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Wandering through the ripple in space to the forest seen beyond may not be the wisest course of action, but there is a jack'o'lantern through there, resting on a stump the size of an ample dinner table. In fact, the entire clearing beyond it is... decorated. A strange mist fills the air toward the edges, and hints of faces, hands, and vague figures lurk just inside, barely visible in the dim, late-evening light. All manner of strange wood-and-metal machines and pieces of antique-looking equipment line an approximated path, electrodes sparking, flywheels whirling, dim lights flickering, and pistons pumping to create an image of a Frankenstein-style-scientist's workspace, including a scorched and stained bed-sized working-table off to the left where numerous cables seem to lead. The space between the machines and gizmos leads to the base of a colossal tree, and an opening the size of a single-car garage door diving between a pair of the enormous roots and into the darkness.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the elaborate setup may catch the faint glint of crimson runes inscribed on the wood of the machines, barely glowing enough to stand out against the wood at all. In fact, anyone sensitive to magical energy can feel the energy here. The runes of course, the mist as well, but the air in this forest, of this world, even, is positively thrumming with energy.

At least for the first visitors, nobody is immediately visible here, but there is an unmistakable, almost unnerving sense of being watched...

((Meta-notes: I'm probably only able to handle a half-dozen people at once here, though if a well-coordinated group of more is going around together, I might be able to accommodate that if nobody else is here. :3 Also, please, please, please try not to "talk over" each-other too much. '^v^ I'll be responding frequently, but not constantly. Please be courteous and patient with your posts <3))

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