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Sam (played anonymously)


Before we begin, I have a few simple rules:
Characters must be 18+ to gain entrance to the establishment.
Costumes are required for this event.
Your character doesn't have to sing or get on stage, but it's highly encouraged.
This is a modern venue with mild supernatural elements welcome.
Have fun!

The lights were dimmed, the tables packed already with a few strays still straggling in last minute. There was no cut-off time for entry, but the show had already begun about ten minutes prior. Drinks and food were being served by waiters dressed in variations of tuxedos and dresses, all colored a deep shade of purple. Staff were the only ones out of costume, only so that patrons could easily spot them in a crowd if they needed assistance. The dancefloor was currently empty as well, (located in the bottom right corner of the reference picture), but would eventually be bustling as the night carried on. Some patrons would likely leave after they did their song, and management expected as much, but those that stayed until the end would be entered in some sort of raffle that the staff was being rather secretive about. Each inquiry would be met with a sly little smile and vague answers that gave nothing away about the surprise.

Sam was dressed to the nines himself, in a black tux, with a horizontally striped black and white tie. A white button down shirt was tucked into black fitting slacks, while worn leather boots covered steady feet. The six foot man was built like a tank with those broad shoulders and such, but precise hands had made him even more intimidating hours earlier when they painted elaborately detailed skeleton makeup onto his face and neck. Fingers twitched nervously. His turn was coming up soon. Sam sang as a hobby usually, and more often than not his audience was his shower head or his empty home. This.. this was huge.

The woman on stage finished her jazzy version of Poker Face by Gaga and the crowd clapped loudly, whistling with encouragement. She passed Sam on her way to her seat and flashed a jagged grin, half hidden behind a black tattered veil. He nodded lightly, hands shaking as he climbed those stairs she'd just descended. This was it, the moment of truth. Stage fright was a thing, he'd heard, but he was above that, yeah? Whistles rang out from the audience, his hand reaching to touch the microphone. The lights dimmed as the first few chords filled the room hauntingly. "I'm sending a raven~" he sang smoothly, ocean blue eyes hidden by solid black contacts washing over the crowd slowly, "Black bird in the sky~ Sending a signal that I'm here, some sign of life~" The lights over the stage shifted to a nice shade of crimson, giving the skeleton of a man an even spookier edge as that music picked up moments later.

The chorus and second verse were as smooth as the beginning. Sam had melted into the moment, his twitchy hands having calmed themselves as the music seemed to wrap around his very bones. The man was friends with the owner, due to saving her cat from a tree a time or two in the past, and she'd been the one that urged him on stage tonight. He was thankful he'd listened as the applause rang out once he finished his turn. A flattered sort of grin trailed over his lips and he gave a short bow before making his way offstage to give the next person their turn. He returned to his table close to the stage, lifting his glass and taking a long drink of the red wine he had ordered to try and ease his nerves earlier. The night was just getting started, and he was excited to see what sort of talent came through.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

Things had really fallen off for Rebecca after her band disintigrated at the end of their last tour. Bec was off to rehab and all the musicians all scattered. Rebecca now played small solo shows and took other opportunities she could find. It was why she considered this Halloween open mic night. She picked up a flyer at the coffee shop and saw that the only real requirement was to wear a costume.

"I can do that. I'll just go in as a full-on Samheim Witch, and I have just the song for it." she said to herself. She was curious who else may be at this thing, and she made some calls to a couple musicians she had worked with to see if they would be willing to show up.

The day of the show, Bec came in wearing black and looking very much like a witch. She wanted to make sure she registered in time to get on stage, but even if she didn't, it would be good to mingle with a bunch of strangers in costumes. It would also be a test of her sobriety. She had been clean for some time now and seemed to have a handle on staying away from intoxicants.

She milled around drinking water and looking for her friends. Eventually she found them and the moment where they could take the stage came too soon. The guitarist was the Grim Reaper, the bass player had a meat cleaver in her head, and the drummer had the whole 'Lurch' thing going on. Practice was non-existant, and so they would just enjoy getting together on this spooky night and take in the various artists in stage after they were done.

