husky voice would defeat that claim. Still, it was obvious who was in charge, as the voices around her goaded her into story after story.

“Tell the one of that strange duo- the princes!” A voice boomed, the burly man nearly falling off his stool as he leaned forward, “Now, the boss, she really did a number on those pompous little boys.”

“And get this!” Iskra slurred, tugging the woman closer to her- “After I beat him into next week, eldest asked me to marry him!” There was laughter, as the bandit caught the chin of the woman in her hands, pulling her face closer, “He wasn’t much my type, but you, darling? What do you say-“

The doors flew open, guards rushing into the tavern. There was no sense of urgency from the bandits, who finished their drinks, and the leader, who stole a kiss from the barmaid before she pushed her away, with a little less care than the other would’ve liked.

She stood, uneven on her feet- the stare down was brief, before the Bandit King’s voice boomed from the room, “SCATTER!”

The tavern erupted into chaos within seconds- some of the Onyx bandits grabbed their weapons, others opted to throw the nearest drink into the face of the guards. And Iskra, made the effort to leap from the windows, glass falling to the snow outside as she scrambled to her feet. Her men would find her come time, but for now, she had to find somewhere to hide.


//This is open! Feel free to reply however you’d like- perhaps a guardsman, a noble hero or maybe you’re more along the type to line up with our bandit Iskra here. I’m not very picky at all. I don’t have an exact direction this is going in, just trying to get a feel for writing once more. Perhaps you have an idea where you’d like to see the story go? Let it flow and a purpose will come.

Please keep it literate and paragraphs are preferred. Once we get maybe two or three others in here I’ll close it off.
The tavern had been alive indeed with laughter, merry making and debauchery when silence took over for all but a few moments as lord knight Pentre himself, the head of the royal army, slammed the doors with his foot, which flew open rather abruptly, clearing the way for him to venture inside. He was a feared dark knight... known by common folk as Tron the Terrible... for his most foul deeds. He was, cruel, despicable, as much a torturer and murderer as the outlaws he relentlessly chased and executed, the only thing knightly about him was his title and his position as the arm of the law. A far reaching arm at that, one where money was never an objection or issue

Approaching the group of renowned bandits, the Onyx clan, was the loud, confident stomping of the black knight's heavy boots who entered the tavern with one single purpose in mind... capturing the infamous Iskra Sokol and her band of outlaws. He knew very well that if you cut the snake's head... the body crumbles and those thugs would fall into his hands, surrender at his feet, if he but laid hands on the prized leader, whose bounty grew higher each week that went by. A very effective way to keep tabs on the rowdy woman.

Tron the Terrible had barely been inside the establishment a few minutes, motioning guards and knights that were flanking him to take their positions, when Iskra rose in defiance and shouted her scrambling orders, causing all hell to break loose.

Drinks were poured onto guards faces and wrecked havok and, much to his indignity and disbelief, Iskra had yet again managed to escape his clutches which vexed Pentre greatly

"Forget this riff raff... go after her!" barked Pentre loudly in a booming voice, sending good and bad knights and guards alike to give chase to Iskra, he himself storming out of the building and over to his horse to follow Iskra's trail and personally aprehend her.

Was it wise to follow a leader without sufficient escort? To venture into her playground without sufficient armed men as backup? Perhaps not, in fact, not at all, but it didn't matter. Pentre only had one thought in mind... Iskra's slender neck tightened by a noose, firmly held in his own grip and he would stop at nothing to achieve this, no matter the cost.
Nails (played anonymously)


A tomboyish elf that had been minding her Ps and Qs all but burst from her chair when the doors flew open and guards poured in. Who where these guys? What was going on? None of it mattered! It was time for a good old fashioned tavern brawl!

Normally, the rowdy Nails would be quite content with sticking to her fists and feet to fend off drunken bar fighters, but theses guys had armor and swords! Now that was simply not playing fair! She pulled out her pair of metal tonfas and gave them a testing whirl before she joined the melee. As a bandit herself she couldn't be too certain they weren't after her and took the safe route by deciding these guards were simply going to arrest everyone in the bar. No way she'd go back to jail! It took her at least a whole week to escape last time.

