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since it’s nearly halloween, i would love to hear of your favorite myths! anything from big foot to, perhaps, some more local myths and lore :D

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I don't know if this really fits but my dad has always insisted that you don't close a knife handed to you that you have to give it back to the person who gave it to you to use for them to close or it will cut the friendship. Also that you have to give something metal and it can be as simple as a nickle if someone gifts you a knife.
Ooh, there are so many things!

In terms of 'proper myth', there are quite a few Japanese myths I'm interested in. The Greek myths about the 12 labors of Hercules are interesting, the Hindu creation myth with Soma and the later shift over to focus on fire and sacrifice in the very early/ancient days of that part of the world are interesting. Anything involving wendigos, inugami and the rituals/curses associated with them (I literally have an inugami character xD), the story about when Kali went off and tried to kill everything... I'm sure I could find more lol.

As for not 'true myths', but reaching over into creepypasta territory: anything from the SCP foundation, and the 'I Know Why We Never Retruned to the Moon' and 'Weird Shit I've Seen as a Marine' series are great :D
FYI: The first story from the last link is based on a real place, and there are real stories about supernatural things including the jeeps there getting randomly KO'd or flipping/getting stuck for no real apparent reason :O Spooky af!

As for local myths, unfortunately there's nothing in my area. Other than growing up, some people claimed the local river was full of leeches. But I think that was more of a joke or teasing me as a kid than anything :D

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