They got up on stage and did a quick tune, and Rebecca said in the mic, "This is a song about a Welsh Witch..." .... They played for around six minutes and had to clear the stage as they went over time...
Sam (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Sam was still seated at his table when Rebecca showed up, his eyes on the stage as a timid little thing was finishing up a song he'd never really heard before. As Bec and her friends headed onto the stage for their turn, Sam watched them all with quiet curiosity. That was an interesting mash-up of costumes, and it was kind of cool that they hadn't gone with a theme like a few of the other bands in the building had done. It made them stand out a little more, at least in his opinion; mostly just because matching was too predictable. Nostalgia swept in as he watched them tune up for their show, taking him back to nights of goofing off on his guitar to an empty house. The 'sound checks' and pretending he had an audience.

He brushed away his thoughts when Rebecca spoke into the mic, elbows moving to the table as fingers interlaced and his chin landed on his hands delicately. Her voice was lovely, he decided rather easily, the music wrapping around him again as it had done when he was onstage himself. Every movement, every strum, every note was taken in and appreciated. His foot had began tapping lightly about half way through the song. It was smooth and easy on the ears, so it was easy to become entranced and pulled into the moment.

Six minutes had passed already? He blinked a few times, glancing around as applause rang out loudly from the other patrons. Sam clapped as well, giving the band a warm smile as they departed the stage since his table was so close to the steps. "Awesome job," he called out over the roar of the crowd, "Mind if I ask how long you've been singing?" He wasn't the best at being social, especially since he was such an old soul and had trouble keeping up with trends and what was 'in' at any given moment in time, but perhaps that question would be enough of an ice breaker to make a potential new friend. I mean, the worst she could do is just completely ignore him and walk on by, yeah?
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

Rebecca smiled at the applause they got, especially being such a hodge-podge of musicians that had recently toured as The New Band of Gypsys' and who Rebecca managed to get to gather at the same place on Halloween. The guitarist stayed on stage and tuned his guitar with the bass player as she stepped down off the stage and was going to go get some sparkling water to drink. It was then when she heard the sharp-dressed man at the table near the front of the stage compliment the performance and ask her a question.

Rebecca paused and turned, her black-chiffon skirts swirling as she smiled. She had sort of overdone the black eye make-up in sort of her punk-metal style of Bec's Revenge, her last band, but her smile cut through the ghoulish air. "How long? Since I was a teenager..." she said as she looked around. Looking back to the man, she asked, "I was into the music scene pretty full-on up until a year ago. Sort of hit a rough patch and went down in flames. I'm working on the next phase of my career now."

Maybe it was a bit to share with a complete stranger, but Bec, sort of got the impression that he was the head honcho of the venue. She looked around again and said, "I'm Rebecca Savage... Bec for short. Nice place here. You own it?"
Being he was already on stage and there didn't appear that anyone else was cue'd to come on, Darrell stepped back to the mic. "That was Rebecca Savage. Beautiful singer..."

He riffed a couple notes on his guitar. and rearranged his Grim Reaper costume before saying, "We're called 'Outskirts' ... well two-thirds of Outskirts anyway. Alex is an old friend on drums sitting in for Derek who is off at some Haloween house party. Anyway, thought since we're already up here on stage, we'd play a bit of a Halloween rocker for you before we unplug and mingle."

Darrell looked over to Erica to see if she had her mic set-up, then back to Lurch on the drums and since he had his cowbell set, with a nod Darrell started playing the opening riff... "This is called 'Don't Fear The Reaper'...”

After a rough start to the song, the three coalesced in the latter half, with Darrell softening his vocals and Erica filling in the background and second vocal nicely...

...Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn't go on
Then the door was open and the wind appeared
The candles blew then disappeared
The curtains flew then he appeared, saying don't be afraid
Come on baby, and she had no fear
And she ran to him, then they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodbye, she had become like they are
She had taken his hand, she had become like they are
Come on baby, don't fear the reaper...

Instead of fading out, they wrapped up the song with a driving frenzy that ended with one last tink of the cowbell. "Thank you very much... goodnight." Darrell said before they quickly unplugged and got off stage. "Let's go find some beers." he said to the drummer as the next act took the stage.
Wilhelmina (played by MissPixie)

8sHHgBB.jpg The vampire had a soft spot for Halloween, though she wasn't sure if it was because it gave her an excuse to dress up, seeing how creative other people were, or if it was the themed gatherings that people seemed to be drawn towards. She was a social creature, someone always willing to be around other people even if she was in an entire establishment full of complete strangers. Her costume tonight wasn't anything extravagant, but it was it was a still considered a costume.