"Hey! Screw you, pig!!" Cried the androgynous elf as she kicked a stool towards a guard's face and followed it up by uppercutting him between the legs with a swift whack of her tonfa. Hopefully he was wearing some kind of protection there...
Iskra Sokol (played by strawberry_champion) Topic Starter

Quick as she could, Iskra released the clasp on her shoulder that kept her long cloak fastened, tugging it up into her arms so it wouldn’t drag behind her. The last thing she wanted, with that... scum (funny, coming from her) chasing on her heels, was tripping.

She ducked and weaved past strangers, cutting through alleys in an attempt to lose him. The cold sobered her up- but only a little, and when it came to things like these, she needed all the sobering she could. She rubbed her eyes, slamming into a merchant and stumbling over her feet. She could hear Pentre’s horse closing in, and gritted her teeth. Fine, if that’s what it took.

Straightening her back, she turned to face him as he approached, then let out another yell, “Look! Someone dropped some gold!” The satchel on her hip was jerked off the belt, and tossed effortlessly into the air. The coins hit the ground with a satisfying and very distinct clinging, and suddenly, the chaos of the tavern was repeating itself. Passerbys scrambled for the coin, crowding the streets while the bandit took off again. That ought to keep him busy for a moment.


A loud laugh echoed- the man who had been alongside the bandit it seemed, “Nice work, knife ears!” He crowed, glancing at Nails for a brief moment, before taking his own cloak and throwing it over the heads of one of the guards. He hefted the man into the air, then threw him back down on a table, “Name’s Dunsten, try not to get killed and I’ll buy you a drink fer that one!”

“Focus!” A similar man, in a similar cloak, snapped, “And don’t you dare go losing that cloak , or the boss is gonna have your head. Brawling is nice and all, but in case you haven’t noticed, the lovely Tron is after Iskra. And she’s got ale for brains right now, so let’s wrap this up,” He swung a mace at an approaching guard with a yell, before he resumed his pointed glare at the other, “And try to not let her get killed. Again.”

Dunsten rolled his eyes, pulling his cloak from the now unconscious man on the table, “Buzzkill,” he glanced at Nails again, “that’s Alexei, right hand to the boss, he’s got a stick up his ar-“

Nails (played anonymously)

"Hey, yo. Knife Ears? That's a racial slur, buddy." Nails said to the man not sounding too amused about being called that. She never liked the term, personally, and it bothered her that a lot of people didn't seem to think it was an insult to the elven race. But hey, these were humans, she should know better, and the other guy was right, she should focus!

"Nails." She introduced herself as Dunsten gave her his name and that of his associate. "Shoo! You watch out for yer own hide out there, brother. Hell, I bet I can knock out more of these than you can!" Laughed the elven rogue and twirled her tonfas about as she danced in and out of the melee, not committing to any attacks just yet. Wanting to see just how seriously these guards were going to take the fight.

"Wait, hold up! Tron?? As in Tron the Terrible!?" Gasped the elf as Alexei informed them who was attacking the bar. "Hey! Alexei is right! We gotta get outta here! I ain't getting tortured and executed by that ritzy punk!!" Apparently, Tron's reputation preceded him.
Iskra Sokol (played by strawberry_champion) Topic Starter

Dunsten stared at them with a deadpan expression, while someone else laughed at the correction.

“You think that’s bad! Tell ‘em what ya called Wyvern last week!” The man was doubled over laughing, his boot on the back of a guard he had knocked down. They were really functioning as if the guards hadn’t even shown up- most of the taverns crowd had ran when the trouble erupted, and the few that didn’t stuck far away from Nails and the crew that had been surrounding the bandit, not to mention the guards.

“Tron sure is a punk, too big for his britches, thas what I say.” A dismissive wave from Dunsten, “He went after the King himself- he ain’t even caught her with all of the kingdom on her heels. If you’ve escape em once, you can do it again. Getting caught don’t mean the end.”
Riswald (played anonymously)

((I'd like to join, but I'mma wait a post or two more to see how I can fit in, if that's okay!))
Nails (played anonymously)

Sounded like everyone was having a grand ol' time then! Nails liked these group of men, they were just her type to be hanging around. Just a bunch of brigands cracking jokes whilst beating the ever loving snot out of guards.

