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The Golden Devil was docked and lit with candles and lanterns, the walkway up to the ship open for all. It wasn’t often Tyr found himself docked this time of year- certainly not in friendlier waters, and after a bit of coaxing from the crew members, a celebration had begun.

Music played, drinks flowed, and the great Captain Pontia sat at a table laid out with foreign treats and little toys, sipping cider from a cup while the crew and new friends danced and talked. The night was clear, the air brisk, and the noise attracted attention from those around, curious eyes and hearts daring to adventure onto the ship.

He waved absentmindedly to the crew that continued to glance his way- he was never very good with this socializing, but they had insisted they take part in the holiday. Something about making friends being “good for him.” It was charming in a way, but he wanted to stay behind the table, entertaining the few that came to inspect its contents and take what they wanted.
Stonebridge Pirates (played anonymously)

Times were lean right now and if another ship's captain was going to be generous enough to offer up free food and drinks, that was one less meal Amos Stonebridge needed to provide for his crew. At one point in time, he'd have considered himself above such tactics, but those days were long gone.

He'd directed his crew to leave their flintlocks and swords behind. Most had obeyed, though it was likely there was a concealed weapon or two in a boot or tucked inside a belt. Hopefully they'd stay there. Amos had enough enemies. No need to make more of them over some stupid drunken brawl between crews.

As his crew went to mingle, Captain Stonebridge and his woman, Gussie Dressler, approached Captain Pontia.

"Ahoy! Fine ship ye got here, Captain," Amos complimented, giving the railing of the Golden Devil an approving pat. Originally a navy man, Amos had a love of sailing ships. Of course, he favored his own, as all Captains did, but could appreciate the beauty and elegance of other vessels. He extended a hand to the other captain while Gussie hung back, a slight scowl of suspicion on her features. She'd suggested several times today that this party might be a ruse, a trap to arrest Amos. But he'd failed to listen and now her gaze was sweeping the guests, looking for those that might be showing an overt amount of interest Amos.
Captain Tyr Pontia (played by strawberry_champion) Topic Starter

Oh dear- people. More pirates at that, Pontia’s crew seemed to welcome them with open arms. Still, he hung back, until he saw the pair approaching the table, offering a curt nod.

“She’s a beauty,” He mused, with a pleasant smile. That was a great way to get a favorable reaction out of him, “Was my fathers ship before mine, minus a few modifications I made.”

He stood, pushing his thick hair from his face before shaking his hand firmly, “Welcome ta the party. Crew insisted on it. Names Tyr Pontia.” He smiled, glancing at Gussie, “Relax, I’ve got friends here. They won’t come bothering us, not with what I paid.”
Stonebridge Pirates (played anonymously)

"Amos Stonebridge," Captain Stonebridge returned. "And Miss Augusta Dressler."

He'd already known Pontia's name by reputation. Plus, Gussie had done some asking around about the man today in her quest to determine if this was some kind of trap. Though she hadn't found out much beyond the fact that he was wanted for piracy, seemed to be well liked by his crew, and that apparently he didn't often, if ever, keep the company of prostitutes.

"Yeah? And just wot makes your friends our friends?" Gussie asked bluntly, causing Amos to grimace. Maybe he should have left her back on the Crimson Cutlass. The woman had no sense of tact.

"What Miss Dressler means," he tried to smooth it over and pave the way for some joint ventures in the future, "is that we're open to forming new friendships. I understand you are a man of some ambition, Captain Pontia."
Captain Tyr Pontia (played by strawberry_champion) Topic Starter

He didn’t seem bothered by her comments, and offered a small laugh, “Money is the great equalizer, Ma’am. Wouldn’t be very agreeable if they decided to crash my party just to haul someone off, now wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t happen easy either.” As if for reassurance, Tyr patted the sword on his hip.

He adjusted his scarf, feeling a little more relaxed. They seemed like an agreeable pair, regardless of her feelings. Who could blame her- it was an odd occurrence, and frankly one he could’ve lived without. But the crew had insisted, and he supposed he felt a bit...excited, at the prospect, “The sentiment is the same. But yes, I suppose I could be considered ambitious. It’s a family trait. And what about you two, hm? I’ve certainly heard of you, Captain Stonebridge. I don’t keep too much with the politics of foreign lands, but you do hear names thrown around from time to time.”
Stonebridge Pirates (played anonymously)

"Guess that de..." Gussie started.

Amos squeezed her shoulder, asking her kindly to please shut up. And she did, though somewhat grudgingly, giving both Amos and Tyr a displeased look.

"Whatever you've heard, it's likely true," Stonebridge said with a smirk, knowing full well there were rumors that painted him in a favorable, almost heroic light. Others were less than flattering, painting him as a traitor to his country. But such was the way of the world.

"There are things in my country of birth that would interest someone with a ship like this," he said. "Paired with a war galleon, I imagine she'd be a formidable foe."

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