Stepping into the establishment, she was pressed in a blue pinstripe suit from the 1940s. It was a men's suit, men's dress shoes on her feet sounding out each of her steps, a hat upon her head. She was fully dressed, including the tie and pocket square. Even though no one could really see them, she was also wearing suspenders as well. After all, if one was going to dress the part, they might as well go all the way. Despite her costume, she was still wearing cosmetics, powder upon her face and lip stick that she seemingly couldn't 'live' without.

Mina walked with all the confidence in the world, head held high as the sound of music and singing reached her ears. She wasn't sure if she was going to sing to night, but it'd be interesting to watch who showed up and had the bravery to get on stage. She wasn't punctual, so by the time she got sights of the stage, there was someone doing a cover of Blue Oyster Cult...Not her favorite type of music, but she could respect the musicians' choices.

She watched as they finished up and exited the stage, pursing her lips slightly and making a clicking noise with her tongue before meandering closer to the stage to get a better view of the next act. Maybe it was rude of her not to find a seat or a table, but it was easier to stand with the place as crowded as it was. Someone could shout at her if she was in their way.
The lawyer tugged at the collar of her suit, she was dressed as a Vampire Lawyer, shocking... With fake teeth and a cheesy cape, she walked up to the bouncer, looking him in the eyes and gulping as she showed her ID and was welcomed in, walking around as she took in a deep breath. Before she became a lawyer, she once wanted to be a comedian, so what better time than now? The stage was empty and she was ready to go up, and do her... "routine" as she called it, but really it was just winging it.

Walking to what she assumed was where she was supposed to go up, she grinned a little, sweating as she grabbed a stool and sat down in front of the mic, looking at the crowd as a man in the back coughed, a man with... a missing eye. Now that she noticed that the man was somewhat transparent. Yikes... "So hello everyone, I'm uhm... a Lawyer, and on this night of Ghosts and Ghouls, you get more murder cases for people who are already dead than you'd expect!" Her first joke, silence... With a nervous chuckle she stood up and looked around, pointing at the transparent man. "You sir, whether alive or dead, you may be eligible for compensation should you have fallen victim to a very serious disease called 'passingaway'" With this a mysterious rim shot played, and the man spoke up. "I've been dead since 1876!"

Her eyes widened as she gulped and took the mic from the stand, walking to the left of the stage. "When I was a eighteen, I told my Father I wanted to be a comedian, and he told me 'here's the will and testament of your clients wife.' ..." No cigar. She couldn't tell if she was warming up the crowd or boring them. "Lawyers aren't supposed to be funny, so I guess that's the joke here. The girl who's proving you innocent is pulling your leg, I'd personally ask to represent myself in court." She was sweating harder now, getting nervous as she put the mic back in the stand, looking up at the spotlight, she decided to try one more joke. "The police once told me to never quit my day job... I told the officer 'how can I have a day job when you're banging on my door at two in them morning?" She smiled a bit as a chuckle came from the back, and she nodded a little. "Thank you for having me everyone! I'm not gonna be here all night, because I'm pretty sure this place is haunted!"

With that she walked off the stage, tripping a slight before reasserting herself and rushing for the door, crashing through it and booking it down the street in fear.
Sam (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Sam smiled when the woman answered him, nodding warmly, "That makes sense. I could tell you've had practice." When she glanced around and back at him, adding to the explanation, he nodded lightly, "Yikes, sounds like that was a mess. It's awesome you've started the next phase, though. Rough patches come and go, what really matters is how you proceed forward after they happen." Coming from the old soul that's had a million 'rough patches' in his lifetime, but she had no way of knowing that. He did sound as if he knew from experience, in some form or fashion, however. "Sam," he answered, not a fan of giving out his last name due to most remarks immediately afterwards, "It's nice to meet you Bec. Nah, I'm just a good friend of the owner. I volunteer off and on as a firefighter locally, and I've saved her cat more than once. Little gremlin loves to climb trees, haha. Are you from around here?" He didn't get out much, so saying he hadn't seen her around really wouldn't even be all that surprising, hence why he held that comment back.