As much fun as she was having, the elven rogue knew better than to stick around and wait for the heavy hitters to show up. She didn't mind sticking around and play with the guards some more... provided she had a plan of escape, and currently that part was missing.

"Hey, no offense taken, big guy. Just don't call me that again!" Nails laughed and bumped Dusten with one of her tonfas, she needed the big burly fighter to stay focused if they were getting out of these one not in chains.

"Yeah, for sure, but hey, listen. I'd love to stick around and hang out but I got no plans to end up in chains again. Not even for a little bit! You guys got any plans for escaping?" Nails wouldn't tell the bandits that if their answer as no she'd bail on them immediately, they didn't know she was the selfish type-- after all, that sort of thing was assumed in their profession.
Iskra Sokol (played by strawberry_champion) Topic Starter

//Absolutely! Join in whenever you see fit! And if you think it’s be easier, Iskra’s currently hiding out in town from the guards, if I need to pull her back up to help you ease in I can!


He chuckled at the nudge, moving forward and taking another guard down. By now, the crowd had almost been dispersed, and Alexei heard Nails’s question, opting to answer instead.

“Easy,” He grumbled, holding a guard in a headlock as they lowered to the floor, “We finish things up here, then we go get the boss. Tron went after her alone, and she’s a slippery little thing. I bet she’s hiding in some alleyway, already falling asleep.” He stood once he was sure the guard was out, dusting his pants off.

“Or the little Lord Knight’s got ‘er neck in a noose already-“ came a snort, from the man who really seemed more like a peanut gallery than a man. He was wiping his knives off on his shirt- unlike the others, he had clearly been going straight for the kill, “Either way, whaddya say we snatch up Pentre, huh? I bet the King would pay good money to get ‘im back. If not the Nobles, well any neighborin Kingdom wouldn’t mind takin down a man like ‘im.”

“He can’t take us all on,” Dunsten shrugged, then grinned at Nails, and nudged her back “And I bet there’d be a cut of money in for you, if ya wanna take part.”
Nails (played anonymously)

Alright, it looked like the plan was 'fight their way out', Nails could work with that- certainly better than no plan at all.

"Works for me!" She said as she delivered a solid overhead tonfa smash on the skull of the guard currently being put on a headlock by Dunsten. "Quit playing with them and let's get outta here!" She told the large bruiser of a man. Nails was curious about this little ring leader of these men. Not only was she apparently a woman, which Nails already respected, but they had enough loyalty for her to fight and risk imprisonment for her- even while she was already out and sort of waiting on her minions to sort themselves out. Very interesting indeed, Nails would like to meet her, it had been a long time she ran with a crew of her own. Being an elf and all, she didn't get to spend too much time with humans, tops she'd roll with a human gang for 20 or so years before they got all too old or injured and she didn't look like she aged a day. Maybe it was time to start the cycle again..

As the man with the knives suddenly perked up to offer his own grim outlook on things, Nails couldn't help but scowl at him noticing that he had killed a few of the guards. Nails had no problems murdering people, and she had plenty of blood on her hands, but she certainly preferred not to since murder usually got the town guard even more pissed off at her. She'd learn that guards weren't so keen on trying to capture her if she was just a petty thief, hence why she preferred fighting with tonfas rather than blades.

Still, the knife wielding psychopath offered a good point! They should take this opportunity to capture Pentre! "Hell yeah! I like that plan! Count me in, I gotta pay Pentre back for being a prick anyway!" Nails readily accepted Dunsten's invitation and she started fighting with renewed vigor, kicking a guard in the knee to break his leg, then smashing another one on the neck to collapse his wind-pipe-- she.. might have killed that one, woops!

"Outta the way, nimrods!! Mama needs to go get some cash money!!" She yelled as she smashed a guard on both sides of the head with her tonfas.

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