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So, I just gotta know. Push notifications are the pop-up notifs, right? Because I have it connected to my device but they're no showing up when a thread I'm subscribed to updates? Am I doing something wrong or am I just dumb and think push notifs are something else?
Nah you're right! Push Notifications are the popup notifications. However, they've been notoriously buggy for many years :(
They are what you think they are. I've had the same issue before, I'm not sure why sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, I've always just chalked it up to my computer settings blocking them somehow.
Kim Site Admin

I have noticed that Chrome has an AWFUL habit now of suppressing push notifications if you have the website they are for open. Apparently it assumes since you're already at the website, you don't want to be bothered to check that website -- but that doesn't make sense if you want to see pushes about, say, a forum topic while you're off editing a character profile.

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