His eyes flicked to the stage again when the grim reaper went ahead and took over the mic. Outskirts? He hadn't heard of that band, but again, he didn't get out much. Local music wasn't something he was well versed in. Applause had rang out at the name of the song, a few whistles coming from the crowd as well. Sam's lips twitched in a hint of a smile. He knew that song well. Not bad at all, he'd decided. "He's pretty good too," he said to Bec, motioning to a chair nearby if she wanted it. He was planted by himself at the table for three, but his daunting form had intimidated more than a few potentials from joining him.

Sam's eyes moved to Mina when he noticed her, the suit having been what originally caught his attention. He remembered that era of history, but it was definitely unique to see a female in such a look. The confidence in her walk was the second thing he'd noticed, brows furrowed in interest as she headed closer to get a better view. He wanted to say hello to her as well, but didn't want to be rude to the one he was speaking to at the moment by just randomly addressing someone else in the middle of their conversation. A subtle smile was given as she passed his table, curious eyes watching the spot she took close to the stage. It was fine, due to the steps, and was highly unlikely she'd block the view, but someone would definitely address her if so. Sam could still see just fine himself.

The vampire lawyer had Sam biting his bottom lip to hold back a small chuckle. Ohhh how that mashup nearly hit home with him. He could nearly see the nervousness she radiated from here, and could relate to that himself due to his brush with adrenaline earlier himself. Hopefully she'd melt into the moment as well, but time would only tell. His brows rose at the first joke, especially since his own job dealt heavily with murder and crime scenes. Oof. That nervous chuckle though. Poor thing. 1876? Perhaps Sam knew that guy once upon a time. Probably not, though.

The next joke confused him slightly, a tilt of the head given delicately. His attention flicked to Mina and Bec to see what they thought of the comedian. He himself thought that she was dying up there. Sam laughed at that last joke too. Police texted him at all hours of the day/night, so he definitely related to the 2 in the morning thing. He clapped loudly for the girl since she'd seemed so timid up there, hopefully offering some sort of encouragement before she departed as fast as she'd come. His reflexes twitched when she tripped, but he stopped himself from initiating a very inhuman bolt to catch her when he noticed she was fine and had rushed towards the door. Yikes. Haunted? So was his house, so her comment didn't have him the slightest bit uneasy. A few gasps had rang out though, trying to figure out if she was joking about the haunting or being serious. That was a pretty convincing escape of fear if it was just a joke, but the building was old as dirt, so it was probably haunted out the yang.

The stage was empty again, just waiting for the next brave soul to claim it.
Iruga had entered the establishment not too long ago and found herself at a table nearby a few others, looking around and up at the empty stage. There wasn't much to the eye, but the atmosphere was nice enough. She didn't have a real costume so she just donned her scandalous wrestling wear and hoped it passed. She coughed a little, seeing a waiter as she ordered a pornstar martini, grinning at the fact that it'd actually been something here. Maybe someone would take the stage soon enough, maybe not... It all depended. She wasn't in a rush for entertainment as much as she was to escape the training room for just one night.

People talked and ruffled around, laughing and chatting, some making out, even. Hot. Iruga cracked her neck and slouched back in her chair as her drink arrived and she nodded, tipping the tender on the spot without a second thought. "Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea afterall... Thanks coach." she stated to nobody in particular.
Jessica Greer (played anonymously)

gl-1444444-1603231652.pngJessica wandered up to the place that was humming with activity. She checked to see if it was the correct place for the open mic. At least she was dressed for the occasion in a red latex devil costume complete with plastic pitchfork and horns. She carried her old guitar case with her old guitar because well, it was a free open mic night and there was a forecast of rain later in the night.

Getting to the door, the bouncer stopped her and said, “No weapons inside.”
Jessica rolled her eyes and stabbed him with the plastic pitchfork so he could see it was quite harmless. After batting her eyes a little, she was let in. Having a look around, there were some great costumes, and so it would be hard to know any of the people. She went to get a bottle of water from the bar and decided to make their way to the empty stage.

Nodding at different costumed people along the way, she thought a grim reaper may have recognized her. She stepped up feeling silly, and she looked around and tested the mic ‘Is this thing on…” she said in a low voice. It carried so the answer was yes. She pulled up a stool after she got her guitar out and she tuned with a few strums. She looked out to the crowd and smiled,

“How are we all doing this Halloween?” she said before adjusting the mic height. A few heckles about something with the devil echoed out but it was mostly just the din of voices talking and the clink of glassware here and there. As the house background music was faded out, Jessica said, “Ok, for this night of spookiness, I though t I would play the devil’s signature for you… an acoustical cover of AC~DC’s Highway to Hell.”

Jessica started with the opening riff though the noise level of talking didn’t change much. It was good to see everyone have a good time. Before she started singing, she caught sight of the famous Rebecca Savage sitting right up front with a sharp-dressed man… oh suddenly the pressure was on…
Wilhelmina (played by MissPixie)

The vampire made a visible cringe as the comedian took the stage, not really getting the vibe that it was a random talent show. Not that she was going to go up on stage and do anything to help add to the atmosphere of the night. As that person fumbled on the stage and then to get off, Mina cupped a hand by her mouth as she jeered, "Boooooo..." She wasn't trying to be a ghost, just wanting to get someone not entertaining the little nudge to get the hell out a lot sooner. Rude? Perhaps, but she didn't really care about hurting anyone's feelings. But even after her jeer, she looked to the one who had clapped for encouragement, an all too amused smile pulling at her lips.

She walked over to the table, not really minding whoever he was talking to. Then without invitation, she sat down one of the chairs next to him. She wasn't a shy person, nor did she seem to have any hesitation. Her posture was that of someone with high confidence, her actions seeming to radiate that she owned any place that she walked into. Not quite true, but it was amusing how many places she got into by having a determined gait.

Turning to Sam, she gave him a wink and puckered her lips to blow him a kiss, "Hey doll..." Her Belgian accent was thick and no where near masculine enough to pull off that she was trying to be a male as her 'costume' had indicated. Her eyes glanced towards the stage, taking in the girl who was about ready to perform something with the devil theme a little too thick for her tastes. So instead, she pulled out a vape pen and brought it to her lips before exhaling the vapor skywards to give her the appearance of smoking. Technology was certainly amusing now days.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

Sam wrote:
Sam smiled when the woman answered him, nodding warmly, "That makes sense. I could tell you've had practice." When she glanced around and back at him, adding to the explanation, he nodded lightly, "Yikes, sounds like that was a mess. It's awesome you've started the next phase, though. Rough patches come and go, what really matters is how you proceed forward after they happen." Coming from the old soul that's had a million 'rough patches' in his lifetime, but she had no way of knowing that. He did sound as if he knew from experience, in some form or fashion, however. "Sam," he answered, not a fan of giving out his last name due to most remarks immediately afterwards, "It's nice to meet you Bec. Nah, I'm just a good friend of the owner. I volunteer off and on as a firefighter locally, and I've saved her cat more than once. Little gremlin loves to climb trees, haha. Are you from around here?" He didn't get out much, so saying he hadn't seen her around really wouldn't even be all that surprising, hence why he held that comment back.

Bec gave the man a smile and said, "Well, it's good to meet you Sam. Yes, I was... you know the whole vortex parable? You start out moving slowly around the outer edge, and things start moving faster as you get closer and closer to the center until you can't fight it and are just suddenly sucked down. That was me. Went from a high of a big venue tour to a hospital bed after the last show."

Bec sipped on her water and looked around, giving Darrell a nod when he mentioned her and enjoyed his song. He was quite the musician and she was glad he was around those last few dates of her tour or she would have likely been dead.

"No Sam, I'm not from around here. I just been here the last year or so." she said as the decent applause for Darrell. She knew he and the drummer were off for drinks after they left the stage. The pang of wanting to join them rushed through her but Bec knew better. The temptation was always there though. She stood up and said, "Well Sam, I'm going to have to go... thank you for the stage time."

She gave him a smile and it may have looked like she was walking out on the person who thought they were a stand-up comedian. Bec gave them a nod for trying and headed for the door. She did have to pause to check out the creepy yet cool 1940's dude she passed, and had to step aside when the red devil girl came in. Bec shook her head, remembering when she dressed like that when she was in that band called The Slits. She lingered in the back and watched her try and do an ACDC song before stepping out the door.
Jessica Greer (played anonymously)

As Jessica concluded her song, she could see through her performance that not too many people paid much attention to her. She was used to it. Too many times she had played bars and coffehouses where she was effectively background noise. It was just the way it was...

"Thank you, goodnight." she said softly in the mic before putting her guitar in its case and picking up her pitchfork and walking off the side of the stage. 'May as well get a good shot of tequela before heading out' she said to herself as she made her way through the crowd. Getting the shot of Cuervo, she downed it quickly and let it warm her insides before glancing at the door. She thought she saw someone familiar. The Grim Reaper... Jessica ordered a beer and turned to walk over to him and Frankenstein and cleaverhead.
Sam (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(Sorry for the delay! Computer issues!)

Sam noticed Iruga's entrance out of the corner of his eye, mostly due to his career choice and practice when it came to noticing the smallest movements, etc. Plus, a wrestler kind of stood out among the ghosts and ghouls. It passed, because it was still a costume, and the owner of the place was pretty easy to please. She was perched up on the second floor, leaning against the rail as she watched the festivities unfold. Sam offered a hint of a smile if he happened to lock gazes with Iruga at all, but he wasn't going to go out of his way to approach someone when he had his hands full currently. Perhaps they'd mingle later? Or maybe he'd catch her onstage before she left? Time would tell.

"Nice to meet you as well," he'd said to Bec, his attention bouncing around like a ball but the ease in which it shifted hinted that he was used to multi-tasking. "Ahhh, yeah I get what you're referring to," he answered with a frown, "Sheesh, that's a massive drop. I'm happy to hear you're startin' your next chapter for real though. Because you didn't let the fall stop you from gettin' back up. That in itself is worth bein' proud of."

"Ahhh, I'm not originally from around here either, but I've been here long enough that it's considered home now," he smiled, adding with a shrug, "It's not awful." He nodded when she said she had to be going, offering another smile as well, "A'ight. It was nice talkin' to you. Be safe out there. There's more crazies out this time of year. And you're welcome, I'll tell my friend that you said thanks as well." He watched as she headed out the door, eyes having turned back to the comedian around that time.

Sam's eyes later flicked to Mina when she had boo'd at the comedian, a scrunch of his nose given at her playfully when she looked his way as well. He glanced back up at the stage as she had started his way, listening to Jessica start her round onstage. A slow grin of amusement slid over his features when Mina had made herself at home at his table. "Heya," he said in return, adding with a playful chuckle, "Nice outfit, was an interestin' era." He was listening to the devil's cover of the old classic, her voice seemingly too sweet for the song choice, but she wasn't bad. As Mina took a hit from her vape, Sam's brow rose. "So, doll," he smiled, his own southern accent playing at his words, "You gonna get up there yourself or just here for the show?"

He took the time to shift his attention back to the stage when Jessica finished her performance and clapped for her as well. Sam was all about encouraging others, especially due to the bravery it took to get up on the stage to begin with, annnnd because the owner was watching him and expected him to be at his best behavior in her establishment. She'd have his head if he even thought about booing at anyone. The stage was empty again it seemed. "My name's Sam, by the way," he said to Mina, taking another drink from that glass of wine he'd nearly finished, "You are?"
Ozzy (played by AudioRift)

Ozmosis made his way into the establishment after having to flash his ID to the bouncer to verify his age. He was still grumbling to himself about the hassle when he entered but it faded when he noticed Jess on stage finishing up. There were so many dope costumes as far as eye could see and he felt a little lame dressed as Jason Vorhees. His clothes and mask were on point though, speaking of, but spoiler alert! he didn't do it all by himself. A friend of his had taken time out of her day to assist him, but only after he'd whined and bothered her for twenty minutes straight; but we don't speak of that! Ozzy's jeans, jacket, and shirt were ripped and covered in stage blood to finish off the look, dirty converse on his feet however which threw a wrench in his overall replication. Along with that, it didn't help that he was so slender and hardly built like the horror idol.

As those around him conversed, got drinks, or even made for the door in a rush, he got busy pulling together a band to help him with some music since his own wasn't here with him. After some smooth talking and downright blatant begging, he'd gotten a ragtag group and they headed onto the stage with far too much confidence considering they didn't even know each other. He stepped up to the mic, grinning like a fool beneath that mask of his as he felt right at home on stage. Thank his friends for that, and their history of goofing off on stage at his best buddy's lounge. After setting up his electric guitar and getting situated, he tapped the mic a time or two and then absolutely destroyed his scary costume vibe with a single word, "Sup?" The Harley Quinn that had just finished setting up her drums rolled her eyes. Hopefully this guy could at least sing... Ironically he'd found a Freddy Kruger bass player, whom was also giving a scrutinizing look at Oz. This was going to be a train wreck wasn't it? NOPE!

Ozzy cleared his throat and started to sing, "I got your picture, I'm comin with you, dear Maria count me in~ There's a story at the bottom of this bottle and I'm the pen~" It wasn't long before he was getting all into it, bouncing in place in front of the mic and dancing with his guitar. The energy flowing from him was insane, his ragtag band grinning and jamming out as well after a few moments of watching him. His enthusiasm was contagious! "Take a breath don't it sound so easy~ Never had a doubt now I'm goin crazy watchin.. from.. the floooor~" he sang smoothly.

"Cuz I got your picture, I'm comin with you, dear Maria count me in~ There's a story at the bottom of this bottle...." He was breathless from his antics but he was grinning ear to ear beneath that mask. "Thank you!" he said happily into the mic regardless if anyone clapped or not. The hyperactive little wolf disconnected his instrument and packed it back up, moving to thank his temporary band again for their participation and then heading offstage to let someone else go play. Ozzy passed the skeleton man and the woman in the suit on his way down, throwing up finger guns for the cool costumes before making a bee line towards the drinks. He wasn't old enough for alcohol, but soda sounded awesome right about now. Was Jess still around or had she left yet by the time he was done? If she was still in the area, he'd pull his mask up and offer a pleasant grin, before ordering a Cherry Coke from the bartender. The fizzy drink was like heaven after bouncing around like a kangaroo on stage just now..
Spence was never more excited than when he got invited to a halloween event that required a costume...unless he showed up with no invitation which made it 10× better in his opinion. Being a vampire wasn't easy, and he usually took extreme measures to hide what he was...the only ones who knew the sexy sweet rockstar was a vampire were his band mates who had been his friends since he was a kid...tonight though, he entered this establishment with his double set of fangs fully extended as it suited his costume...a cliche Victorian era impression of a vampire from a movie called Interview ith a Vampire...


Fake blood trailed down his face, marring the front of his shirt red as well, he looked like he had just freshly fed...a masquerade mask hid his face from the nose up however. He was rather famous and didn't want to be noticed right away.

As he and his band entered however people were staring and whispering to each other, so much for secrecy. He grinned wide, showing off his too real looking fangs and headed for the stage trailed by the demon that was his bass guitarist, the zombie that was his lead guitarist and younger brother of the demon, the sexy cherub angel who was his lady drummer and the wife of his bass guitarist the demon, and a spitting image of the phantom of the opera who was the band's manager.

Gracefully taking the mic Spence looked back at his band who quickly set up the stage and got ready to was obvious they were professionals and had done this many times before as they were playing in mere minutes.

The song Spencer had chosen was one of his own that he had written and dedicated to a close (human) friend who he had once dated but who had since passed away from cancer. From the start the audience was cheering and some even sang along.

After only that single song the vampire rockstar turned to his band and covered the mic as he said a few words to them before jumping off the front of the stage and disappearing into the crowd...or...more like being drowned in the crowd and unable to flee in any direction.

He spent a long while answering questions, signing various things including the masquerade mask he'd taken off and given away as it didn't really suit his costume, and laughing at others jokes or explaining away the too realistic look of his fangs as a temporary prosthetic enhancement.

When he was finally able to get away from the crowd he looked up in a silent prayer and made straight for the booze. He usually didn't drink or things like that but tonight he wanted to party!
Wilhelmina (played by MissPixie)

"Interesting is one way to word it," Mina said with a crooked smile and a small shrug. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she had mixed emotions about the 1940s and all the complexities that came not only from worldly events, but personal ones as well. Not that anyone here might be able to peg that or even guess how old she actually was. Despite being at an open mic to watch people, she didn't seem to be too interested in the people on stage. Her hazel eyes finding elsewhere to look at instead of those who got up to perform. And for the moment, seemed to be ignoring Sam's question about taking the stage.

She couldn't help but squint slightly as Ozzy started into a song that she was familiar with, but didn't care for too much. Maybe she was turning into a grandma despite her best efforts not to. When he gave her finger-guns, she only gave an upwards nod of her head and a wink to him in reply. Her attention went to the vampire that was going onto the stage now, a brow arching upwards at his Victorian clothing. Pursing her lips together slightly, she wondered if he was actually that old or if he just liked to mock those of that age. Both could be fun in her opinion.

Turning her attention back to Sam, she simply gave him a wide grin, "Nice meeting you, Sam. I'm not meant for stage." She gave a shrug of her shoulder, her gaze flicking to watch Spencer as he started to mingle with the crowd as he seemed to be someone famous. She wasn't sure what all of that was about, never having been one prone to being star struck or wanting to meet someone famous. She looked back to Sam, "Unless you thinking I should go up? Sing some songs terribly? Empty out place?" She gestured to the people around, "And after last few singing, I'd have no chance.'d be lonely without me here making chit-chat, ja?"
Sam (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Sam nodded in agreement to Mina, having his own stories he'd never tell of mobsters and the like, as well as secret establishments of that long gone era. He had no way of knowing she'd also lived through it, and wasn't about to assume or even ask. Watching as Mina's eyes seemed to move over everyone but whom was onstage, he gave a curious sort of quirk of the brow, mimicking the movements to see if he could figure out what caught her eye. Ozzy's performance stole his own attention however, a grin sliding over painted features in amusement. He was.. energetic. He didn't mind the choice of music, but he was more into rock himself, and the occasional country song, depending entirely on his mood.

He wasn't really sure how to react to the finger guns, but he sure as hell wasn't going to do them back. Seemed like a youth type of thing to do, for teenagers or something, right? He was far too old for that. A breathy laugh left him instead, paired with a subtle shake of his head. He'd clapped for the kid too, but mostly just because of all the energy. Sam loved music, and he loved watching others get so into it as well. He glanced back up at the stage when the next singer took over, not really a fan of the costume for his own personal reasons, but to each their own. His eyes easily moved back to Mina when she spoke again and he laughed softly at the last bit, "Fair enough. It's not for everyone. Earlier was my first time onstage myself and it was nice, but I couldn't do it for a livin' or anything like some people can." Speaking of... Spencer seemed to be eating up the limelight and apparently rather famous? Sam lost interest fast however, also never being one to gawk at celebs (be it bigtime or local). "Pssht," he grinned, "Surely you're not that bad? The comedian was dyin' up there and didn't empty the place out, so you'd have to be preeeetty horrible if one was to guess."

"True, they'd be a hard act to follow," he agreed, glancing over his shoulder to where Ozzy headed off to, "Especially the kangaroo." His brows rose at the comment of being lonely without chit-chat and he turned his attention back to her again, "I mean, perhaps so, but I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't used to it by now. Loneliness doesn't really bother me as much as it used to, but it is better to have company if given the choice. Soooo, yeah, perhaps don't go up?" He scrunched his nose playfully, offering his glass to the woman that was going around refilling drinks and taking care of the guests. This would be glass number two of red wine, but it would take a lot more than that to do anything to him due to the fact that he wasn't quite human.
Sam (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((Alright, since it's nearly midnight and the event is almost over, if you're still around, roll a 1d100. The highest number will get a prize (hence the raffle mentioned at the beginning). Timer starts now, and I'll give everyone until midnight tomorrow to respond. Only those that joined the game thus far is eligible. That said, thank you all for joining me and I hope you've had a Happy Halloween. :D))
Jessica Greer (played anonymously)

"Ohh... the place is closing. I was going to play another number, but it was best she didn't. She waved at the door man as she walked outside, and was handed a die to throw...
rolled 1d100 and got a natural 77.

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